Child To Man, Soul To Soul

by Rob Graff

I was riding my bicycle this afternoon on a perfection-for-weather September day in the Chicago area. I was feeling so joyous that I began zig-zagging the front wheel of my bike back and forth, feeling a bit like a child seeking the 'roller-coaster effect.' As I approached an intersection of a street, I saw a woman pushing her child in a carriage. The infant couldn't have been more than 2 years old by my estimation.

Thinking About Security

By Denise Van Vilet

From the editor: What follows is channelled material by Denise from her teachers.

A question I posed to the Masters Teachers and Loved Ones:

I have been thinking about security. It seems in today's world, nothing is secure. How can I feel more secure?

With the energy shift that has already happened, the result was exposing the veil of security that was placed in the institutions that gave a false sense of security. When you place your security in any person place or thing, you are insecure. You give away your personal power. No longer are people placing security in the financial or religious institutions. No longer are men and women placing their security and the marriage institution. It's all fallacy. Play the game for the joy of it, but as soon as you place your security in something other than your own Source, you have chosen to give your power away.

There was -- is a universal feeling of disempowerment all over the world. All the institutions were shaken to expose the fallacy of it all. Only some really understand the true meaning of it. Most wanted someone to step in for them to fix it. To go back to the way it was before. But that is not moving forward. That is setting up for another fall.

Now is the time to take back your security. The governments and other institutions will have you believe that your security is in their hands. But they have an agenda that does not have your best interests at the forefront. During the shift, keep your eyes open. The way to future possibilities will be shown to you as long as you stop looking at how things once were. You can only move forward from right now.

Notice how more and more people are with the feeling of distrust. Some were working for the corporate institution for all of their life only to be let go as if they were a used garment. The Corporation has no attachment to its assets. Yet those that put their feeling of security have strong attachments to the Corporation. This sets up a huge imbalance. It is like this with all institutions, the financial, religious, marriage, and government institutions.

A man and woman can be together for 30 plus years. The woman puts her security in the man, a strong belief in the marriage institution. The man decides he wants something else and leaves. The woman is devastated. She does not know what her own security even means. She gave all her choices to someone or something else. Giving her choices away was a choice. Mothers told their daughters to give their power away. It's a cycle that is now breaking with the shift in energy. Now mates choose to be together to be together. One does not have to give up their will to choose.

This shift will be felt for a while until the energy settles. Until then, things will continue to feel unsettled. You can either take your power back and only put your security in your source, or keep looking for places or institutions to place your security in and keep repeating the cycle.

No longer go backwards to the way things were. Embrace the unknown, not the fear, so that the next step forward will be clear to you. The job you have, the clothes on your body, the roof over your head, are all temporary. Putting your security in these things is temporary. A false sense of security. Connect with your Source flowing through you. There is your security.

Denise VanVliet DD,LMT

Taken from The Way of the Modern Mystic. Channeled writings from the Masters Teachers and Loved Ones.


The Three Levels of Consciousness

by Denise Van Vilet

Meditation is such a wonderful thing. I had been asking myself, “What’s missing?” There is always a new perspective and new understanding. There was something more that I could feel. I could just barely put my finger on it. Something that was obvious but still hidden to me.

While my husband and I were in Ireland in April of 2010, we were on a spiritual quest. We visited some of the sacred sites throughout Ireland. I had a very personal experience while at one of the sites. I’ll save the details for a later date, but 3 days after that experience I had a vision during a meditation of the totem. I want to say that they are my animal spirit guides, but they tell me that they are all of our animal spirit guides. I told my daughter, the artist of the family, what I saw and she drew the picture for me. The detail she put in was amazing.

Totem_Colored copy 4-5

Well I did not know what to do with this picture. So I asked. Well 3 days later, again while in meditation, all of a sudden I had to start writing. All this ‘stuff’ started coming to me. I like to believe the animals were guiding me.

They told me what they represent. They are the three levels of consciousness. The Wolf is our conscious self. This is where the ego resides. He tells me not to be afraid of him or the ego. He is our cunning and planning self. He thinks fast on his feet, always looking ahead and preparing for the future. He also tells me that most are a slave to him. He has become the ruler of the 3. But he wants to be trained and used for the highest good. So ask your inner Wolf; are you a slave to your Wolf, or do you train your conscious self to serve your highest good?

Then we have the Rat. The Rat represents our subconscious self. It is blind and believes EVERYTHING the Wolf tells it. It is also connected to every Rat on the planet. The Rat only knows right NOW. You cannot talk to the Rat about the past or future. The Rat is what Carl Jung refers to as the Collective Unconscious or what Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain Body. This is where we are all connected.

Next is the Hawk. The Hawk has only one eye; the third eye. It represents our Higher Self. The message from the Hawk is to not limit ourselves. It’s like we’ve become so afraid to soar. Take flight and be open to the possibilities.

It all became very clear to me! It’s amazing what the Universe will reveal to you when you ask and then open yourself up for the answers. It’s the secret of three! Because this whole process started in Ireland with my personal experience, I decided to look up the word secret in Irish or Gaelic. The word for Secret is Runda with an accent on the u. This is where Rúnda 3™ was born!

I developed a class called Rúnda 3™ teaching the secrets of the 3 levels of consciousness. Rúnda 3™ is a complete system for those in the healing arts to heal themselves and others, and to connect with their individual psychic gifts. When we learn how to use the 3 levels and how they communicate, we open ourselves up to healing ourselves and others and opening up our individual intuitive/psychic gifts.

By taking a Rúnda 3™ class, you will learn:

  • What the Rúnda 3 symbol means
    • The 3 parts of Consciousness
    • The 3 parts of the Body
    • How these are connected and how to use them
    • The Energy Bodies and how they communicate
    • The 3 part Breath
    • How Runda 3™ is very different and beyond the teachings of the Law of Attraction
    • The 3 step formula to manifestation
    • How learning these steps leads to Psychic Development
    • The 3 states of awareness (brain waves)
    • The 3 steps of protection

Who would benefit from taking this class?
  • All Lightworkers
    • Reiki Practitioners (All Levels)
    • Energy Healers of all backgrounds
    • Anyone in the Healing Arts (i.e. massage therapists)
    • Anyone interested in healing themselves and loved ones
    • Students of the Law of Attraction and find they have hit a wall

You can reach Denise here


Dark Energy, Dark Matter And The Larger Part Of Ourselves

by Robert Graff

It is only very recently that scientists have discovered dark energy and dark matter. There have been observations about the universe that can become more clearly understood only if these theoretical forces truly exist. One can experience the effects of the wind without seeing it, and this is much like the evidence for the existence of dark energy and dark matter. Its existence cannot be ignored or denied.

Dark energy is a way to explain how the expansion of the universe can be accelerating. It accounts for 74% of the energy-mass of the universe. Dark matter is a way to explain gravitational effects on both light and matter, bending light and affecting the path of travel of matter. Dark matter accounts for about 23% of the energy-mass of the universe. What we can see as observable matter only accounts for 3 to 4% of the energy-mass of the universe!

I see an analogy here which can be applied to our physical beings. The non-physical, larger part of ourselves is analogous to the dark energy and dark matter of the universe. The larger part (by far) of who we are is non-physical, but overwhelming evidence suggests that this larger part, (our inner-being, soul, god-force, higher-self, etc.) is more who we are than the flesh & bones we normally consider to be “us.”

Our entire physical bodies appear to be designed around being vibrational sensors. That is, we are universal probes, much like the space probes that NASA sends out to sense other worlds. Every one of our senses is a way to sense vibrational differences in energy. It would only make sense that what we sense mostly would be the effects of energy of which there is the most: dark energy and dark matter.

Our emotions are the interface, and a way to bridge these two aspects of ourselves. Paying attention to our emotions gives us access to energy and information that our classical physical senses cannot. Our emotions provide us with the overwhelming evidence that there is more to our existence than what we know as 'reality.' However, our emotions are more than just sensors, they are guides, lighting the way to joy, step by step. Pay attention to your emotions, and the bigger part of yourself and you will be in alignment with the most powerful forces in the Universe.