Constipation Of The Mind

by Denise Van Vilet
From: Embrace The BITCH Within

Have you ever sat down and tried to focus on something and nothing happens? It’s what I like to call Constipation of the Mind. Because the Mind looks for anything else to think about to keep us distracted from what it is that we’re really trying to do. For example; sometimes when I go to sit down to work on my book, all these thoughts about all the things that I could be doing start to come to mind, all of a sudden all these other ideas start popping out of my head. This is constipation of the mind. You sit and try to focus and nothing happens.

Constipation of the Mind distracts you from what it is your heart or your Inner Being really wants to do. When we quiet ourselves before we sit down and focus on anything, we can quiet that Constipated Mind so that we can get things from the heart rather than from ‘intention’ or the Mind.

There is a lot of talk about intention these days. Intention is great. But then intention also involves the Mind. We want to come from a place of inspiration. Inspiration comes from the heart. It inspires us to move forward and the Universe literally opens up the way for whatever we’ve been inspired to do and it will unfold completely naturally. It will feel like very little effort is involved. I like to hear people say, “That was too easy.” Unlike inspiration, intention requires ego, and mind, and thought. And once you set that intention, it requires a lot of personal energy in order for you to accomplish whatever it is you intended to do. Okay, a long sentence for the need to use will power. It does work. Intention does work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. But there is something deeper and more powerful that we can use.

Intention also fills our Mind with ‘stuff’. Again, it’s that constipation of the Mind. We start thinking what it is that we really need to do and the steps we need to take and goals and the picture boards and blah, blah, blah. Right now this is very popular with Law of Attraction. There is nothing wrong with it. But if you sit back and clear the Mind, this is when your heart opens up and the Universe opens up and you are inspired. And inspiration is what really comes from the heart, whereas intention comes from the Mind. Intention from the Mind requires a lot more energy. Inspiration hardly requires any of our own energy. You are allowing universal energy to flow through you when you are inspired.

Let’s take an example. In that very popular movie that made Law of Attraction a household name, they said if you think positively that you will get a red car, then the Universe will give you a red car. What you can intend for one thing, a red car, you are actually closing the doors to what inspiration can guide you to. Our Mind limits the possibilities. The Universe, however, has an infinite of possibilities.

When you are inspired for example, Universe, I want a reliable car that is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, comfortable for the family and it gets me to and from work reliably. This keeps me open to much more possibilities! This is when miracles happen. So in thinking of a red car, I keep one door open. I close myself off to an infinite of possibilities that the Universe can provide. If I’m inspired to help myself and my family, the Universe is going to open up more possibilities.

Now I know you’ll say, “What if the Universe gives you an old beater?” Great! I will appreciate it. I’ve owned beaters before and some of them have been MORE reliable than some of my more expensive newer cars that I’ve owned. Who am I to judge what the Universe provides? The Universe sees what I need.

If you are worried or questioning what the Universe provides, then what are your motives? Are you worried about what other people might think of you driving around in a beater? Ahhhh! Then you have approval issues! What a blessing that is to learn about yourself!

So how we can catch ourselves in the Constipation of the Mind? Do you have ‘shoulda’ ‘coulda’ ‘woulda’ syndrome? I ‘shoula’ done that. I ‘coulda’ been that. Or if it wasn’t for that I ‘woulda’ been famous. These thoughts are just Mind. These thoughts prevent you from inspirations!

I’ve learned to get myself and my Constipated Mind out of the way so that the Universe can flow through me. What a rush it is!

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