I See The Truth Everywhere

by Frank Dobner
Today’s post will probably make sense to you if you know something about “A Course In Miracles.”  Below is a little piece written by my hand based on personal changes in perception as a result of (I believe) doing the Course.  I started mumbling to myself “I See The Truth Everywhere” and wondered whether it was a lesson in the workbook that I overlooked. This makes sense to me and I sincerely hope it makes sense in its sharing with you. This is a sort of an external version of an internal conversation (how I talk to myself).

I See The Truth Everywhere

Although you may still attempt this world, you may have well grown past it by now. A move in any direction now may provide sight, that at once you did not have. But most certainly, only the gentlest of motion returns you even greater stillness, peace and silence in return. All doing is already done. Nothing needs anything, anymore. Perhaps though, you may still attempt this world, and not have grown past it. You may grow deeper into it but it will only give you more reasons to reconsider this choice. I am this choice.

Weary are the eyes that look out and see value where none exists. Wearier will the eyes be that think they find it. As you look into another’s eyes, you will see from your own. Vision is only what you give it. You think that you see bugs, beaches, and billions and billions of stars. These are your thoughts made “real.” You have inherited a view that is not your own. Truth is unchangeable and cannot be what you think you see. Change does not involve the truth.

Truth, as the only think that you are, will be seen now everywhere. I see the truth everywhere. When you say this to yourself, you will realize how much it is true. The whole universe is changed now and although still being your own, is one that does not involve death. Death is a world of tears, goodbyes, taxes, dead-ends and accidents. Life is what you see now. Life is the remembrance of expansion, light, belly laughs, coincidence and options. Make this choice now. Which would you prefer? This moment is the only one. All the other are simply gaps to moments, just like it.

I see the truth everywhere. When the proper choice is made in this moment, the world is enlightened. The moment that the world appears to bless you is the moment  where you are the world, indistinct and complete. Your old currency, is given with nothing returned, except death. Other words you use for death are marriage, divorce, seasons, male, female, employment, unemployment, and the ten thousand things.

The new currency is  continuously replenished and is received as you give it. On one side of the new coin  is the face of Christ with a blessing of truth, and the flip side is you. Yet the same coin. You are everything, because as you give blessing thoughts of Christ, you replenish your own store. As you circulate your new currency, it arrives in the mind store of people, events and places, but so far beyond your physical eyes.

Resurrection is immediate outside time and space, but echoed also in this world. Your final death calls for resurrection. When they roll the stone away and word gets out, lilies are the feast as you bask in the light of the world. Can you decide right now that you have witnessed your final death? It is voluntary, you know. Do you know? Jesus chose his resurrection, and forget not that you are Christ. Maybe you see death and think it is not your own. It is your own, because you hold it closely in your decision, at the expense of  thoughts of life.

Seeing the truth everywhere is not a function of the body. Although you have chosen your special ones from among the litter, it will likely be the rejected one that will be the last chosen just before time ends. An ugly duckling can be turned into a beautiful swan, but you are nothing that space or time could ever dream of creating. You are so much beyond your body’s eyes. God does not know eyes. Your body’s eyes are an apparatus for watching your dream.
Your dream is playing in a little theater in a town of which God never heard.

So here it is. See truth everywhere. Seeing is active. Watching is passive. Seeing is different than watching. Seeing involves a decision that watching does not. Seeing is a two way street which involves making a choice of vision, as opposed to watching a painful drama. Watching although simple, is unpleasant to say the least. Although you think you can shut off your mind, you but relinquish it to a brigand that claims to work in your interest, but empties the store when you are known to be  distracted.  See the truth everywhere. Although you are the Son of God, you are not an infant. An infant can only watch and react. Seeing is an active change of mind. Make the change and use vision to find you in others.