If My Ego is a Bad Thing, Does That Make My Digital Camera Bad if I Don't Know How to Use It.

My buddy Rob, lent me some Eckhart Tolle audio to listen to last week. In it Tolle talks a lot about the ego. From my take of listening to 7 of the 16 tracks so far, it seems the ego is a bad thing. Tolle gets into how we use the ego in ways that is detrimental. He also gives us ways to sidetrack the ego that I find very enlightening.

The thing is, the ego is not a bad thing. Say I have this really nice digital SLR camera (I do) and since I don't know how to use it (I finally did), does this make the camera a bad thing? You get this new toy and like most guys, I took it out and started shooting pictures. Thing was, I was coming from a nice film SLR and realized I really didn't know how to use my new camera as effectively. I'd forget to set the white balance (OK, I forgot I had to) or any number of things to get superior results. So I went and got a good book on the camera's workings. What enlightenment! I now know how to use about 50% of it's capability, but that's enough to let me get great shots.

In the latest Abraham-Hicks audio set in Los Angeles, Abraham talks briefly of the ego as our way to focus in our physical environment. In the book 'The Nature Of Personal Reality' by Jane Roberts, Seth talks about ego as our interpreter of reality.

So our ego is just our way to interpret all the things we encounter with all our senses. As we take control of the ego, as with a camera, we get better results. You don't let a camera shoot until you've set up a correct shot. Imagine if a camera just went along on it's own and just shot pictures. Would they be in focus? Did you just cut off Aunt Jude's head in that picture?

Our precious lens in life, the ego, only goes where we point it. But most of the time we let the ego go on it's merry way, as we lazily interpret what it sees. As in a photograph, you may like it or not. Maybe somebody sees something they like and another sees something they don't like. But really it's just a picture. Paying attention to your ego can mean you don't always have to judge what it is bringing you.

And limiting judgment can bring you closer to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self doesn't judge. Your Higher Self arranges things how you want them to be. If you can limit judgment on a number of topics, it allows you to better focus on what you really want in life. Make judgments based on what you want. That's a picture I like.