Goin' For a Ride

by Dan Doviddio

I was thinking this morning about the planet we call earth.


I was thinking, here is this wobbly planet. It has plates that float atop an iron core surrounded by a shell of liquid iron. And the plates move occasionally, causing seismic shifts of the planet’s surface. So things move around a little.

Then the earth has this atmosphere that surrounds it. More than three quarters of the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen and most of the rest is oxygen. However it is the remaining 1%, a mixture of carbon dioxide, water vapour and ozone, that not only produces important weather features such as cloud and rain, but also has considerable influence on the overall climate of the Earth.

Every year as it orbits around this fiery ball of hydrogen and helium we call the sun, the earth actually wobbles.

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As your Higher Self consciousness, you actually made a decision to come down to this planet and experience it. So think about it. You knew all of above about the earth and what it poses in it’s grand potential. Why? For the experience of course.

You decided from the lofty knowledge of your Higher Self to go for a ride.
Bike Pic 1 Cana Island

And why go for a ride on this mess of a planet? Because dammit, what great contrast to fuel yourself around. What better place to feel how real you are? What a great place to use the power of who you are to move forward and add to the greater part of you.

But then there is that contrast isn’t there?
Snow Contrast

Those dark cold days, physically and mentally. Always your Higher Self knew, no problem. We came here for this didn’t we. No matter what, we can be the Joy of who we are. We just have to choose it. Knowing every moment comes anew.

And we continue our ride.
Bike Pic 2 White Fence

Always remembering we control our experience.

Appreciating the little experiences life has to offer.
raccoons on deck

Wherever you are on your ride on earth...
Bike Pic 4 Sturgeon Bay

Just remember, you’re always moving. You’re never going backwards, just a new experience.

You wanted it this way...because, you know you are in charge of how you look at everything.

And you remember, every moment springs anew.
Crocus Trio

So just keep riding...
Bike Pic 3a Park

You’re always where you are anyway. Why not choose to enjoy the moment you’re in. There is no past, there is no future, just the moment you are in RIGHT NOW.

Earth pic courtesy of NASA in public domain. All other pictures copyright SeekingGoodVibrations.com

Conscious Choices: Part 2, The Rules of You

by Dan Doviddio

This the second in a series of columns from the Conscious Choices Series

Last weeks
column dealt with telling your story. I discussed that you need to be aware of the story you tell if you want to change what comes into your life. Today I want to talk about your personal rules you use that underlie your story.

As you tell a new story, you will challenged by the rules that are your underlying mo (mode of operation. Basically you have old software running in the background of your life. A lot of these rules/software programs were written when you were a child. Imagine using basic DOS software on your new blazing fast Mac. Doesn't really work so well.

In Law of Attraction when it's said that you are moving your energy faster, but your not keeping up, this is what they are talking about. So being aware of the background program is essential if you want to support your new story.

Let’s go back to last weeks column and check back with Ann. Ann had a story she told about her mother when dealing with her. Just to remind everyone, Ann’s story is as follows:

Ann’s story of her mother is that she is bossy and always thinks that she knows how Ann should live her life. Ann’s story continues that her mother would really rather spend more time with Ann’s sister and not with Ann, which is ok with Ann. Ann loves the freedom of making her own decisions and doesn’t need her mother’s input.

Ann’s story continues that she is proud of her independent streak. She has carved her way through life making her own decisions. Even going so far as to go the opposite way her mother suggested at times.

So now Ann decides she is going to take over creating her life. Ann looks at the relationship she has with her mother and decides she would like to improve it. Ann decides to tell a new story. In this new story Ann tells, she states that she has a nice relationship with her mother. More an easy affirmation than a total stepping out into the realm of a great relationship. Baby steps.

One afternoon Ann and her mother have lunch at the Russian Tea Room (well it is Ann’s story and this is where they go). They’re having a nice lunch when Ann’s mother notices a small butterfly tattoo on Ann’s ankle. Her mother states that she can’t understand why Ann would desecrate her body like that. Ann gets defensive, then feels guilty. Ann works her way to a little anger about the comment and goes into her quiet mode the rest of lunch.

After lunch Ann is disappointed in herself and angry with her mother. Ann knows she is in charge of her experience of her life, yet why were there these setbacks. Ann had decided she wants a good relationship with her mom, but doesn’t understand why her mother always has to criticize.

Ann looks inside herself to see how she really feels. What thoughts and emotions are under-riding her mothers criticism that makes her angry. Ann decides she is going to get to the bottom of this.

After a run one day soon after, Ann is taking off her blue running jacket and all of a sudden remembers an incident when she was a little girl, she had wanted this blue top to wear to school. Ann’s mother had thought Ann looked better in a purple top. Ann’s mother had been in the fashion industry before she had kids and always liked to express herself when possible now that she wasn’t in that business anymore. At the time Ann had thrown a fit. From that day forward Ann knew she would make her own decisions no matter what.

So, that was the program running Ann’s decision making process regarding her mother. It started on what seems innocuous now, but at the time, so important. Ann looked back at her mother leaving a job she loved to raise kids and was just finding an outlet for expression.

Once Ann figured this out, it became easier to forge a better relationship with her mother. Ann took the time to understand that her mother had a life too and everyone has issues to deal with. Ann went farther and told herself she was a confident person and was able to see past someone else’s foibles and maybe even forge a stronger bond with the understanding she now had.

The thing is, once you tell a new story, it will be time to deal with the inner software programming you’re running. Sometimes this software is running so far in the background you don’t even notice it. But if you have a new story, there may be underlying thought patterns that needs to be looked at under the light that you currently make your decisions.

Telling a new story moves your energy faster. The new story brings about the events necessary to move this story along. When running into old programming, just be aware your Higher Self is there to help you re-write or eliminate your old rules.

Remember, be the love and joy that you are and go forward accordingly.