Praying For Learning Without Pain

by Rhonda Patrick-Sison

What an awesome morning! The first day of my 47th year on this planet and I feel like it’s my first day of kindergarten! God blesses us all in expected and unexpected way, and this is unexpected.

As I sat this morning in prayer and meditation I felt a fresh awareness of my own divine power come through me. I know that sounds kind of dramatic but it was subtle and filled the space between my breath and thoughts. For all of you out there who are in the thick of navigating this Spiritual Renaissance for yourselves and others, I would like to offer up this reflection.

There are some that have just awakened to that voice within that offers a higher perspective of why they are here and it’s very unsettling. They come undone for a while and begin to unravel painfully, grasping at any familiar thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We know it when we see it because we have “been there, done that” and we also struggle right along with them, but for different reasons. You feel me on that?

We ourselves have experienced tremendous karmic lessons in this lifetime on our Way, and one of the most potent gifts we take away from those lessons is that we now know that we can, through divine grace, pray a prayer of unconditional love so powerfully that it serves as a healing tool that keeps energy moving and ascension unfolding.

This prayer of healing for our clients, our students, our friends and families is that their eyes open to their potential, and that they can learn to love themselves enough to learn without pain.

Sit with that for a minute… let it resonate. Breathe it into your consciousness, your awareness, your cellular memory. You are at this moment remembering your Divinity. Your highest truth and mastery.

This is what my own little corner of the Universe looks like this morning and as always, I love you all!

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