Skating the Thin Edge or is my Mind Just Wandering

What side do you skate on?

There was an ice storm going on and it made me think how we can be on the edge of feeling good or bad about any given situation. I thought about skating on the edge. What’s my story on this...or that...or whatever.

Thinking of ice and skating my mind wandered off to a Jethro Tull song, ‘Skating Away’. So I pulled out the record, yeah an LP for those that remember the old lingo. I never realized what great lyrics they are.

I hope you enjoy them.

Skating Away

Skating Away
by Ian Anderson

Meanwhile back in the year one ---
when you belonged to no-one ---
You didnt stand a chance son, if your pants were undone.
`cause you were bred for humanity and sold to society ---
One day youll wake up in the present day ---
A million generations removed from expectations
Of being who you really want to be.
Skating away ---
Skating away ---
Skating away on the thin ice of the new day.

So as you push off from the shore,
Wont you turn your head once more ---
and make your peace with everyone?
For those who choose to stay,
Will live just one more day ---
To do the things they should have done.
And as you cross the wilderness, spinning in your emptiness:
You feel you have to pray.
Looking for a sign
That the universal mind (!) has written you into the passion play.

Skating away on the thin ice of the new day.

And as you cross the circle line, the ice-wall creaks behind ---
Youre a rabbit on the run.
And the silver splinters fly in the corner of your eye ---
Shining in the setting sun.
Well, do you ever get the feeling that the storys
Too damn real and in the present tense?
Or that everybodys on the stage, and it seems like
Youre the only person sitting in the audience?

Skating away on the thin ice of the new day.

permission for lyrics applied for from Chrysalis Music 10/27/2009.