Seeking Good Vibrations #6 Meditation Discussion

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #6

Bill Hartford and I discuss meditation techniques and what benefits we see in meditating.
And I rerun Denise Van Vliet’s discussion on a new meditation she has put together.

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast # 6 On Meditation

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Bill adds his Ho ‘Oponopono meditation on the Downloads section of the Resource Page


The Journey to Your Manifestation Matters More Than the Manifestation

by Colin Gonsalves

I came across these videos on the subject of Manifesting the House of your Dreams and it felt
like Abraham was talking to me in the chair. The following videos helped me uncover nuances
on how to best leverage the Law of Attraction which can also be applied to various other

The following quotes from the videos stood out for me:

"The emotional stance you want to have is, I've done the work it's over there and any thought I
have about the house now is simply for the pleasure that the thoughts give me in the moment,
not ever about trying to make it happen with my thoughts"

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #5

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #5

I talk to Joe Wolfe about his A Course in Miracles work with prison inmates.
And Denise Van Vliet discuss a new meditation she has put together.

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #5

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Please note on this podcast with Joe, there is some distortion due to the phone connection we had.

Joe Wolfe’s Books

The End of Reincarnation with the Five Signs

Coming December 8th!

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Joe’s Website


Check out Denise’s Meditation Below
Denise's Sample Meditation


Welcome Back to the Starship

I am human therefore I'm subject to losing my mind at any moment! Meditation keeps me grounded and clear... it's my drug of choice. Rhonda Patrick-Sison

by Dan Doviddio

I was talking to one of my friends last week about meditation. Both he and I had slacked off lately. Some mornings I got up and with things lined up to do that day my attention soon went to the business at hand. But as my friend and I were talking I remember saying, ‘you know there really isn’t anything more important than meditating in the morning’.

But why is that. What’s a five to fifteen morning meditation in the grand scheme of life? Read More...


by Frank Dobner

In life it is easy to find things that you don’t like. A lot of time is spent deciding how bad things, events or people are. Things of the future are feared. Things in the present are tolerated. Things in the past are often just permanently painful. Today, I am going to talk today about the things of the past.

The past is special. It’s completed. It can’t be changed. When you think about it, what percentage of your mind do you dedicate to either people, things or events? For the most part, the past is usually dominated by memories of people.


Grateful for a Birth Defect?

by Rhonda Patrick-Sison

“The Apostle Paul wrote from a dark, dank prison the following: “I have learned this one thing in life; that in whatever state I find myself, therein to be grateful. Whatever condition I find myself, therein to be grateful.”

No matter what the condition is, therein to be grateful, because gratitude is transformative.” – Mary Morrissey Read More...