I Go Back To School With Stephen Colbert

by Dan Doviddio

One of the things I’ve been writing about lately is letting go of your life to your Higher Self. This is a process where you let go of the little things in your life and hand them off to your Higher Self (HS).

For an example of handing things to your HS, Tuesday morning I was thinking of appointments I was setting up for my business. There was one buyer in particular that was holding out a little bit. Now setting appointments isn’t my favorite thing to do. Even though one my favorite mantra’s is that buyers love to meet with me, well, some of them aren’t aware of it yet. So in this particular case I decided to hand this off to my HS. I do this by just asking ‘hey HS, can you take care of this? I would like to get an apt scheduled’. In between time, I forget about it. Later that morning I got an e-mail from the buyer with an appointment time and date.


This is not a strange occurrence; this is how life is supposed to be. You just need to get out of your own way.

But why stop with everyday life. Your dream world is an extension of yourself. The ego’s need to separate is in your dreams, creating another world. Makes you wonder, who’s dreaming me? Oh, me that’s right. But for the purpose of this article, lets not go there. So why not give your dream world over to your HS?

At night before you go to bed, just ask your HS to take over your dream state. It can be quite fun. I’ll give you an example of a dream I had recently after I asked my HS to guide my dreams.

My HS has a great sense of humor. I remember when I first started contacting my HS. I was using a method that Sanaya Roman wrote about in her book….. A lot of times I could feel so much laughter and joy.

So onto the dream. Stephen Colbert and I decided we were going back to school. Both our wives were cool with it. Since it’s my dream, we were going to the University of Iowa. We agreed we would be roommates. First on our agenda was apartment hunting. And hunt we did. And of course Stephen had me in stitches. Every apartment we looked at was a laugh filled adventure. The first apartment was very small, so Stephen makes a bulldozer appear. The landlord freaks out and we laugh. I remember part of the dream was worrying about how I was going to pay for the apartment. All of a sudden this little guy appears next to Stephen who talks in a very weird accent distracting me from my lack of money thought. We go on looking at apartments and each one Stephen and I are laughing our way through until Stephen finds just the right one. On top of that I find a way to pay for everything. When I woke up from that dream I was laughing so hard.

What a fun communication from my HS, huh? Live, laugh and let your HS take care of the details.

OK, what can I hand off now?