Vibration and the Higher Self Conciousness

Singing Bowl

I was playing my singing bowl one morning. I started out with a 'bong' from the mallet and then playing it around the rim. It starts out with a low harmonic vibration. Then eventually moving to a higher harmonic vibration as you play the rim.

I noticed that the bowl, as it moves to the higher harmonic vibration, doesn't play the lower harmonic vibration. Which made me think...

You have a vibration that you are generally feeling with any given situation. But allowing your Higher Self, a higher vibration, usually in the appreciation to joy level on the
emotional scale chart, cancels out the lower vibrations you may be feeling.

One way that I've found to facilitate this moving up the vibrational scale is to get to know my Higher Self. During meditation I ask my Higher Self or guides input on various things in my journey through this lifetime. What I get in meditations, more than anything, is how my Higher Self feels. I can feel the joy my Higher Self has. Coming from this vibration I get insights that I wouldn't normally get.

So how do you get to know your Higher Self. First you must recognize the fact that you have one. This is actually a bigger thing than you think. You can't see your Higher Self as in 'yo Higher Self can you get me another beer'. But you can start to feel your Higher Self. A good way to start is in meditation. I used Sanaya Roman's book,
Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self. Sanaya's book has guided meditations to knowing your Higher Self.

As you get to know your Higher Self, you'll find when you are feeling a lower vibration, you learn remember to ask how your Higher Self would react and then to feel it. With practice your Higher Self vibration will cancel out the lower vibration you may be feeling.

As you learn to feel your Higher Self, it then becomes easier to let go of control and trust that this Higher Self you are starting to work with will make it happen for you.

Then it becomes 'yo Higher self I'm feeling that new career move I want, let's do it'. Then it lines up for you.