Let Go and Let God... are You *&@#!* Kidding Me?

by Dan Doviddio

This article is intended for anyone who is into Law of Attraction and other teachings, saying to themselves...’does this shit really work’? ‘I mean, I try and try and I’m still in a crappy way’. ‘I understand it, but I don’t think it really works’.

Are you feeling like this sometimes?
Let Go-1

There’s no magic cure out there. Because it’s not magic. It is just that pretty much everything you’ve been taught is incorrect. We let our ego take control and draw us wherever it pleases. The world outside our five senses comes across so real and the intensity of it is overbearing.

Even if we know intellectually the teachings of whatever philosophy you may follow, if you don’t change what you do and then expect new results is ridiculous. You must put in the effort. And if you do, you’ll see amazing results over time.

Ok, so now you may say, well how long is going to take. I got a life to lead and if this crap doesn’t work I’ve wasted another day - month - year on this and I’m still where I was. You can progress as fast as you are able to integrate re-programming your mind. Like I said, it’s not magic, it’s re-programing. In computer-speak, it’s clearing out old programs in your mind and allowing new program code to re-write over the old code.

We force a lot out of life. We feel we need to be and possess certain things to please our ego and other people, which still goes back to the ego. We accept a lot of general messages from people who are just as lost as anyone else, as truth. And it is all true. But you get to choose what is true for you.

What is your new set point?
Let Go 6

So who do want to be? Ok, stop right there! Don’t you really just want to be happy? Let’s start with ‘I want to be happy’. Then let’s add another premise, you are not on earth to be anything else, just to be happy. This is to be your bottomline goal. Being happy is your new set point. Anything outside this will be considered persona non grata.

Want to see a great example of happiness as a set point. This cat pictured above, whose name is Izzy, only knows how to be happy. I saw him in our backyard when he was homeless back in January (yes we adopted him), and he would just bask in the sun or let the old garden growth scratch his back. Izzy basked in happiness. This cat has taught me more about happiness than any teacher. How can that be? Izzy just allows happiness.

But of course we humans have made this mental world of ours more difficult than it really is.

Meditate, Clean, Release
There are three methods I’ve identified so far to keep being happy as your set point. In light of a popular new movie out at the present, let’s call it ‘Meditate, Clean, Release’.

Let Go 4
Geez, meditate, who has time for this crap? Well you do if you want to break the spell you’re under. The purpose here is to quiet your mind and allow your Higher Self to start to come through to you.

There was a time in 2005, that I had a big business set back. I was really down. I picked up Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I also picked up an older book again by Sanaya Roman titled Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self.

When I first started meditating, I would only get feelings of love. First from my deceased parents and then from my Higher Self. I was quite disappointed. I wanted to know the next step in a career path or a way to make money. But no, all I got was that I was loved. So I understood the Abraham material, but I was making what I wanted to happen on a limited basis.

Finally in January of 2009,I made the decision to meditate every morning on a daily basis. It started to sink in. It was feeling thing. I needed to feel the love that I was before I could move on to being who I wanted to be. I would get cool information. For example one morning in February I got information to feel every movement I made that day. Feel every step, head movement, everything. It was an awesome day. I was calm, relaxed and it was fulfilling.

I’m telling you this because getting a dialog going with your Higher Self is important in your development on earth. If you want to be happy, create this dialog. And believe me, if I can do it, so can you.

You want to establish a relationship with your Higher Self because as you advance, this will be your “Go To Guy” when you are moving energy forward and you are seeking advice from this great partner of yours. (I use Higher Self for me, but can be called Source, Holy Spirit, God, whatever you are most comfortable with).

If you want to read more on methods of meditation see my article from last year.

Let Go 5

Now that our set point is happy, its time to take action when you are not happy. When thoughts come up that don’t please you, its time to Pono them.

Using Ho ‘Opnopono as a Cleaning method is very effective to say the least. To Pono (as I call it because I don’t care to type the whole spelling) is when you have a thought that is even mildly disturbing you say:
I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

These Pono sayings basically erase the program you had set in motion. See, the thing is, you are responsible for the world you see. Until you can fathom this, you won’t get it. You won’t get the power of the creator you really are. When you Pono, you just took away part of how you were seeing the world. Kind of like cleaning the glass of your world view windshield. Things are looking better already.

Both Bill Hartford and Frank Dobner have written articles recently about Ho’Oponopono. Read Bill’s article here and Frank’s article here.

Erasing old programs are necessary to quiet your mind and allow your Higher Self greater access to communicate with you.

Let Go-2
Release is very cool. Say a situation comes up and you are not sure how to handle it. Don’t sweat it baby! Release the situation to you Higher Self. See, this is where your relationship to your Higher Self comes in. You don’t have to have a relationship for this to work, but believing is 100% of how Release works. So if you have that relationship with your Higher Self, you are better able to believe it.

I’ll give you two examples recently from last week of releasing.

1) I had a business situation where we ran into a crossroads on shipping. I knew we needed to fly some goods in for a retailer. The expense was very high. A solution was needed. So instead of letting the powers that be in this instance control the situation, I let the power that be’s me, my Higher Self take over. I just said ‘you know the situation, let me know the best way to handle it, in the meantime I’ll just go work out’. I got some feedback from my Higher Self as insight and came up with a mutually agreeable solution for both parties.

2) We are remodeling our kitchen and one area was bothering me. I immediately let my Higher Self tackle this one for me. Again, a solution came is as insight.

Isn’t it nice to know you have this great insightful assistant. This assistant always has your best interests at heart.

This is why you establish meditation. You really want to create this relationship with your Higher Self.

Feeling Better?
Let Go-3

Do you see how these three, Meditate, Clean, Release work together?

Meditate to create a relationship with your Higher Self

Clean out old Programing that doesn’t work for you anymore

Release what you want to accomplish to your great assistant, your Higher Self. Let the answers and outcomes come to you.

You got to commit to make law of attraction work in a way that is meaningful for you. Give 30 Meditate, Clean, Release days and see if there is a change. If there is don’t stop now, you’ve created a new successful pattern of behavior. New behavior, new results.