Child To Man, Soul To Soul

by Rob Graff

I was riding my bicycle this afternoon on a perfection-for-weather September day in the Chicago area. I was feeling so joyous that I began zig-zagging the front wheel of my bike back and forth, feeling a bit like a child seeking the 'roller-coaster effect.' As I approached an intersection of a street, I saw a woman pushing her child in a carriage. The infant couldn't have been more than 2 years old by my estimation.

As I looked up, I noticed that while his mother appeared as if she didn't even see me, he on the other hand seemed fixated upon my antics as I was rolling back and forth up the street toward him. Even though I had sunglasses on, I looked and felt his eyes watching mine. I felt a connection. He seemed to be looking right through my dark shades and directly into my eyes. I felt as if he had sensed my joy and he felt my presence – even at his young age.The moment of connection soon passed as I continued on my ride toward my house.

I was then focused on the thought that my care-free demonstration had potentially affected this young mind in a profound way. This moment may have been indelibly stamped on his human experience, and he may have been put on a path to look for fun in his life everywhere he goes. I felt good about that. I then realized that he had connected with me. He was as close to his purely-positive Inner-Being energy as anybody I might ever meet or know. It didn't even take words to communicate this connection to me. I believe that in fact words can even get in the way. The lesson for me was this: If you are looking for connection to your own inner-being then you will find it. But additionally, know that Those who are also connected will recognize it in You! Just look for it, and you'll see it and feel it.

The feeling is sublime.