The Law of Distraction

by Frank Dobner

Why I Wrote This

As I entitled this article, I was not attempting to be witty or clever. Really I want to offer an adjustment to the law of attraction, based on my own experience and wisdom extracted from “A Course in Miracles.” I am writing this, since some of what is being passed around as the law of attraction, is really not serving others well. I led a discussion on this very same subject yesterday evening and I wanted to share a clear idea what is my truth about this inspiring concept that is helpful rather than distracting. I also have a special little bonus for you at the end of this article.

I remember when I first heard about the law of attraction. Seeing the hit movie “The Secret” in 2006, resonated with a type of creation that seemed vaguely familiar to me from my past. I was reminded of “my” effortless ability to make things happen (money, travel, women, jobs, music). When I took a job offer to work in downtown San Francisco directly upon graduation from college, I was fulfilling a lifelong fascination with California.

Los Angeles 1965 – San Francisco 1980

Back in the summer of 1965, I was 9 years old. My family and I took a train trip vacation to Los Angeles where we saw all kinds of highly cool stuff – Universal Studios (where they were still filming Gilligan’s Island and McHale’s Navy), Disneyland, Catalina Island and the Chinese Theater. Mostly it was the California life style that struck me – having the world in hand yet totally demure about it. This was Los Angeles summer of 1965, the summer when The Doors would architect musical anarchy….and there I was in Venice Beach, probably yards from where they were doing drugs and dreaming dreams of music at the moment.

California was pure magic. I knew right then that I would live in California one day. In my mind, at that time, it was already a done-deal. I spent the next 15 years with this certainty planted like a seed in the back of mind. Until I actually landed in California in 1980, I finally realized, while sitting by myself in those early days, drinking a beer in some extinct Market Street cafe, that this was of my inspired making.

However realizing California as an “adult” though, was a lot different than I had at once idolized as a boy. As an adult, San Francisco was a place of stunning landscapes, velvet indulgence, growing up and life-altering relationships. California was actually giving me a lot more than I ever wanted, but in fact was giving me what I did not even ask for. More precisely, California (and life before and after that) was giving me exactly what I needed….hard lessons and all.

So, What Is The Law of Attraction?

It is this aspect about the law of attraction that I want to bring to you. The law of attraction basically gives you what is already essentially yours. These days, there is a lot of loose talk about the law of attraction. As a result of the movie “The Secret,” there has been a whole industry on the rise, based on hit and miss ideas about manifesting desires. One of these ideas is that you can have anything that you want. This is not so.

“A Course In Miracles” states that all of time is already written. All of what happened and what will happen has already been decided, by you. In other words, your life is like a movie with alternate endings. At this moment in time, while you are reading this, you are in fact a finite potential of possibilities. What I mean, is that there are only certain things that can happen. As we proceed through our lives, those possibilities will be played out based on inspiration you act on (or not).

In discussion groups, seminars and boat cruises, there is a lot of buzz about wishing things into existence. I wouldn’t want to say that there is a lot of misleading going on intentionally, but I think much of the law of attraction tends to play into what people would like to believe, rather than the way that LOA really works.

These days you hear people telling other people that all you have to do it to put stuff on your vision board, think positive and highly emotional thoughts, in words using the present tense, and your dreams will be manifested. This idea reminds me of when I was a young boy and I would get the Sears catalog (remember them?) and make up my list for Santa Claus. After I got through the entire toy section of that catalog (which was huge), I had a list of several pages. Most of the choices on my Santa list were sort of half-hearted wants. They were egoic thoughts.

There are a few problems with this. Since “A Course In Miracles” states the universe is a projection of your mind. There is no “out there.” Everything only appears to happen out there based on your change of mind. So asking things of the universe is not really external to you. Actually everything is one.

The second thing is that “vibration” or “energy” is only what you create it to be. This energy can’t be properly channeled if you are not creating a clean conscious vibration. You cannot consciously create vibration with a mind that is full of unconscious fear, anger, and guilt. The fact is that you would not even be here if you did not have your share of fear, anger and guilt. Which leads me to a more definitive statement on the law of attraction

Restatement of The Law of Attraction

You are being. In your essence, there is no lack. At this being, it is the land of milk and honey right now….it is peace, unconditional love, and all knowledge. Everything you need is in there. Anything truly desirable is not in you… is you. You are like a glowing sphere of everything shining in every dimension. This connection to all that is, knows exactly what you need. Your tiny, thinking, Santa Claus-list-making brain is not capable of the absolute knowledge that your true self possesses. Why?

Because covering and obscuring this sphere of complete peace and love, is a crust of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that anchors your mind with a whole lot of fear, anger and guilt. Try this out …… at this moment, if you feel any type of pain whatsoever (nervous, anxious, ache, worry, anger, illness, disease), this is the outward sign of a mind that needs to forgiven. What do I mean by forgiven? I mean whatever thought that you have that is causing that pain is a mistake, pure and simple. It just isn’t real.

Down in your mind, you think you have done or doing something wrong. You blame it on other people or yourselves, but these are really decisions that you have made. These are called “sins.” You really do not have any sins. To have a sin is to make the world real. And the world is not real. Only your essence is real. God only creates perfection. So your essence is perfect. But the world is not perfect and therefore God did not make it. Actually your essence and God are the same thing.

Some time, long ago, your mind decided to take its own little show on the road. It went the way of separation, like a peddler in a little broken down horse-drawn wagon peddling its own little cheap wares. So your “sins” aren’t real, but rather errors or mistakes that need to be dismissed. Your sins are thus but cheap wares that you have been selling to yourself for years. Emotion and thought are like flip sides of the same coin. Emotions are the sensation of thoughts meeting the body (for instance “butterflies in your stomach&rdquoWinking.

So….the idea is that when you are able to scrub the emotional crust from this perfect sphere that you are, you will be given inspiration of whatever it is that you will be, do or have. It will just come to you. There are no coincidences. When the world created by your mind presents inspiration as ideas, people, images, places or things, you will know unquestionably what they are. You cannot fail to manifest. It is simply a matter of whether you will manifest cleanly from your core and not from the crust. So it is your choice….core or crust.

Special Bonus

Here is an hypnotic film clip of what is was like to ride a streetcar in downtown San Francisco in 1905. This streetcar is heading northeast on Market Street toward the Ferry Building. This was filmed before the earthquake in ’06, so many of these buildings you see here no longer exist. Check out the chaos of life on the street as pedestrians, cars, streetcars, bicycles, horses, wagons and sight seeing cars negotiate their life paths across this living and breathing avenue of art.

The crude sinew of this scene reminds me of present day Italy. Notice how all of the street life in this film collectively seems to eagerly anticipate your arrival as you progress with each new “member of the cast” of this scene. Each person seems to be just waiting for you to finally show up, nearly 100 years ago. The music on this video really characterizes my feelings about my time in San Francisco. This song is called “La Femme D’Argent” by Airs on the Moon Safari album.