Paying Attention - Receive Gifts

by Dan Doviddio

Walks with Teddy B
Teddy B Square

I was going for my morning walk the other day with Teddy B a couple of weeks ago. It was a humid day and it had rained earlier.

Lately I’ve been more mindful of my surroundings. Kind of a walking meditation if you will. Looking for beauty in nature or people or things. Whatever. Allowing the Universe to show me what’s looking good. At least looking good for my perspective.

I was walking along and noticed a very tall pine tree that almost looked like it had been decorated. It was about 100 feet away.

I walked over for a closer look.
paying att 2
It was a squash plant that grown with it’s vines climbing a blue spruce tree.

It was was growing out of someone’s compost bin.
paying att 3

The squash vines had grown way up in the tree
paying att 1

And the beauty of the squash plant was really appealing upon closer examination.
paying att 4

From the flowers it put out
paying att 5

To the squash itself.
paying att 6

Since we create our own world, why not look for the best.

Because if the world is a reflection of ourselves.

Let’s look good and receive the gifts just waiting for us.