What's Good Out There?

Being the creator of your life in the present moment can create challenges. Not only does our current belief system present itself for us to look at, but a current situation or someone else's belief system can draw our attention.

Being a conscious creator in the present moment is for you to guide yourself through each situation or moment that comes up.

During quiet times it can just be concentrating on what you're working on. But if there is something that is trying to you, this isn't so easy.

Let's go back and remember the whole universe is set up as positive and negative. Yes or no. Like or dislike. Good or bad. This is where the ego comes in and judgement is granted on the situation at hand at the time. Now once the situation is judged we then pivot and offer to our Higher Self what we would prefer for ourselves. Then we let it go and have full knowledge our Higher Self will be taking care of things for us, so then we go back and bask in who we are.

Oh wait a second...let's go back to that overdeveloped ego. What a great picture our ego just took. Let's bask in the judgement we just made. I mean that situation really sucks and I know I'm right. Everybody agrees with me...right? It's so easy to get in this mode of thinking.

A great way to break this mode of thinking is to start looking for the good immediately when an unwanted situation takes place. This allows your Higher Self to join you right away. If you allow it, some new thoughts will start to come to you that pulls you away from the picture/judgement your ego just took.

So how does this work? I'll give you an example that worked for me recently we can all identify with. I was going to make a left turn in traffic and it was looking at non stop cars coming in the opposite lane. I felt the annoyance come up (yeah I was actually paying attention, meditation does pay off) and I did pivot to free flow driving in my mind and looked for the good in that moment. An idea then came to me about a part of a book I'm writing that I was getting stuck on. Stuck no more, idea noted. A break in traffic and I turned.

You just start thinking that there are good outcomes and listen or look for the answer. A good way to allow your Higher Self to help you. Ask for the good.

In photography I like to find a situation that doesn't look so good and find the beauty of it. Even if it is only for me. Hey, I don't do this photography hobby for any other reason.

So check out this pic below:
Broken down red barn sm

What I like about it, is the contrast this photo represents. You have a Door County Wisconsin barn not only in disrepair, but basically abandoned. But the contrast with the red berry bush in full growth mode vs the red barn being swallowed back to the earth is readily apparent.

So with every judged bad situation, prepare yourself for the good. Because it's there. You just need to be there for it.

Contrast, the Fuel of Creators

I was listening to Doctor Fred Alan Wolf's (aka Dr. Quantum) CD, 'Meet the Creator, You'. One of many parts I liked is about contrast. Dr. Wolf describes contrast as the fuel for our lives. Without contrast there would be nothing for us to do. Nothing to stimulate our imaginations.

Look at the contrast in your life like gasoline. If you pour gasoline on a car and ignite it, well not such a good idea, unless that was intended. But if you pour gasoline in the car's gas tank and it is ignited by the engine, well you get the idea here.

Take a moment where you are stuck in traffic. You get to choose how to react in this moment. Do you blow up because this stuck in traffic contrast just truly sucks for you. Where's the good in this? You could pivot and put out to the universe that you would prefer free flowing traffic in the future. You could add to that moment to look for what the good is in that moment for you. Something may pop in your head as an idea for the future. In this way, you just changed your vibration.

And just remember, there will always be something. Always! So don't fight it. Always something is what fuels us as beings on this planet. So don't fight the fuel of your being.

That's why being in the moment is so important. In this moment, everything is fine. Give power to the moment. Do not give power to what is perceived lacking. Know you have added to what you desire.

In the moment choose to be the joyous (pick one) being that you are and bask.

Being in the moment is what you do until the fuel of contrast comes to energize you. Deal with contrast by pivoting on what you do want and then bask in who you are.

Sometimes what you may judge as unwanted contrast ends up being a good thing.

I was mowing my grass in late spring and saw a thistle plant growing in the rocks around our compost bin. I half heartily tried to pull it out by the roots and failed to do so. I declared the thistle the winner and mowed on my way. Every time I mowed the thistle plant got taller and taller. Actually was quite nice looking.

As my friend Rob says, a weed is just a plant you don't want in your yard. Being a totally dedicated in truth writer, I looked it up in the Apple dictionary on the computer, he's correct.

As the thistle grew, it put out these beautiful flowers. I decided it was another in yard photo-op. So I got my camera, macro lens and tripod out. In about an hour I got about 40 pictures. You gotta love digital cameras for all that flexibility.

As I was finishing up and taking the camera off the tripod, I glanced around for the first time in an hour and saw a couple of rabbits and squirrels in very close proximity to me. The squirrels were gnawing on some nuts they had found. The rabbits, just basking in the sun. I had been so lost in a higher vibration, the animals barely noticed me...and me them. Once I looked at them though, they looked surprised I was there and moved along.

A nice experience came out of what I originally deemed a weed.

Contrast, the Fuel of Creators, feel the power of it in you!