Child To Man, Soul To Soul

by Rob Graff

I was riding my bicycle this afternoon on a perfection-for-weather September day in the Chicago area. I was feeling so joyous that I began zig-zagging the front wheel of my bike back and forth, feeling a bit like a child seeking the 'roller-coaster effect.' As I approached an intersection of a street, I saw a woman pushing her child in a carriage. The infant couldn't have been more than 2 years old by my estimation.

Paying Attention - Receive Gifts

by Dan Doviddio

Walks with Teddy B
Teddy B Square

I was going for my morning walk the other day with Teddy B a couple of weeks ago. It was a humid day and it had rained earlier.

Lately I’ve been more mindful of my surroundings. Kind of a walking meditation if you will. Looking for beauty in nature or people or things. Whatever. Allowing the Universe to show me what’s looking good. At least looking good for my perspective.

I was walking along and noticed a very tall pine tree that almost looked like it had been decorated. It was about 100 feet away.

Awareness of my Higher Self Meditation

I was reading in John Randolph Price's book 'A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World'. There was a daily meditation he had that one can use as they go about their day. I liked it a lot and I thought I'd share it here.
Awareness of Higher Self Meditation

If this is something you like, you can find Mr. Price's book here. By the way, I did adjust one meditation that I felt would be more advantageous to those who read my blog. But the inspiration is all Mr. Price's.


You are sooo....Becoming

That's right, you are in a constant state of becoming. You may think this next thing you want will take care of everything and then you'll be ok. But if you can picture yourself as in a perpetual state of creation, it may be easier to see how life works for you.

You have many aspects of your life. You have family, work-life, hobbies you pursue, entertainment you enjoy, etc. Within these aspects of life are even more aspects, say sub-aspects. We really have a lot of things that compose of who we perceive ourselves to be.

And each of these aspects of who we are, are constantly in motion. Becoming, so to speak. As those who follow the teachings of Abraham know, 'you never get it wrong and you never get it done.'

Say you have an idea on something. Let's use this leaf blossom below to represent a new idea that has blossomed (pun intended) for you to pursue.
Spring Leaf Blossom 1999
So, as you pursue this idea you now have become a part of this idea. As you move with this idea, you mature with this idea of who you are. Now this idea, because of what you added to yourself in knowledge, contrast, appreciation and general joy of living evolves and becomes this:
leaves above
What started out of a small contrast that led to inspiration has now become full blown. You have become a new you.

So you're rolling with 'who you are' and feeling accomplished, then there will be new experiences that have a slight effect. But you really don't notice because of the slight impact. Or maybe you do notice, but don't take action.
maple leaves on ground
Hmmm, this part doesn't seem to work for you anymore. What was once you now has been cast aside and so you have collected this part of you and cast it in the recycle bin (or compost bin in this example), so to speak.
Leaf compost
Now you have a new idea of who you want to be. You utilize what you've learned like taking the compost from the compost bin and use it as fertilizer for the garden of your mind. Everything you've learned plus new inspiration creates a new you to blossom.
Tomato Blossom 1999
Now there is a new you. The fruits of your labor come full circle and now this idea of you takes hold.
Tomatoes 1999
The universe is in a process of becoming. It is a work in progress. As the universe goes, so do you. Always creating your life.

The idea for today seems pretty simple, but when everyday life is coming at you, it's good to remember to look at the big picture of your life. You get to decide how you want it. If you don't like it, plant a new seed with your Higher Self and watch it grow as you bask and receive inspiration. Just remember, what looks like compost to you now can sprout a whole new you.

What's Good Out There?

Being the creator of your life in the present moment can create challenges. Not only does our current belief system present itself for us to look at, but a current situation or someone else's belief system can draw our attention.

Being a conscious creator in the present moment is for you to guide yourself through each situation or moment that comes up.

During quiet times it can just be concentrating on what you're working on. But if there is something that is trying to you, this isn't so easy.

Let's go back and remember the whole universe is set up as positive and negative. Yes or no. Like or dislike. Good or bad. This is where the ego comes in and judgement is granted on the situation at hand at the time. Now once the situation is judged we then pivot and offer to our Higher Self what we would prefer for ourselves. Then we let it go and have full knowledge our Higher Self will be taking care of things for us, so then we go back and bask in who we are.

Oh wait a second...let's go back to that overdeveloped ego. What a great picture our ego just took. Let's bask in the judgement we just made. I mean that situation really sucks and I know I'm right. Everybody agrees with me...right? It's so easy to get in this mode of thinking.

A great way to break this mode of thinking is to start looking for the good immediately when an unwanted situation takes place. This allows your Higher Self to join you right away. If you allow it, some new thoughts will start to come to you that pulls you away from the picture/judgement your ego just took.

So how does this work? I'll give you an example that worked for me recently we can all identify with. I was going to make a left turn in traffic and it was looking at non stop cars coming in the opposite lane. I felt the annoyance come up (yeah I was actually paying attention, meditation does pay off) and I did pivot to free flow driving in my mind and looked for the good in that moment. An idea then came to me about a part of a book I'm writing that I was getting stuck on. Stuck no more, idea noted. A break in traffic and I turned.

You just start thinking that there are good outcomes and listen or look for the answer. A good way to allow your Higher Self to help you. Ask for the good.

In photography I like to find a situation that doesn't look so good and find the beauty of it. Even if it is only for me. Hey, I don't do this photography hobby for any other reason.

So check out this pic below:
Broken down red barn sm

What I like about it, is the contrast this photo represents. You have a Door County Wisconsin barn not only in disrepair, but basically abandoned. But the contrast with the red berry bush in full growth mode vs the red barn being swallowed back to the earth is readily apparent.

So with every judged bad situation, prepare yourself for the good. Because it's there. You just need to be there for it.

Contrast, the Fuel of Creators

I was listening to Doctor Fred Alan Wolf's (aka Dr. Quantum) CD, 'Meet the Creator, You'. One of many parts I liked is about contrast. Dr. Wolf describes contrast as the fuel for our lives. Without contrast there would be nothing for us to do. Nothing to stimulate our imaginations.

Look at the contrast in your life like gasoline. If you pour gasoline on a car and ignite it, well not such a good idea, unless that was intended. But if you pour gasoline in the car's gas tank and it is ignited by the engine, well you get the idea here.

Take a moment where you are stuck in traffic. You get to choose how to react in this moment. Do you blow up because this stuck in traffic contrast just truly sucks for you. Where's the good in this? You could pivot and put out to the universe that you would prefer free flowing traffic in the future. You could add to that moment to look for what the good is in that moment for you. Something may pop in your head as an idea for the future. In this way, you just changed your vibration.

And just remember, there will always be something. Always! So don't fight it. Always something is what fuels us as beings on this planet. So don't fight the fuel of your being.

That's why being in the moment is so important. In this moment, everything is fine. Give power to the moment. Do not give power to what is perceived lacking. Know you have added to what you desire.

In the moment choose to be the joyous (pick one) being that you are and bask.

Being in the moment is what you do until the fuel of contrast comes to energize you. Deal with contrast by pivoting on what you do want and then bask in who you are.

Sometimes what you may judge as unwanted contrast ends up being a good thing.

I was mowing my grass in late spring and saw a thistle plant growing in the rocks around our compost bin. I half heartily tried to pull it out by the roots and failed to do so. I declared the thistle the winner and mowed on my way. Every time I mowed the thistle plant got taller and taller. Actually was quite nice looking.

As my friend Rob says, a weed is just a plant you don't want in your yard. Being a totally dedicated in truth writer, I looked it up in the Apple dictionary on the computer, he's correct.

As the thistle grew, it put out these beautiful flowers. I decided it was another in yard photo-op. So I got my camera, macro lens and tripod out. In about an hour I got about 40 pictures. You gotta love digital cameras for all that flexibility.

As I was finishing up and taking the camera off the tripod, I glanced around for the first time in an hour and saw a couple of rabbits and squirrels in very close proximity to me. The squirrels were gnawing on some nuts they had found. The rabbits, just basking in the sun. I had been so lost in a higher vibration, the animals barely noticed me...and me them. Once I looked at them though, they looked surprised I was there and moved along.

A nice experience came out of what I originally deemed a weed.

Contrast, the Fuel of Creators, feel the power of it in you!

Feeling It Real

I was quaffing a few black and tans with my disk golf buddies, Alon and Rob, last Friday after 18 (is it holes or baskets?). Friday was a perfect summer day, low 80's, low humidity for an August afternoon. The black and tan (half Guinness and half Harp) pints seemed perfect after disk golf.

We were having a little metaphysical conversation (can you believe it, no Cubs, Sox or Bears talk). We got talking about how so many people get the law of attraction information on an intellectual level. People know pretty much how to respond when a situation comes up if asked. But what we were wondering, how many people actually feel it.

And that's really the thing isn't it? The information is pretty easy to understand. It takes awhile, but sooner or later we get it. But the big leap comes in feeling it. That's where the real work comes in. At first it's work, but with practice, your new reality starts to shine through.

Instead of your emotions running you, you find that you run your emotions. You start take note what emotion you're feeling and know intellectually that you can change it. Then you start to feel your way to a better emotion with your inner dialogue.

But the next step is feeling your Higher Self. This is the biggest step and most rewarding. Just know that there is this larger part of you that is pure positive energy. Meditation on a daily basis is a good way to start. Another way is to start thinking how your Higher Self would feel about a mundane task, like washing the dishes or mowing the grass. Remember, feel it.

Once you can feel your Higher Self as yourself, you can start letting tasks go to this larger part of you. Knowing that your Higher Self has your back so to speak, you can bask in the glow that is you. But how do you do this? You know, let tasks go. I would start out easy. Here is an example I used at first. I have this
cribbage game app on my iPhone. Cribbage is a card game I learned as a kid. After a hand is dealt you discard and then a card is turned up out of the deck. I would put out what card I wanted to turn up that I thought would help me. I pretty much won 50% of the time against the phone app. So I changed my strategy. I decided that I just wanted to win. I would let my Higher Self take over. So I quit thinking what card I wanted to turn up. I didn't even care what my hand was. Next thing I know I'm winning 90% of the time. I when I do lose it's by less than 10 points out of 121 to win. A lot of times I'm skunking (winning by more than 30 points) the app.

Starting small and feeling your Higher Self work through you, gives you the confidence that there actually is a Higher Self. Because let's face it, this is where the leap of faith comes in. The more leaps you make the easier they become. And the reward is worth it.

How Hard is it to Become a Superbeing

There used to be a website called It started in 1994 (back in the dial up days). Spiritweb was run by Rene Muller. It was a site that branded itself as: Comprehensive Web-Site Promoting Spiritual Consciousness. And comprehensive it was. It covered so many different topics and was a wealth of knowledge to the would be seeker. In 2002 Rene abruptly closed the site down. In that time no website has created the resources equal to Luckily someone was able to piece together and archive the old site. You can find it here.

So yesterday I went to the archived site and read an article from Omni channeled by John Payne. The article is called 'Living as the Master'. In the article one paragraph stood out to would be Superbeings.

Choosing to live as the Master does not mean that you have to be perfect from day one. It simply means that you are willing to learn and to grow. That you are willing to keep your heart open in situations that you may normally close it, and withdraw into emotional pain, anger or resentment. You can practice being the Master, and you can have fun doing it. Spiritual growth does not need to be a serious business. A Master is only serious in intent, not in demeanor. Life was meant to be joyful, and joy is a divine quality, a soul quality, so you can choose to bring that quality of joy into everything you do. Are you willing to let go of the seriousness concerning your spiritual growth? Are you ready to be playful, laugh at yourself and to have a giggle at life and its playful challenges?

I like it because it shows that being a Superbeing is in the intent. Once you have the intention intoned from the above paragraph, you can only grow in that direction. You came in this world to mix it up. Of course you're going to make what we may call mistakes. That's the contrast part. But being a Superbeing is allowing your Higher Self through, at least enough in the beginning, to not take things so hard. To laugh at what you may consider foibles. With your Higher Self there are no foibles. Just mixing it up as your spirit experiences the earth dimension.

You can find 'Living as the Master'

Vibration and the Higher Self Conciousness

Singing Bowl

I was playing my singing bowl one morning. I started out with a 'bong' from the mallet and then playing it around the rim. It starts out with a low harmonic vibration. Then eventually moving to a higher harmonic vibration as you play the rim.

I noticed that the bowl, as it moves to the higher harmonic vibration, doesn't play the lower harmonic vibration. Which made me think...

You have a vibration that you are generally feeling with any given situation. But allowing your Higher Self, a higher vibration, usually in the appreciation to joy level on the
emotional scale chart, cancels out the lower vibrations you may be feeling.

One way that I've found to facilitate this moving up the vibrational scale is to get to know my Higher Self. During meditation I ask my Higher Self or guides input on various things in my journey through this lifetime. What I get in meditations, more than anything, is how my Higher Self feels. I can feel the joy my Higher Self has. Coming from this vibration I get insights that I wouldn't normally get.

So how do you get to know your Higher Self. First you must recognize the fact that you have one. This is actually a bigger thing than you think. You can't see your Higher Self as in 'yo Higher Self can you get me another beer'. But you can start to feel your Higher Self. A good way to start is in meditation. I used Sanaya Roman's book,
Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self. Sanaya's book has guided meditations to knowing your Higher Self.

As you get to know your Higher Self, you'll find when you are feeling a lower vibration, you learn remember to ask how your Higher Self would react and then to feel it. With practice your Higher Self vibration will cancel out the lower vibration you may be feeling.

As you learn to feel your Higher Self, it then becomes easier to let go of control and trust that this Higher Self you are starting to work with will make it happen for you.

Then it becomes 'yo Higher self I'm feeling that new career move I want, let's do it'. Then it lines up for you.