We Are All Just Victims of Victims – Or Are We?

by Bill Hartford

I believe that most people go through their lives playing out what their parents taught them. They unconsciously relive what their parents told them to think about themselves. For instance, how many times did you hear growing up that you were not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, etc to do something? And now as an adult you say these things to yourself or to the people around you. However, as I've matured I now realize that our parents were just victims of their parents. They could not have taught us anything that they did not already know. If your mother or father did not know how to love themselves unconditionally they couldn’t possibly have taught you how to love yourself. However, we are all adults now and we make our own decisions. And, it is time to choose not to be a victim. By blaming our parents for our current problems, we are in a sense, giving our power away to them. We can choose to live in this moment and decide which thoughts and beliefs we will now believe in. Once you get to the point where you consciously realize this, you will then understand that our parents did not do anything to us. They did their loving best with that they knew at the time.

All experiences that you have had up to this point in your life all started with the thoughts and words that you used a decade ago, last year, last month or even earlier today. Isn’t it time to take control of the 30,000 thoughts you have each day? The experts say that we have the same 30,000 thoughts each day and that 70% of them are negative. What is important now is what you choose to say, think and believe in this moment and going forward. How do you claim your god given power back and stop blaming others? How do you break the cycle of victimhood?

I believe that one of the best ways to start breaking the cycle of victimhood is through practicing Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is an ancient memory clearing technique. It was practiced for decades on the islands of Hawaii. Ho’oponopono also says that we are all 100% responsible for everything that happens to us and that no person, place or thing has any control over what or how we choose to think. In order to find that peace, harmony, love, gratitude and bliss in our lives we need to first have it in our thoughts. Ho’oponopono utilizes one of the easiest ways for you to find that bliss for yourself and to literally create miracles. I would highly recommend searching out information on the practice. I will also be sharing more about it in future articles.

Does this sound like you; do you say things like this to yourself? - “People are out to get me, Life just isn’t fair, How do you expect me to love myself, I’m just not good enough”.

Or does this sound like you? “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”. You just need to say these statements to yourself silently. Or, when was the last time you went by a mirror, stopped, looked at yourself in the eyes and said, “I Love you, Thank you”. It may sound a little strange, or a little like Stuart Smalley from SNL. But seriously, when was the last time you did that for yourself?

My guess is that you are like most and tend to lean towards the latter sentences. These negative thoughts are not wrong because I also believe that the Divine creates everyone just perfect. However, which statements do you think are more empowering and give you the ability to bring joy, peace, love and happiness to your life?

When would now be the right time to start utilizing the four sentences of Ho’oponopono? I think the sooner you do, the faster miracles will appear in your life. And, the sooner you will start to claim back your god given power back and stop blaming your parents – because they were just victims of victims of victims, etc. Break the cycle!