Love & Intelligence – Together Again

by Frank Dobner

Love and intelligence is a powerful combination. A lot of people spend a great deal of time pursuing spirituality or practicing their religion looking for the greater love. It makes sense to me. It is the Christmas holiday season now where I live, and this season just brings out the togetherness and warmth in people. It is the reason I love this time of year.

I have been reading quite a bit about enlightenment or awakening in these past years. Based on experiences of people that have undergone near death experience or personal clearing of consciousness, there seems to be some common pieces reported by all of these people – 1) absolute peace and cessation of all pain, and 2) being absolutely connected and unified with all that exists.

One particular book I read recently is entitled “Pathways Through To Space – An Experiential Journal” by Franklin Merrell-Wolf. This guy experienced an incredible awakening in 1936 in the foothills of California. I particularly chose this book because this type of book and experience pre-dates all of the trendy “new age” books and insulates the experiences captured in the book from a lot of Oprah-like hype.

One particular model that he used to explain his path to awakening utilized references to Sanskrit terminology that I had heard before. Generally I stay away from the Sanskrit language or anyone that tells me that that they cannot explain an experience or concept in English. I just don’t believe that it cannot be explained in English (or any other language for that matter). I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will come… English.

However, Dr. Merrell-Wolf’s explanation (with the Sanskrit) was so good that it stuck with me. It uses three words.

  • SAT – meaning all that is. All that is being and non-being. The experience of Absolute Consciousness, oneness. This is the ultimate experience that every wants. Heaven, nirvana of all knowledge, everywhere…totally non-local in every aspect.
  • CHIT - Knowledge, knowing, intelligence.
  • ANANDA - joy, love, bliss

So now, SAT is the ultimate goal. But the idea is that there are roughly two separate ways that you may get there with fine gradations between them. If you are largely intellectual (your path is CHIT), you can gain access to ultimate awakening, but your experience will be lacking in joy. This is for people that want to memorize scripture or want to debate on religion over another. Alternatively, if you access through your heart (ANANDA), your experience will be lacking in structure as to how to retrace your steps to the goal (you will be without a trail of bead crumbs, so to speak). This is for people that like to talk in a sort of mushy way a lot of spiritual subjects.

Below is a picture of this concept. With SAT at the apex of a triangle as a goal, you can approach this grand awakening through the two divergent mindsets- CHIT or ANANDA.


I guess it is for this reason that I stick very closely to A Course In Miracles, because is a practice (read as CHIT) that incorporates a comprehensive metaphysical explanation of this illusion we call the universe and also draws the heart in (ANANDA) like a carrot through its poetry and togetherness as one. This information helped me understand why I have made the choice to pursue this specific practice of A Course In Miracles and also how I relate it to everything and everyone that has diverging interests to me.