You May Be Looking, But Are You Seeing?

By Dan Doviddio

I was reading in the August Quartus Report , put out by Jan and John Price, regarding what road do you want to walk on. In John’s article, he talks about going down the road of the mundane or the bright path of divinity.

As I was reading the article, I was thinking how much we look, but don’t see. What do I mean by that, you might ask, if you’ve held on this long? When you decide you really want to know what life is about, how you look at the world will depend on what you see.
What do ypu see

I’ll use my latest trip to the Garment District of Manhattan. I was having a quick lunch at a Hawaiian themed taco place. I got my default favorite perch, window seat, high table and bar stool, that’s right, I live the good life. I decided to see the people who walked by. What we normally do is watch people and make snap judgements about them. In an instance, usually with little thought involved, we do a quick sort of stored information we have and voila’ we have judgement. It happens so fast and so often, this becomes our normal walking state.

So I decided to stop that judgement state and go with the ‘Higher Self’ state of being. I asked myself, ‘how would the greater part of me see people’? There is a state where the ego gear that judges is disengaged. When you use your ego to look at the world in the way it is intended, take charge of your thoughts, it becomes a useful instrument.

As I munched on tacos and gazed out at the sidewalk on 5th Avenue, I saw people for who they are. You look without judgement. See how people carry their history with them. We all do it. From your Higher Self perspective there is love and appreciation for who they are. It’s quite remarkable and a step in seeing the world in the way you intended when you became a physical form.