Run {Insert Your Name Here} Run!! – My musings on the subject of action in our daily lives

by Colin Gonsalves

The last few weeks I've been contemplating about the role action plays in achieving our desires.
Subsequently, I searched through books and CDs by Abraham-Hicks on this subject. The
following is the distillation of my understanding.

Before coming into this physical existence we had a triad of intentions for this world. They were
to experience:
1) Freedom
2) Growth
3) Joy

In order for our higher selves to experience the above we decided to come into this physical
existence. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Huh? Why did I choose to leave the
comforts of the spirit world to come to this chaos?” Think of it this way. I could describe to you
what it feels like to skydive or I could describe to you what an ice-cream tastes like but you
would never know what it really feels or tastes like until you yourself have tried it. Spiritual
beings are unable to feel, and in order to experience and create, our spiritual counterpart
decided to come into the physical realm. Whenever you listen to an Abraham-Hicks workshop
you will usually hear them say “You (we) are leading edge creators"
Checkout this brilliant video:

Now just to set the context about who we really are, imagine for a second that you're on your
way to the physical realm and upon arriving on Earth you hear the following message on the
intercom. "Welcome to planet earth. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Your lifetime
career is to seek joy. You live in a universe of absolute freedom. You are so free that every
thought that you think will attract unto you. As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you
will be in harmony with who you really are. So utilize your profound freedom, seek joy and all
of the growth that you could ever imagine will come to joyously and abundantly unto you." We
knew this when we made the decision to enter the physical realm.

So what the *bleep* happened????
From the start we have been convinced we are not worthy and we are here to prove ourselves
worthy. From this place of lack we have convinced ourselves that it is our life’s mission to prove
to the world that we are worthy. Being brought up Catholic I was taught the concept of
"Original Sin" and the joys of suffering. Most of us had to pass through similar gauntlets of the
beliefs of our parents, religion, teachers, society, etc. Sometimes it’s humorous to see the
amazingly complex and intricate mazes mankind has developed for itself to achieve the feeling
of worthiness. As a result we have forgotten who we really are and that we came here to
experience freedom, joy and growth and to add to what is. Due to pressures of society, most of
us allow ourselves to be hammered into a mould that society has dictated thereby suppressing
the feeling of freedom. The Japanese have a saying "The nail which sticks out will get
hammered down." So it is not surprising that most of us come from a severe place of lack and
that our triad of intentions is very much out of balance. We've turned into beings that are often
soothing something and acting from a position of lack instead of following our original
intentions. Rather than being in a place that feels good, most of us focus on potential negative
consequences and take action to avoid them. By law, action that is taken from an awareness of
lack or from avoidance of negative consequences does not lead to what we want. You cannot
have a happy ending on a journey that has been unpleasant along the way.

Most of us were raised with the belief that we must work hard to justify our physical lives.
However, our reason for existence does not have to be justified. Our existence is justification
enough for our reason for existence. We just need to accept our beingness and then from a
very centered place say, “I want to have joy and as I follow my bliss I know that my growth will
be a natural byproduct of it.” But most of us look to things outside of ourselves to be fulfilled
and have created artificial means by which to judge our success. We look for acknowledgement
from family, friends and peers and have status symbols such as the corner office, business title,
etc. as a measure of our success. This is so out of harmony with the laws of the universe that
when you take action from this place of lack, the action does not satisfy the feeling of lack but
adds more power to the lack, as a result there is always more that is wanted and the feeling of
satisfaction becomes something akin to a mirage.

So how does one make the mirage of the feeling of satisfaction a reality?
It is very very very very important to focus your thoughts on what feels good. This is the work!
Most of us think that life is unfair and think that to get what we want we have to work for it via
taking action. To the contrary, life is absolutely fair. Nothing is fairer than the life you are living.
We think that we get relative to our actions. Nothing could be the farther from the truth.
Taking action is responsible but for a miniscule part of what we receive. Because most of us are
unaware of this, we often end up with the very thing we are trying to avoid through our
vibrational thought offerings. We then try to undo what we have created through our thoughts
by taking action.

We are so addicted to justifying our negative emotions. I know that it can feel good to do this,
but by complaining about what is, defending your current circumstance and rationalizing, you
are only creating more of the very thing you are complaining about thus diminishing your own
experience. Keep looking for reasons to feel good. By doing so you will allow what you want to
come to you. My wife’s job search is a good example of this. She has been working at her
current job since Jan and was totally miserable with the long commute and non-supportive
management. She found a place less than 5 miles away where she really wanted to work. She
interviewed there for 4 different positions over 5 months, but those positions ended up being
offered to internal candidates. She knew the director responsible for the hiring liked her
because he kept calling her back for more interviews. When she got the call offering her the job
she told me “Just when I was starting to feel comfortable where at my current job, I get another
job offer.” This is how the universe works! So be aware of all of the complaining, the
condemning, the sympathizing and empathizing you do with yourself and the people around
you, it only further roots you where you are. A very simple change of focus will free you from

Release yourself from the belief that this is an action oriented society and spend time
envisioning your desires. This way you get all of the power of the universe behind you and you
become the one that just puts the icing on the cake. Most of the work is done before you even
become physically and actively involved in it. When you realize that the laws of the universe are
very powerful then you can literally think yourself 99% of the way and then the action becomes
the last little exciting part of it. So instead of concentrating on the action part which takes all of
your time, you can just think it through which only takes a fraction of your time and then the
action part of your life can be for you what it is intended to be, for the enjoyment of what you
have created and thought. The action part of your experience is what you came here to
experience. You came here with you physical body to embrace what you have thought and
created. Action is supposed to be fun!

All things that are in harmony of what you want are easy and flowing. And things that are not in
harmony are hard and resistant. Any time you struggle you are resisting. And that’s when you
compensate with physical action and hard work, resulting in you being tired. What makes you
tired is resistance and resistance is not allowing and not allowing arises from focusing on lack.

Our beliefs can come in the way of true balance of our original triad of intentions. Wherever
you are, look for the positive aspects. Feel good and only then take action. Avoid taking action
from a position of lack.

Ask yourself this question? What percentage of your thoughts do you spend avoiding painful
consequences and focusing on negative aspects of what you encounter in life and what
percentage of your thoughts do you spend following your bliss and on positive aspects of what
you encounter in your life? How is this reflected in your “reality”? Or as Dr. Phil would say,
“How’s that working for ya?” If you found that most of your thoughts are spent on the former,
here's the beauty of it all. You don’t have to go back and undo anything. Say to yourself “Here I
am on the first day of the rest of my life experience and it is my dominant intent from this
moment forward to look for reasons to feel good. I want to feel good, nothing is more
important to me than to feel good."

I just watched the movie Forrest Gump again. The last time I watched this movie was when it
came out in theatres. I remember thinking then”What a cool movie about a very lucky dumb
guy”. Now I think “What a cool movie about allowing and following your bliss.” You see, you
don’t have to be smarter or richer than anyone else in order to let your desires flow to you or
be happy. Break free from braces of beliefs that hold you back and “run like the wind blows.”
For most of my life I’ve been thinking like Lt. Dan. Now, I want to allow like Forrest Gump!
For those of your not familiar with the movie, below are a couple of clips.

“Why do you run Forrest? Because I just felt like running!” I especially like the ending of this

I wrote this article with the intention of clarifying for myself, the role my thoughts and actions
play in achieving a sustained feeling of satisfaction. If as a by-product of this exercise others are
able to get any additional insights, I consider that a bonus.

Thanks for reading.