Connecting The Dots

by Frank Dobner

I have read more books in the last year than in any prior year of my life, looking for answers. I have so many questions to be answered, yet at this plateau of life, surely now is the time for good answers. I spend a lot of time “connecting the dots” at an intellectual, emotional and body level because I have a strong connection to all three. One subject that has seized my attention recently, is the idea that there is a real world in which we participate that we can’t see or touch. This real world is the world where coincidence,
connection, instantaneous communication and source of life really exists. It is also a world which our brute force, physical world obliterates because of our misdirection of awareness. Some people will call this heaven and believe that it must happen only after you are dead. I do believe it is heaven, but don’t believe it needs to happen only later.

In A Course In Miracles, there are continuous references to the real world which blow the doors off of our physical world. The Course talks about the real world as a state of knowing everything and being everywhere at once, non-stop unconditional love, cessation of separation and being one with everything, and a complete and instantaneous knowledge of how every little detail is essentially a part of and within all that exists. I hate to admit it, but I still feel a whole lot of separation and I spend a good deal of time, studying the Course, everyday. Naturally, I am missing the point somewhere.

Recently I read a book “Consciousness Beyond Life – The Science of Near-Death Experience” by Dr Pim van Lommel, M.D. – a cardiologist in The Netherlands. This book establishes the fact that Near-Death Experience (NDE) is not a medical condition, but in fact a taste of mind beyond the body. Nearly all of the common NDE medical (including but not limited to oxygen deficiency, optic nerve anomalies, carbon dioxide overload) and psychological theories have been eliminated. There is consciousness after death that does not involve the body’s action. So consciousness is not your brain. Consciousness is your mind, and your mind is not only yours… is universal or shared. In this physical world, your brain is simply a lens though which consciousness is utilized to do stuff.

Statistically, about 4 to 5% of the population of people in the countries examined (Germany, USA, UK and The Netherlands) experience a NDE. Worldwide, NDE experiences are found to be universal in content across geographies, cultures, religions, language, age, gender, race and nationalities. Although people will interpret these experience in their own symbolism and language, the bare experiences are the same. Interestingly, Dr. van Lommel has shown that often younger people are reported to have a higher percentage of NDE experiences.

Typical experiences include:

* Ineffability of the experience – unable to put the experience into words
* Feeling of peace and quiet – pain is gone
* Awareness of being dead
* An out of body experience – usually float above their own body
* A dark space or experience of traveling through a tunnel
* An unearthly experience of dazzling landscape, colors, flowers, sometimes music
* Experiencing or being in a a brilliant light and unconditional love and acceptance
* Panoramic life review – seeing your whole life again
* Meeting and communicating with people that have “died”
* Preview or flash forward to any point of live
* A border across which they know that demarcates the ability to return to their body and live again
* Conscious return to the body

The above things are all on my shopping list of things I want in this earthly life. I want to think that we are now in an era of ever increasing awareness to something in us that is greater than we “think” we are already. Even if we blow up the planet before we become aware enough to appreciate it, this other thing we are, will still be there waiting for us to return. Obviously if we blow up the whole planet before we get enlightened enough, we are all going to be in that other place earlier than we want to be.

The strange thing about this though, is that I don’t think you or I need to “get there.” I think that you and I are already there and don’t know it. I think the kingdom of heaven is here right now. It beats me how to get in and stay there, but I really would like to think that this is the last life that I must make on earth to learn how to do this. I am way too lazy to do this again.