…..On Surviving Death

by Frank Dobner on 02 Sep 2010

One thing that has caught my attention just recently, to which I have never given much serious thought ….reincarnation. Personally, I have no first hand experience in dying yet, nor do I know anyone by first name that has survived death and can tell me the details. Actually the word “reincarnation” has always irritated me as something that goes on in India somewhere, but is a mere cocktail party dalliance where I live.

I remember when I graduated from the university and went to work as a design engineer in downtown San Francisco, I was completely amazed by the people that I worked with that came from all over the world….Afghanistan, India, Hungary, Italy, France, China, Russia, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, New Jersey. I was totally amazed by the stories, the places and the extreme weirdness of all of these people.

One guy named Laleet, told me that from where he comes from in India, that if you live a bad life, you end up being reincarnated as a mud fish, a weasel or a desert hare. But if you lived a good life, you could move up the ladder…to maybe a tax collector or a shoe shine boy.There were clearly incentives or disincentives to playing big or small here on earth…..not surprisingly, this did not seem to be a reasonable explanation to me. But neither does a Christian tale of eternal damnation make any sense to me.

Yet, we come into this world with predispositions… directly from the womb, we come screaming into this world (literally), we have immediate personalities, our lives seems to be a personal passion play of making the same mistakes over and over again from playground, to classroom, to bedroom, to boardroom.

Can you think of a time in your life when you or someone else’s action may have caused you an embarrassment or it resulted in a damning decision about yourself that you suffered at that time AND has been played out time and time again in your life? I am sure you can. I can too. Maybe someone in school pulled your pants down while you were in front of the whole class. Or maybe some variation of this.

Maybe you have spent your whole life trying to recover from this one isolated incident but it has really no objective meaning to anyone else, nor can they even remember it ever happening. But to you, you assigned yourself lifelong damnation. Doesn’t this sound like a life that has been designed to give you a pre-fabricated opportunity to change something?

With a little bit more effort, you can even imagine that that wound is really another play on an earlier wound that you can’t remember. Perhaps, because it didn’t happen in this life. You may have just inherited it. Who says that we are a clean slate when we enter this world? I think that we think that only “pure souls” can enter into the world and that stained souls are barred from entry. Really? Is it so hard to believe that if souls can be condemned to hell, that some of these same souls can’t be let back into life again?

Here are the 3 hypotheses about reincarnation that I am going to run with:

1. You are here to undo something. I believe that you are here to undo the decision you made that you have sinned, in any form. Just forget it…you are innocent…you have done nothing wrong. Neither have the other people in your life done anything wrong. It’s an illusion. As a matter of fact, Jesus went out of his way to die on the cross to show you that you don’t have any sins and never did. Only you think that you have sins.

2. This could be your last round-trip. If you want to make this your last life, you can see things just as they are. Nothing has any more meaning than the meaning that you give it.

3. It starts right now. At this moment, you are probably gripped by fear or guilt of some kind. Maybe you are afraid of losing your job. Is that really a problem or is it just another replay of some earlier fear in your life? Your decision.

I would like to hear your opinions on this subject.