Forget the News, I Have a Life to Create

by Dan Doviddio

20100825 Mr Boffo

I saw this Mr Boffo cartoon last week and thought, how appropriate for an article. What we look at and consume through our five senses becomes our reality.

If we consume what the news and entertainment media throw at us without some dissemination, this becomes our reality. Further, there is a sense of some creation that will come out in your reality if pondered too long.

Here is an example that happened to me early this summer. I had just gotten back from a run on a Friday evening. I was sitting on the porch with a nice frosty beer, reading the Marketplace section of the WSJ (I don’t read the front section). Our cat Izzy and our dog Teddy B had joined me on the porch. My buddy, Mark from across the street joined me. We had some discussions about the White Sox and then turned over the coyote situation that was happening in our town of Wheaton. Coyotes have passed through Wheaton for years, but had only passed through. Now a lot of the land they used to reside in the summer has been built over with new housing developments. They are staying longer in Wheaton, because there is plenty of food and cover. Mark was regaling me with all the small pets that had recently become coyote dinner. He told me how he saw a coyote last evening walk by our driveway and I told him about my varied sightings also.

We had recently adopted Izzy earlier this year when he had wandered up to us in February looking for food. He’s a very loving cat and follows people around more like a dog. To say we’ve become very fond of him is an understatement. So now all of a sudden, I’m concerned that Izzy will become dinner soon. Never mind the fact that some little critters have become Izzy’s fine dining.

So Mark leaves and Izzy decides to go out in the neighbors yard and bask in the cool grass, watching flying insects and pawing at them in the air. My concern now turns to worry and I go out and pick Izzy up to bring him back inside. I no sooner get back in the screened in porch and a coyote walks by exactly where Izzy was pawing bugs in the grass.

Am I a freakin’ creator or not? What a great and instant lesson I learned. It isn’t a coincidence. I like to think that maybe I’m clairvoyant, but better yet, I’m a creator. The circumstances all arranged for my negative vibration about coyotes. At that point I decided that Izzy has his own good thing going and that I won’t interrupt it with my own thoughts.

When watching the news or listening to the radio, it pays to become more discerning. I don’t like beets and don’t eat them. Yes, beets are supposed to be good for you, but I’m not eating them. One thing we learn in school is that an informed society is good for the country. But what is good for me is to see if the White Bass are Biting at Lake Shelbyville.