Welcome to the World You Created...Your Beliefs Effect Your World

by Dan Doviddio

This is the second part is about our belief system and how it is formulated.

What are beliefs?
A thought we think based on past observations. It is our opinion of any situation or thing. As an old saying goes, like assholes, everyone has them. But unlike assholes, according to Pam Ragland of radicalthoughtshift.com each person has over five million opinions set by age 5. This represents 90% of your total thoughts or opinions you will have in a lifetime. Think about that, how we think about the world happened by age five. I mean at that age I liked oreo cookies and hated vegetables (I’m guessing a lot of you out there still like oreo cookies and secretly hate vegetables). Early age, you’re a sponge, soaking up information like crazy. Think about the judgements that came out of that age. You love to play and for the most part you do. But there is so much more you take in. Dad or mom being angry or depressed. People just living life the best they can.

On top of your parents belief system, there are societies belief system. Lets look at just few.
  • Work hard to succeed
  • Just the definition of success
  • Country first
  • Family first
  • My religion is best and then the subset within any given religion
  • Sex is bad
  • Sex is good

These are just a few, there are so many more.

Beliefs are not right or wrong. Just thoughts you have.

And think about it, how many of these beliefs are actually yours?

But then your ego got involved.

Your ego, which was never supposed to be more than your interpreter of the physical world, developed a sense where it takes what is seen, heard or smelled and compares it with a belief you have. Your opinion comes from that belief on any subject. Since your ego has a built in, don’t die program, it will protect this belief at all costs. Look at your beliefs as just filed on the wrong folder in your mind. I wrote an article awhile back on the ego. You can find it here.

When you have a thought or opinion of a situation, it can bring a positive or negative feeling. If its positive, you feel good, your Higher Self is usually going there with you. So this thought is usually serving you at this time. But if you have a thought or opinion and you don’t feel so good about it, your Higher Self isn’t walking that path with you. Time to re-think that belief. What about it is not in your higher good?

But are you paying attention? Our threshold of feeling can be quite low. We let a lot of what we think go by as a ransom thought, automatically having a feeling attached to it and moving on to the next thought. This is how are vibration is set.