Conscious Choices: Part 1, That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It...or not

by Dan Doviddio

Just think of all the stories we tell. I’m not talking about stories to the kids or old war stories. These are the stories we tell about ourselves to ourselves. It is basically our running dialogue of who we are.

The story we tell directly effects what we believe. And what we believe sets the limits of our reality.

I remember in a psychology class I took years ago in college (go Hawks
Original Black TigerHawk teeny ) it was found that most people won’t read an editorial piece that doesn’t already support their position.

When we have the story of ourselves, we usually look for things that support our story with the belief and judgement that comes with it.

Let’s look at an example of two daughters and their mothers. We’ll name the daughters Ann and Jane. Ann is in her early 30’s and Jane is in her late 20’s.

Ann’s story of her mother is that she is bossy and always thinks that she knows how Ann should live her life. Ann’s story continues that her mother would really rather spend more time with Ann’s sister and not with Ann, which is ok with Ann. Ann loves the freedom of making her own decisions and doesn’t need her mother’s input.

Ann’s story continues that she is proud of her independent streak. She has carved her way through life making her own decisions. Even going so far as to go the opposite way her mother suggested at times.

Jane’s story is that she appreciates her mother’s advice. Jane feels that her mother is very knowledgeable and Jane likes to use her mother as a sounding board. Jane likes spending time with her mother and wonders why her sister doesn’t.

Jane’s story continues that she adores her mother’s life and strength in making decisions. Jane finds it’s easier to take her mother’s advice. Even if it goes against what Jane thinks may be the best way to do something.

So Ann and Jane, to support their stories, will make judgements sometimes based on the story they tell themselves of their mothers. And this judgement leads to the limits on the choices they allow themselves.

And if you haven’t guessed it by now, same mother. So two people with the same mother have different stories about their mother and make different choices based on their stories.

And obviously, this is not unusual. But what is unusual is the fact we really don’t pay attention to the story we tell ourselves on any given subject. Once we start becoming aware of our emotions we are emitting at any given time, it’s not just good to pivot to what we want in that instance, but maybe become aware of the story we are telling if the emotion seems to be a repeat offender.

Once you take care of the story you tell, now a new belief system can take over. Your story can change a little or a lot depending on what you are willing to go forward with. What story will you allow to be told by yourself?

Going forward, whatever happens may or may not match your story. The work here is to train your mind to look for things that happen that do match your story. Even if it’s something that doesn’t match at all, ask your Higher Self where the good is? If you allow a moment, an answer will come. Of course it doesn’t hurt to ask your guides, spirit or Higher Self to come along with you. Being aware of this powerful influence can have the great benefit to opening your mind to see the match to your story. And as your story unfolds, your life unfolds. Your choice...or not.

Reflections of a Larger Part of You

I was meditating this morning and a thought came to me associated with a picture I took this last weekend when I was in Door County, Wisconsin.

Most of us know we have a larger part of ourselves that is available to us. I thought this pic showed a nice reflection of the bigger part that we are.
leaf reflection-2

Do you see it?

The leaves in the foreground is our current self representing the different aspects of our lives. Reflected in the background is the tree(s) where the leaves dropped from. The tree has many leaf incarnations.

The rest I'll leave up to your imagination.

Picture Info: The reflection is from the hood of my car. Hood is black. Nikon D300, 35mm lens, aperture f11, shutter speed 1/25.


Hey, What are You Looking At!

At our Law of Attraction Meet Up a couple of weeks ago, Frank brought up a topic of how there was a study that showed there was a high instance of cars hitting telephone poles when they veer off the road. The study found that when people tried to avoid the telephone poles, they inadvertently struck them. Just putting the idea in their minds increased the chance of hitting the poles. Why? Because when you're looking at the telephone poles there is a tendency to steer toward them.

When Frank brought this up, I immediately remembered something that was taught to me regarding driving. My buddy Fred, gets invited a lot to drive expensive cars. Usually the setting takes place at a track or a track set up with lots of good corners to test each of the different car's limits. If on a track, sometimes a professional driver will ride along. One time as I was pressing a BMW 5 Series through it's paces the professional driver told me to just look where I wanted to go and the steering would follow. The 5er could easily do this as the track was set up to show what the car could do. The car was set up with the ability to perform at a high level.

This is really how life is, isn't it? As in a car you fly through time (if your lucky in Chicagoland to have that kind of flow through traffic). You're always moving forward. You look where you're going in a car. If you look to the sides too often, you will impede your progress. Looking at where you're going is really the only way to travel through life. Yet it is so easy to let the distractions of our lives take us off our main path.

Sometimes in life we don't have a direction set out and then we seem to go nowhere. I remember when I first started listening to Abraham-Hicks the Art of Deliberate Intention was emphasized. But I think they found that a lot of people were lax about what their intentions really were. Then Abraham-Hicks started the Art of Allowing. At least in allowing one could be easier about things. Now Abraham-Hicks is talking about being in the Vortex. The Vortex being a place of higher vibration. This is where decision making is most advantageous to us. I think A-H felt that we are so distracted with the sidelights of life that this is best where we can hear the message.

Yet driving ourselves through life with deliberate intention and not letting the sidelights of life distract us is really where life can have the most meaning. I went earlier this year to a photography seminar given by
John and Barbara Gerlach. John had given us a brief synopsis of his life becoming a photographer. When John graduated from Michigan State University he got a job that he felt didn't suit him. He always had a passion for photography, especially nature photography. So John packs his car and moves to Montana. He basically lives in his car in the wild and becomes the great photographer he is today. Very one minded on what he wanted to accomplish. Where some people may think of the difficulty John goes through to get the photograph, he just does it.

Just as in a car, we like to get off the road and check out some highlights that our journey can provide. Stopping for a coffee or a good view or lunch or a souvenir along our trip can be rewarding in itself. But the the best part is to remember to keep your eyes on where you're going and what you really want and not to let the distractions of life knock you off the road.

Awareness of my Higher Self Meditation

I was reading in John Randolph Price's book 'A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World'. There was a daily meditation he had that one can use as they go about their day. I liked it a lot and I thought I'd share it here.
Awareness of Higher Self Meditation

If this is something you like, you can find Mr. Price's book here. By the way, I did adjust one meditation that I felt would be more advantageous to those who read my blog. But the inspiration is all Mr. Price's.


You are sooo....Becoming

That's right, you are in a constant state of becoming. You may think this next thing you want will take care of everything and then you'll be ok. But if you can picture yourself as in a perpetual state of creation, it may be easier to see how life works for you.

You have many aspects of your life. You have family, work-life, hobbies you pursue, entertainment you enjoy, etc. Within these aspects of life are even more aspects, say sub-aspects. We really have a lot of things that compose of who we perceive ourselves to be.

And each of these aspects of who we are, are constantly in motion. Becoming, so to speak. As those who follow the teachings of Abraham know, 'you never get it wrong and you never get it done.'

Say you have an idea on something. Let's use this leaf blossom below to represent a new idea that has blossomed (pun intended) for you to pursue.
Spring Leaf Blossom 1999
So, as you pursue this idea you now have become a part of this idea. As you move with this idea, you mature with this idea of who you are. Now this idea, because of what you added to yourself in knowledge, contrast, appreciation and general joy of living evolves and becomes this:
leaves above
What started out of a small contrast that led to inspiration has now become full blown. You have become a new you.

So you're rolling with 'who you are' and feeling accomplished, then there will be new experiences that have a slight effect. But you really don't notice because of the slight impact. Or maybe you do notice, but don't take action.
maple leaves on ground
Hmmm, this part doesn't seem to work for you anymore. What was once you now has been cast aside and so you have collected this part of you and cast it in the recycle bin (or compost bin in this example), so to speak.
Leaf compost
Now you have a new idea of who you want to be. You utilize what you've learned like taking the compost from the compost bin and use it as fertilizer for the garden of your mind. Everything you've learned plus new inspiration creates a new you to blossom.
Tomato Blossom 1999
Now there is a new you. The fruits of your labor come full circle and now this idea of you takes hold.
Tomatoes 1999
The universe is in a process of becoming. It is a work in progress. As the universe goes, so do you. Always creating your life.

The idea for today seems pretty simple, but when everyday life is coming at you, it's good to remember to look at the big picture of your life. You get to decide how you want it. If you don't like it, plant a new seed with your Higher Self and watch it grow as you bask and receive inspiration. Just remember, what looks like compost to you now can sprout a whole new you.