Are You Really Making Your Own Decisions?

by Colin Gonsalves

I recently watched a program on TV titled “Finding My Mind” on the Science Channel in which
Oxford University professor Marcus du Sautoy offers his brain for testing by neuroscientists
with the objective of searching for consciousness. One of the experiments that blew my mind
was where Prof. John Dylan Haynes of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
using brain imaging technology was able to predict Marcus’ decision SIX seconds before he
made a conscious decision!!!! It seems that our decisions are shaped by our unconscious
activity in the brain and that our consciousness comes in at a very late stage in a decision-
making process.

For me, this experiment confirmed that the way we think is somewhat “hard wired” into our
brain and it takes conscious effort / awareness to change our default way of thinking (beliefs) in
order to create new neural path ways. So in Abe speak, if our desire is to move up our
emotional set point on the emotional scale we need to create new neural path ways and that
takes time. Here are some of the ways: Visualization, Meditation, Affirmations, Gratitude
journaling, Abraham-Hick’s 30 day process.


Abraham Hicks’ video on changing your thought patterns.

Abraham-Hicks’ video on the 30 Day Process:

For more info about the experiment go to: