God Doesn’t Call The Qualified But Rather Qualifies The Called.

by Rhonda Patrick-Sison

As Mr. T would say “I pity the fool” that doesn’t take this quote to heart. I’m actually the fool who, for more years than I care to say, believed that I had to have certain qualification before I could offer my gifts to the world.

If you feel a sense of “something more” inside and have an idea, a gut feeling, a hunch, that it might just have something to do with sharing your authentic self with others, then more than likely you are being called. Called by whom? By those who need you most.

If you’re like me you will doubt yourself at some point and wonder if you’re crazy for even considering a huge career change or a cross-country relocation or some other status quo killer… you’ll be scared that it might all be for nothing because you just aren’t qualified. Radical faith will be needed, believe me, but know that if you are being called, then you are qualified. Having a heart’s desire to share yourself in a way that comes from deep within you is all the credential you need to begin. We live in a friendly Universe, and I know from experience that the resources like money, mentors, classes, experiences, clients will be there for you if you have faith.

One of my favorite teachers, Sonia Choquette told me many years ago that a life of living your heart’s desire isn’t for cowards, it takes courage. She was right, but also remember, you’re never alone. Never.

I believe in you and I’m cheering you on!

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