Cruel To Be Kind

by Frank Dobner

I was in the gym today and I heard this song. Dave, the gym manager there, has similar tastes in music as I, and so I can usually count on him to play stuff that I like. I tend to enjoy listening to the harder rock music of the 70′s and 80′s. Today the song on was “Cruel To Be Kind.”

I particularly like this song because it’s sonically such a nicely constructed song, with light-hearted acoustic strums, melodic lines and sleak backing vocal hooks. It was one of those moments in the day when I am taken out of time and space to “wear” this song. Suddenly I am feeling really good and it is certainly because I am really taken by this song.

Suddenly, I realize what the vocals are saying….”you’ve got to be cruel to be kind.” I thought how strange it is how such a beautiful package this song is, but the message is a little tainted (actually really messed up!). Check out the chorus to this song.

Cruel to be kind, in the right measure

Cruel to be kind, it’s a very, very, very good sign

Cruel to be kind, means that I love you


You gotta be cruel kind.

You have to at least laugh at these lyrics, because they’re so f***’ed. If you are of a consistent age bracket to me, you will have certainly heard this song and tapped your foot to it, as well. Most likely, you may not have dissected it, as I have. You probably just went along with it.

I am not trying pick this song to death, but sometimes, you’ve got shake yourself up and realize what songs your singing, or listening to or the thoughtless things you hear everyday in the news that is really messed up.

I certainly hope that I am wrong and that one does not need to be cruel to be kind. Because if this is true, I am on the wrong planet, again. I hoping that this post has at least made you laugh a little bit, if not made you think a little more.

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