…..On Surviving Death

by Frank Dobner on 02 Sep 2010

One thing that has caught my attention just recently, to which I have never given much serious thought ….reincarnation. Personally, I have no first hand experience in dying yet, nor do I know anyone by first name that has survived death and can tell me the details. Actually the word “reincarnation” has always irritated me as something that goes on in India somewhere, but is a mere cocktail party dalliance where I live.

I remember when I graduated from the university and went to work as a design engineer in downtown San Francisco, I was completely amazed by the people that I worked with that came from all over the world….Afghanistan, India, Hungary, Italy, France, China, Russia, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, New Jersey. I was totally amazed by the stories, the places and the extreme weirdness of all of these people.