There’s Nothing Out There

by Frank Dobner

A lot of people feel victimized by things or people. Things seem to be happening to you. One of the foundational beliefs that I have come to know is that there is nothing that can happen to you. The fact is that the world is happening, by you. I have always known this idea in the back of mind, some greater wisdom that never allowed me to believe there really was anyone to blame. I actually think that everyone knows this, if they just stop and get silent a bit.
o be perfectly honest, I have done my share of blaming people and things. When I have allowed my “range of motion” to include snap judgments, name calling and temper tantrums, I know it didn’t feel right. I knew that these actions were not indigenous to me. I still get pissed and shout sometimes. But now I don’t let it define who I am. It’s just something that happens. I also don’t get into the judgment about whether an action is good or bad. It just is something that happened.


When you identify with your reaction…. you create worlds. When you let it decide that you or someone else is a problem, is when you are a prisoner to form. You have just created duality. It’s like putting rocks in your pockets and then trying to swim. You cannot hold a thought against anyone or anything without bearing the full brunt of the thought. This is totally contrary to all western thought. There is no division between you and anything else, so that there is no way that anything outside of your control can happen to you. There can be no power outside of you, if you are truly “one” with everything.

This aspect of true power coming from the part of you that is beyond destruction, death and loss is a core aspect of “A Course In Miracles.” The power of who you are is not separate from the power that you see in other things or people. A lot of people put such emphasis on chasing things outside of themselves for salvation. When the Course talks about oneness it is oneness in its most absolute literal and figurative meaning. Oneness is often a term thrown around loosely. It is sort of a vague concept that people would like to believe, but then there is a belief in “the universe,” crystals, crucifixes, the devil, angels, etc. But at the same time there’s no reason to get all serious about oneness either. Just like Elvis Costello says “what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding.”

Oneness means there is nothing out there. There is no power beyond you, that cannot be shared by all that is true. And only spirit is true. If something seems to be happening to you, you obviously are misunderstanding your own assumptions. Bodies, buildings, beavers, river boats and icebergs aren’t real. Everything that seems to be happening to you, is put there by you to keep you “bought into” the illusion that you really are here. That means that your salvation comes from you…or not. So, if you truly believe in oneness, then, resist nothing. For nothing comes from out there.

Even your judgment is not real. What does judgment do, really? It tries to make the unreal, real. It enables you to be cut off from God, and make your own little universe, in which you get to be God. When you make a judgment, you get to decide what things are right and wrong, good and bad, ugly and beautiful, rich and poor, and happy and sad. All of the world is built by you from the thought that you are separate.

When circumstances (people, events, things) occur, that seem to put me in “receipt” of what appears externally, more often I tend to question the validity of my assumptions about what is happening. More often than not, whatever seems to be happening to me, is actually occurring as a result of belief that is so closely held by me, that it occurs as an automatic reaction…because in fact, it is created by my longstanding emotional or psychological investment in it. In other words, it is actually coming from me, and not happening to me. It is for this reason that the Course states that “anger is never justified.” How can you get pissed about something that you created? Seriously.

Don’t Go Looking For A Voice Either

I heard Ken Wapnick answering some guy’s question in a recording at one of Ken’s workshop. The question was “how do I become a better receiver of the Holy Spirit’s guidance?” Ken’s humorous but direct response was to “stop trying to be a better receiver of the Holy Spirit.” People who read the Course make a big deal about hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Almost to the extent that you might feel sort of left out if you don’t actually hear a voice.

But, what Ken is saying, is that it is impossible not to hear a voice. Bodies don’t have voices. Only mind can produce a voice. Whether you know it or not, you are hearing a voice all day. And, it is always an inner voice, because through oneness, there is no “outer.” There is nothing out there. It’s all you. So inner voice, is redundant. Everything you do is narrated by some type of commentary. The concept of “channeling” is prevalent these days. It’s no wonder that you would think you need to hear something special.

There are only two voices that can play in your head….Holy Spirit (smart guy) and ego (not-so-smart-guy). So, the trick is how not to hear the voice of the not-so-smart-guy. If you don’t listen to the voice that reflects back to you the “facts,” opinions, judgments, lack, and sickness, then all you will hear is the voice that will tell you that you are safe and there is nothing to worry about. Which of these two voices do you want to hear? It’s only your decision as to whom you want to hear from. Lesson 49 says “God’s voice speaks To Me Throughout the Day.” Nowhere does it say whether you are listening or not.

Sin, guilt and fear are very serious terms, that describe a very serious reaction to a most un-serious thought. And that is the thought you could be separate from oneness. How could you be so arrogant to think that you could actually split yourself off from the only thing that truly exists? It’s madness. It’s not real.

And that is what sin is, it is not real and it is a very silly thought indeed. Sin is a belief that what you want to think, is more important than God. If you want to think you are guilty, while God knows you’re perfect, then that’s up to you! As for me, I have no use for sin. All of the religious traditions all boil down to this very concept……Don’t take sin seriously.