How Did I Get Here, the four part series

by Frank Dobner

How Did I Get Here
Part 1 Fear and the Physical World

Probably the greatest unanswered question for many people, is “how did I get here, really.”  Or stated differently, “how could God have created such an imperfect world and peopled it with imperfect people and then put me in the middle of it?” The second most difficult answer to obtain is “why am I here?” And probably the question you don’t ask yourself is “where is it that I think I am?”

You could probably fill a whole encyclopedia with all of the world’s creations myths (like the book of Genesis from the Bible, as one of them) and spend your life trying to read them until you understood the answers well enough and then you could intellectually explain them to someone else. But it will likely never change your experience in this life because the answer to the question is, that the questions are wrong. I have participated in lengthy discussions with some very intelligent people on the subject of first creation and it goes nowhere because it is an intellectual discussion.

These creations stories that I call the history of skin and bone don’t explain anything really because in the moment that you ask the question, you believe that the answer comes from outside of you. The only explanation that has ever made any sense to me comes from “A Course In Miracles.”  I am going to explain the big question of how could you have gotten into such a big mess. This is the first post in a series that will explain this.

In The Beginning
Assuming that you believe in a first cause as captured in the name “God,” it is impossible to describe God other than to recognize that what God is cannot be without limit or lack. God is perfection. There will be no need for God to have anything, because God is everything. As the Course states it, there is no difference between being and having.

Very often referred to is God’s ability to create things. And the question you might ask yourself is, if God is perfect would it need to create? The answer is that God is “extending” itself to further itself but not necessarily to add to itself. Extending is similar to the word “beget.” Because what is infinite and eternal can need nothing more.  One thing that the Course and the Bible are in agreement with, is that God created us in his image. In Christianity, we hear that we were “begotten, not made,” and C.S. Lewis in his book “Mere Christianity” wrote:
“When you beget, you beget something of the same kind as yourself. A man begets human babies, a beaver begets little beavers, and a bird begets eggs which turn into little birds. But when you make, you make something of a different kind from yourself….What God begets is God, just as what man begets is man. “

That does not mean we look like God, but means we are of the same eternal quality. It does mean that God can only create eternal life. God only creates in heaven which is the experience of oneness and does not refer to some remote place that you go to. Oneness is not created by God, it is the experience of God. So, heaven is the experience of God. Notice that I did not say that you need to die to experience heaven. This is why you hear the phrase “heaven on earth.” The course states very directly that you do not need to understand what God or love is because frankly: “You are still convinced that your understanding is a powerful contribution to the truth, and makes it what it is. Yet we have emphasized that you need understand nothing” (T.18.IV.7:5,6)

One of the reasons I appreciate the course is because it says things as they are. Is it even possible to intellectually understand the vastness as God or heaven? The answer is no. You cannot understand it and you definitely therefore can’t write it down. Being that the experience of God is impossible to nail down, I can use at least three ideas to characterize God and heaven as the experience of  God- love, eternity and creation. What I am going to write now has been captured by people that have experienced near death experiences, past life regressions or mystical experiences.

Love is an easily thrown around term and has almost become meaningless because it means different things to different people in different situations. How can you know real love, if you can define what it is? Think about that for a moment. Love is not owned by people. We didn’t make it. It is much greater than we are.  The fact that it has all different types of meanings (romantic love, brotherly love, puppy love, first love, tough love) indicates that what we talk about in terms of love is flawed. And it is. Not that there is anything wrong with these things. But they are not what is love in reality.

“The course does not aim at teaching love, for that is beyond what can be taught” (
The type of love most of us are accustomed to is what I term “transactional love.” Other people call it conditional love. When you are in love with someone it is really a sort of a “bargain.” You agree to love someone if they do certain things for you or if you do certain things for them in exchange for love. You can tell when you are in something like this when you realize that there are unwritten terms and conditions to your love. This type of love is actually a lot of work. We have gotten used to thinking this way and it is really twisted. Nobody likes to admit this. But admitting this is one of the first really important things to recognize.

When you love (which is all you can ever really do in truth),you need to realize that there is no way you or anyone else can make a mistake. If you or someone else did not take out the garbage as part of a love bargain, it does not mean that love is diminished. That’s ridiculous.
When we talk about love here on earth, as used in greeting cards, we are talking about a love directed at a specific person. I call this “directional love.” True love is omni-directional. It can’t be aimed at one thing and not another. If you live in a Christian-based society, you may have experienced the feeling of just wanting to say “Merry Christmas” to anyone during the holiday.  You are not being selective. Your love is actually beyond that I think that this is a very good example. I love the holidays for this reason.

READ THIS: So, before you read on ask yourself “do I need more love?’ If you do, you probably aren’t really referring to love at all. You are referring to some other symbol of love that has nothing to do with love. I assure you that you have all the love that there is. You can’t get any more love from someone else…all you can do is share it.

When you look around and you see limitations, scarcity and separate things in this world, you probably correctly conclude that this world is not eternal. To think that God made this world would indeed be an entirely incorrect conclusion. I remember being in second grade in Catholic school and the nun told us that God made the universe and that the universe is infinite. I could not imagine “infinite.” Nor at that moment could I understand how God could have made a world with so many defects. That just did not sit right for me then, nor does it now.
One of the aspects of being human is that we think that this planet was made by God and the Course sets this all straight in the following line:
“The world you see is an illusion of a world. God did not create it, for what He creates must be eternal as Himself” (C.4.1:1,2)

You can get an idea of what eternity might be like when you have experiences that completely capture your attention to the point that you don’t even remember being in your body. When you experience this, you also don’t tend to even seem to associate yourself with being in any place in particular. You are not aware of be “local” and instead feel connected. This is the feeling of what is like to be the real you. As I will explain later in this series, you feeling limited because you think you are human:
“To be alone is to be separated from infinity, but how can this be if infinity has no end? No one can be beyond the limitless, because what has no limits must be everywhere. There are no beginnings and no endings in God, Whose universe is Himself. Can you exclude yourself from the universe, or from God Who is the universe?” T.11.I.2

Eternal doesn’t mean just always. Eternal means that there is nothing out of your reach. There is no time, there is no space, you have all information available to you, there is no wanting, there is no waiting. As big as the world is, it is very limited. And it is limited because God did not make it. Therefore, it is really important to note that anything for which you experience lack is not real and does not really warrant stress of any kind. Because it was not made by God.

SECOND IMPORTANT POINT: You might be asking yourself if you are limitless, how could you possibly write a bad check?  The answer is that your limitless self does not need checks. What you are does not need anything. You only think you do.

Like your creator, you are a creator too. Only the kind of creating that you are used to on earth is only symbolic of the actual creation that is going on in eternity. By the way, it is important to note that real you is eternal and is creating right now. When we think about creating, we usually think of doing something like painting, playing music, writing. But true creation is effortless and something that all spirit does.

In this world, creation can be experienced more directly in small things, because the actual act tends to overshadow the creation that is happening in spirit. For instance there is no difference in true creation between opening a door for someone or buying someone a new house. There is no difference in receiving a greeting card or a diamond ring.

“True giving is creation. It extends the limitless to the unlimited, eternity to timelessness, and love unto itself. It adds to all that is complete already, not in simple terms of adding more, for that implies that it was less before. It adds by letting what cannot contain itself fulfill its aim of giving everything away, securing it forever for itself” (W.pI.105.4:2,3,4,5)

In the real world (not the one you seem to be in now), there is no difference in giving or receiving. In this world we think that when we give something away, that we don’t have it anymore. In reality (in your true spirit), when you give something, you are actually receiving it.
“Creation cannot even be conceived of in the world. It has no meaning here. Forgiveness is the closest it can come to earth” (W.pI.192.1;2:1,2;3:1,2,3)

I think this is so easily witnessed in simple exchanges. We tend to overlook the beauty of small acts. When I go to places where I am known, I have people come up to me and say “hey what’s going on?”, or “how’re you doing today?”, or even “have a nice day.” In truth these little things are acts of creation. Just like a small smile that someone exchanges with you, you know somewhere in you that this is a really good thing. A very good thing. And it is no small thing either.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT: You will be surprised when you realize how many times per day, these “small acts” actually happen. I live alone and know how important these things are. Pay attention in just one hour to how often this happens. Maybe it is an e-mail message, Facebook post, a call or someone gives you a “high five.” This is creation.

So, What’s The Problem?
So you might be asking yourself now, if God is perfect, and heaven is perfect and actually we are even perfect, how could you have ended up in this place with so much pain, war, suffering and madness? That is the big question that I will start to answer in the next segment of this article.

How Did I Get Here
Part 2 Decision to Separate

The first part in this article series explained what is your true nature.  Your true nature is oneness. As created,  the oneness of your created spirit is what is referred to as Christ or God’s one Son. The active part of spirit that creates is what is called mind.  But nothing said that mind is perfect. Which brings me to the big question: how could anything so wonderful be compromised?

The Decision for Separation
At some point in all its marvelous oneness, this mind began to wonder of things beyond itself. Being wholly contained, it wondered how it could experience itself more fully. This is what is referred to in the course as “the tiny, mad idea.” Tiny, because nothing perfect could truly corrupt itself and mad because what possible could you want other than perfection?
So God’s creation (us – the unseparated collective son of God or Christ) one day took it upon itself to ask “Who am I?,” or “What am I?” Not really sure of its nature in perfection, this may be considered a sort of stray wondering. It may have found itself sort of alone in that moment, with no true reality or even an identity. It wanted to experience fulfillment or wisdom that came from being an independent nature along with the ability to think for itself like no other thing of its kind.

Here are couple of analogies to use to try to understand what this apparent desire might have been aiming toward, when the decision for the initial separation seemed to take place:

Learning to Swim – try to remember when you first learned how to swim. Whether you learned to swim in a lake or a swimming pool, you were very concerned about how deep the water is. Even after you first learned to swim, you wanted to know the depth of the water, because deep water was scary. As you now know, the depth of the water doesn’t matter as much as the distance you need to swim. But when you first started you wanted to be able to at least touch the bottom of the pool or lake with one toe, just to make sure of your safety. You wanted to know limitation to understand a state of depth of the water your were in. Just like swimming, when our collective spirit had this stray thought of its own existence, it was sort of thinking of  a thought outside of itself (which is impossible) about its eternal and creative ability was able to materialize an experience of it. Unless it knew limitation of some sort, it had no idea of its potential.

Learning Math – think back, for a moment, to elementary school (maybe first grade) when you were taught how to add numbers. You mind was still very eager to learn because formal education was a new concept for you. If they had just told you that to add numbers, all you need to do was to combine them, would you know how to add? The answer is no, because you had no experience of what combining or adding numbers is like, nor what the result of that is, nor why you would do something like adding numbers. You needed some type of experience that would give you empirical evidence of the practicality of knowing how and why to add. In spirit, life is very abstract. In fact there are no needs. Yet, a question was only raised about what an experience feels like in the mind of the collective spirit also known as the son of God or Christ. It needed to experience something that only seemed possible in the only state in which it exists…mind.

But here we are on what looks like earth. You appear to be reading this on a computer screen, iPhone or some other device. So you may ask the logical question. How could anything perfect or created by a perfect creator allow for a thought of imperfection? In other words, do you feel perfect now as you are reading this? You are still the eternal and perfect you, yet you appear to sitting in a chair reading and search for answers to the question of how could a mistake have been made. This leads to the most important question, which is…why are you asking that question?

Big Question – #1: How Could The Impossible Have Happened?
Although you are pure spirit, there is an aspect of you that is having a thought of separation. It is this aspect of yourself that is thinking and probing into something that has caused a lot of suffering or at least discomfort. You may think that you are skin and bones, but you would be incorrect. The thought that you are skin and bones is a thought outside of your true reality. The thought that you are different than pure perfect mind has brought you into a state of mind that has caused this stream of mind that looks like earth. You are so powerful in reality that you have actually created this concept.

But the real problem is that you didn’t just make that decision long ago, you made the decision right now and insist on making that decision right now. By continuing to regard the physical world as real, you are not un-peeling the illusion, but are applying a fresh coat of paint to an illusion. From “A Course in Miracles:”
“It is reasonable to ask how the mind could ever have made the ego. In fact it is the best question you could ask. There is, however, no point in giving an answer in terms of the past because the past does not matter, and history would not exist if the same errors were not being repeated in the present.” T.4.II.1:1,4

If you think about it right now, there is some little or big issue or attachment to the world around you that is keeping you invested in the belief in this world. For example, maybe you are irritated with someone who is driving slow in front of you. The truth is, that they are only driving slow. It is the meaning that you attach to them driving slow is what is driving you crazy. Another interpretation could have been, maybe they are in such perfect peace that they are not concerned with driving fast. Would that make you feel better? Maybe not, but it is important to be open to a truth that is beyond your small mind that thinks of anger, fear and lack.  These things aren’t real.
The fact that you have decided to value yourself as a physical being with limitations of driving slow and the lack of fulfillment in getting to somewhere quickly is the problem. If you don’t think this is a decision, then you don’t really believe that spirit is your true nature. Then it’s
game over for you.  Thinking you are a body is the decision to separate into what you call “reality” and is in fact fiction. The quote above is referring to this exact situation. Situations, people or things do not need to be bad to keep you involved in the illusion, but they are definitely tampering with your experience of peace at the moment.

Big Question – #2: Who Is Asking The Question?
I will make this really simple for you. If you are experiencing anything that is related to body, things, other bodies, weather, phone calls, or the like you are using the side of your mind known as the ego. The ego is the activating element of your mind that made the original decision to think separate thoughts. A lot of people including Jesus (as written in the Course) refer to the ego in very unfavorable terms. Why? Because the ego appears to be so pervasive in our thinking.
For a lot of us (myself included), it took me many, many years to even recognize that I have an ego. The fact that I could even have had a thought of harm against someone and believed that it was helping me, did not even occur to me. If you believe in true oneness, then a thought of harm against someone else would be masochism. The truth is, you think that your ego is like the default software that runs you. You think that your thoughts, beliefs and plans are who you are. That is the very problem.

The truly knowing part of yourself has no questions. It is not lacking. It feels no threats. Since the ego is not part of true reality, it is not real. It is imaginary and God knows no part of it. It is unnecessary and even unwanted. Although I don’t particularly like to paint the ego as an enemy, I tend to be much more very
vigilant for peace rather than being vigilant against the ego. As stated in the Course:
“Your ego is never at stake because God did not create it. Your spirit is never at stake because He did.” T.4.I.7:8,9

Big Question – #3: What Will You Do With The Answer?
So, quite honestly, you don’t really have any real questions. When you ask questions about your origin, you really want to know the history of skin and bones which is really no question at all. It is a trick question. It is very similar to someone jokingly “asking” a close friend “did you stop being a criminal?” There is no answer to the question that does not incriminate you. It is a typical leading question. You are asking a question that locks you into the answer that ends with the belief in the physical world as your home. And this would be very wrong. Not bad, just plain wrong.

What you have been doing with the answer is believing that you have killed God. You might think that that is a ridiculous statement to make. I thought so too, the first several times it was told to me. In a way, it does sound ridiculous. But, if you think you are in control in this life, you are sadly mistaken. What you have done by arrogantly deciding to live by your own independent thoughts, is thinking that you will thrive one you own separate from everything else. These thoughts are very simply the sole province of a God. These are not things that we can do. You are part of a collective that has a very good thinker at its head. The fact is that you are oneness. Your thinking is delusional if you think you are separate.  But it is not your nature to be delusional. You can choose otherwise, by slowly recognizing your true nature.

If you are having a good time on earth and all seems to be going well, maybe this information would be of no use to you. If things don’t seem to be going well, you may begin to see what I am talking about. But you might really understand when the suffering gets intense. The good news is the intensity of the suffering is proportional to your ability to withstand it.

Coming Up Next In This Series…
So far, you can see that the question of your emergence into this physical world is created by nothing but a thought. You may think that this is quite amazing. In a way, it is extremely overwhelming. However at another level, it is rather trite. It is trite, because your eternal character is so much more than you can experience with your split off mind. When you think with your small mind, you can only witness wonder as it is expressed in this world, which is nice at times…..sunsets, beaches, mountain vistas, babies being born, weddings, anniversaries. But I am guessing that if you are reading this, your level of suffering is asking for a better way than you currently are experiencing.

In the next segment of this series I am going to talk about the quality of life on earth that is created by the decision for separation.

How Did I Get Here
Part 3 Guilt

As you read in the last segment of this series entitled “How Did I Get Here?,” the concept of sin is nothing more than a decision against the basic nature of what you are…spirit. Sin is basically a belief that you have killed God. Sound silly? If you think you are in control in this life, then you do think you are God.

That means you think you don’t believe in God and that you have taken the job of God. If going to church on Sunday and mumbling some words of praise to God and then returning to the control booth of your life means you think you believe in God, you are not paying attention. In this case, you don’t believe in God. You believe in you.

What is Sin?
Killing off God also means that you have put yourself in command of all decisions. You think you know better. In addition, sin also kills off the effect of the experience of oneness, because there can’t be oneness if you are thinking independent thoughts and pulling the puppet strings.
Thinking of being in a physical body and doing physical things or thinking harmful thoughts about others is sin. Note that this is very different than the concept of sin that is taught in major religious practices. Notice that sin is not about being “bad.” That is a totally misunderstood concept.

In these religions (Christianity as an example with which I am familiar) they talk about sin as an act “within the illusion.” Christianity talks about coveting wives, killing people, stealing as sins. These are not good things, but the more profound act is believing that these people and things are important enough to take such drastic measures.

The fact that you have associated yourself with being physical is the problem that keeps you stuck in the problem. I am going to talk about how the ego keeps you stuck in this article and the next.

Guilt As By-Product
As I described in the last article, sin is the belief that you have become master of the universe. You think you have taken God’s place. If that sounds preposterous to you, on a daily basis don’t you think that you are (or supposed to be) in total control of yourself, some of the people around you and things that happen?

If you believe in oneness, then truly nothing can really be under your control, because you are part of a collective. But we don’t like the idea of being in a collective do we? The answer is no and is why we are in this predicament. We like independence and autonomy. If you don’t like that, unfortunately you don’t have an option.

As a result of the sin of thinking we are separate, the mind pushes the longing for oneness (also known as guilt) deep down into the unconscious mind. This guilt is so huge with this decision of being separate that the ego does not know what to do with it all. It is too big to deal with and can only become aware of so much of it at once.

I am going to use an iceberg analogy that was taught to me by Ken and Gloria Wapnick from the Foundation of Inner Peace. If you think of the massive amount of guilt created, it is very similar to an iceberg, with wrong side of your mind (the ego)  stuffing down the guilt into an  unconscious store  like an iceberg. Most of the guilt is below the surface of the water and of course only a little is visible of the surface.  Take a look at the diagram below.
Iceberg before

Iceberg Before
In the above picture the amount of unconscious guilt is huge. Unfortunately you can only experience the guilt that is” visible” to you at the surface. You can only deal with so much of it at a time and it comes in the form of “something being wrong,”  something lacking in you, malaise or general discomfort. You may be thinking you lack money, lack love, need friends or need an education. These are all signs of the conscious guilt.

The majority of the Course teaches how to deal with this guilt through forgiveness. This type of forgiveness is a special sort of forgiveness that is not the same thing that you learned within the world’s major religions. This is undoing of the thought that you could have chosen against your spiritual nature.

When you have a thought of lack, offense, depression, anger, rage, blame or guilt, you are holding a thought that goes against your basic nature of what you are. When you look at that thought as nothing other than a mistaken thought or error, you are undoing the guilt.
Regarding sin again, another big difference between the Course and Christianity, for example, is that it doesn’t even matter if you did something “wrong” in the world. Since this world is an illusion, there is no world and you could not possibly have done anything wrong. It is only the thought of doing something wrong that is allowing you to keep the guilt hidden.
So many people think that forgiveness is something you need to ask God for or ask another person for. Forgiveness is not a transaction. It does not need to be requested outside of yourself. Because there is nothing outside of you. There is no power outside of you. The power of your collective mind is huge. You have all of the power to undo this guilt by just looking at it.
“…seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world” (

The good news is each time you forgive something by looking at it, you remove some of the guilt. In the picture below of the iceberg, you can see by continuing to forgive yourself, people and things by seeing the unreality of your thought you are melting the iceberg with each time you do that. The iceberg has been considerably reduced in size because you keep chipping or melting away guilt by continuous awareness nothing you or anyone else could ever do is a real offense. When you make this a moment by moment practice, it shrinks in size continuously.

How Did I Get Here
Part 4 Fear and the Physical World

This is a continuation of a series of the creation of the physical world as explained in “A Course In Miracles.” As you have already learned in this series, since God is the experience of oneness, the fact that you can experience yourself as an individual, autonomous and independent thing or being, means that you have denied yourself of the experience of this oneness.

But remember in reality, you are always safe and whole in oneness. At this moment, in the truth of who you are, your spirit, could not possibly be at risk or danger.  You have simply thought yourself out of this experience momentarily, although it feels like billions of years.
Realize that this is radically different from anything which you may have learned.

In this article, I am going to explain how the physical world was formed. At this point, you may have already picked up the idea from these writings, that there is really nothing other than you. The fact that you experience anything other than yourself is a creation of mind. It does not mean that you have done anything wrong, it’s just unnecessary thinking.

In this series, I have been referring to your mind as the active part of spirit. When I speak of mind, note that I am speaking about the collective mind of which we are all connected. We all seem to be separate beings, but in our true nature God has created you in perfection and thus has left nothing outside of itself, which is THE experience of oneness.  As I mentioned in the first part of this series, as aspects of the experience of us in this ultimate oneness is as eternal lovable creators. It is such a huge experience that it would be foolish for me to try to explain what this is like. It is not my or the intention of “A Course In Miracles” ti try to explain something so very indescribable.

Beyond the guilt of having thought itself outside of the nature state of oneness, the ego is now afraid that it is going to be punished by God for its “action.” That action, as I have described, is again a thought of being separate from the oneness of God. The irony of the situation, is that God knows nothing about the separation, because that is impossible in the expanse of perfect oneness. Nevertheless, the ego, being just a splintered off concept, cannot separate truth from fiction. It is now deathly afraid. And it needs to put its fear somewhere, because it is too huge.

The Physical World
This maverick mind that has thought this thought of separation needs to do something with this heavy fear, and projects itself out into a perceived physical world. The world becomes a metaphor of separation with trees, rocks, buildings, other people, animals, pain, suffering and death. It also takes its projection of fear with it. This is the creation of the entire universe and what scientists refer to as the “Big Bang.”

“The world was made as an attack on God. It symbolizes fear. And what is fear except love’s absence? Thus the world was meant to be a place where God could enter not, and where His Son could be apart from Him” (W.pII.3:1,2,3,4)

Notice that all characteristics of the world are a creation of a fractured mind. That means that things in this universe die, crumble, burn, divorce, fight, harm and mutilate each other as a result of the underlying mind that constellated this place. In other words,
the world is not happening to you, the world is happening from you.

The Course refers to the world as a dream. Just like at night, you may dream you are being chased by an insane criminal with a chain saw. But when you wake up, you know it is a dream. You don’t call the police. The fact is that you are safe in your bed the whole time. You may be startled when you wake up, but you soon realize that it was not real. The same meaning is captured in two very famous quotes from the Course:
“…we are home in God, yet dreaming of exile.”  T10.1.2: 1
“The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that.…It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition” (,5)

What Does This All Mean?
What this means is that unless you know that sin, guilt, and fear are in you, you will think that the projection is real. When you appear to witness any annoyance, offense, danger, or harm in the world, it becomes now clear to you that that is not so. It is not saying that the world is only the terrible things that you appear to be experiencing. It is saying that all things that appear to be outside of you, are not real. Everything.

In addition to having created a separate reality and created this physical metaphor for an internal thought of being split-off, the ego does not want to take responsibility for it either. Remember that sin is simply a thought of individuality. Since there is only one of us here, the ego has arranged for us to easily put the responsibility for our uneasiness and discomfort onto other people, things and situations. So it may be much easier for you to understand how effortless it is to blame people.

For me, it is easy to remember all of this by recognizing:
1. Everything comes from me.
2. There is no power outside of myself
3. If I don’t like my experience, hand over my interpretation of my situation to my higher power since I obviously don’t have the resources to deal with this.

“A Course In Miracles” uses the word miracle as simply the choice to shift from the wrong side of our mind to the right side of the mind (my higher power or Holy Spirit, or Jesus or God). This higher power remembers who you are and can connect you with answers to your issues. The trouble-making side of your brain does not have the global view of your entire nature to be able to make correct choices. The miracle is the memory of this choice.
Iceberg after

Iceberg After
This is a very happy story indeed. Because if you think about it, you don’t need to change anything in the world. All you need to do is to look at you thoughts and your state of mind will change about this world.

Next In This Series
In the last part of this series of articles, I am going to talk about how the physical world was formed. It is the last part of the fiction about the world. We tend to think that the world, our bodies and possessions are so important. The fact is, is that your mind is so powerful that you have actually created these things as a means of keeping your mind invested in this world.
If you are having a great time in this world and have no problems, all of this may be of little value to you. However, if you have this gnawing feeling of something is wrong here or great suffering, what I am going to tell you will be really powerful. Make sure to read the next and last section of this series.
Note: Coming Soon

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