Profit v. Usefulness

by Frank Dobner

Growing up in western society, nearly most of our “education” and upbringing is about teaching us how to be of value to society. We learn to read, write and do math so that we can get a job. We get a job so that we can gain some type of salary or pay. Accordingly we spend many years of our lives in formal education, self-improvement, working, and many more years talking about these things long after we’ve finished doing them.Very little of this education is dedicated to bringing a real peace of mind to our experience. Most of the work, school, and training is about how to get more and more money. The money or job or whatever does not really make you feel very peaceful…at least not for very long. Once you get one thing, you quickly get dissatisfied and want another thing. Sometimes, it actually gets painful to get something new because the satisfaction dies so quickly after the peak of anticipation in obtaining it. None of this stuff is really very “useful.”


Run {Insert Your Name Here} Run!! – My musings on the subject of action in our daily lives

by Colin Gonsalves

The last few weeks I've been contemplating about the role action plays in achieving our desires.
Subsequently, I searched through books and CDs by Abraham-Hicks on this subject. The
following is the distillation of my understanding.

Before coming into this physical existence we had a triad of intentions for this world. They were
to experience:
1) Freedom
2) Growth
3) Joy

In order for our higher selves to experience the above we decided to come into this physical
existence. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Huh? Why did I choose to leave the
comforts of the spirit world to come to this chaos?” Think of it this way. I could describe to you
what it feels like to skydive or I could describe to you what an ice-cream tastes like but you
would never know what it really feels or tastes like until you yourself have tried it. Spiritual
beings are unable to feel, and in order to experience and create, our spiritual counterpart
decided to come into the physical realm. Whenever you listen to an Abraham-Hicks workshop
you will usually hear them say “You (we) are leading edge creators"
Checkout this brilliant video:

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #2

by Dan Doviddio

I talk to Denise Van Vliet about Runda 3. Runda 3 is Denise’s interpretation of how our conscious, subconscious and Higher Self work together. This is very informative and I hope you give it a listen.

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Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast 10-6-2010
Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #2

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Here is Denise’s Runda 3 illustration.
Totem_Colored copy 4-5

You can read Denise’s article here
and at the Runda 3 Website


Child To Man, Soul To Soul

by Rob Graff

I was riding my bicycle this afternoon on a perfection-for-weather September day in the Chicago area. I was feeling so joyous that I began zig-zagging the front wheel of my bike back and forth, feeling a bit like a child seeking the 'roller-coaster effect.' As I approached an intersection of a street, I saw a woman pushing her child in a carriage. The infant couldn't have been more than 2 years old by my estimation.

Did my past life save my life?

by Rhonda Patrick-Sison

Personal reflections on the Tylenol killings in 1982

It’s been 28 years since the cyanide-laced Extra Strength Tylenol killed Paula Prince, a 35-year-old flight attendant who lived in Chicago. She purchased the tainted Tylenol at the Walgreen’s on the corner of North Avenue and Wells Street in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago on September 29 and died from ingesting the poison on October 1, 1982.

My old neighborhood. My old Walgreen’s.