Let Go and Let God... are You *&@#!* Kidding Me?

by Dan Doviddio

This article is intended for anyone who is into Law of Attraction and other teachings, saying to themselves...’does this shit really work’? ‘I mean, I try and try and I’m still in a crappy way’. ‘I understand it, but I don’t think it really works’.

Are you feeling like this sometimes?
Let Go-1

There’s no magic cure out there. Because it’s not magic. It is just that pretty much everything you’ve been taught is incorrect. We let our ego take control and draw us wherever it pleases. The world outside our five senses comes across so real and the intensity of it is overbearing.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

by Frank Dobner

I have loved the music of Pink Floyd long before they were ever popular. Floyd chose to expose the underside of psychological experience (the shadow, so to speak) and did it to great effect and success. I believed it then, and still now, that so much of what is said in this music, is but one statement repeated in 14 studio albums and 26 well-played singles. That message is “we are asleep until we know that we are asleep, and only then can you awake.”

Well those are my words, not Pink Floyd’s. Pink Floyd from the title song said it:

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.

I don’t generally like to quote other people’s lyrics, but they just popped into my head today when I was out for a walk. Everybody loves babies and puppies because we marvel at how good babies and puppies must feel, to be so giddy, doing nothing in particular. The rest of us need nuclear arms, pipe organs, beaver skin hats and Sex in The City to keep us happy. The fact is that none of this stuff matters or really exists.

Most of us continually look out into the world to find things or people to make us happy or to blame. For instance, what is your view of the world? Do you experience the world as an evil, conniving, vicious place? The bad news, is that you are creating it. Don’t believe me? Have ever had a “bad streak” where a whole bunch of bad things happened to you? Do you think that those things were a bad set of circumstances? I doubt it. I know this sounds harsh, but love really does make the world go around.


So, assuming that you can find some truth in what I say, you might ask yourself, “so what do you do about it?” I have just recently been introduced to the system of Self Identity ho’oponopono which is built on an old Polynesian practice. It essentially allows you to clean your own diamond. If you think about it, the only thing that separates you from your brilliance is your beliefs. Actually they are poisonous beliefs. They are your guilt and grievances against yourself which are projected out on the world. So the game is to tear down the wall.

When you continually become aware of all of the little judgments and bitches about yourself, the ho’oponopono system allows you recognize them, neutralize them and create an opening that allows you to experience a state that is naturally you….a brilliant diamond. The steps are:

1. I’m sorry. This is an acknowledgment that some thought (without you knowing about it) has entered into your mind and body and is causing havoc. It does not matter how small the thought is. For instance, maybe you never sent a thank you card for the $10 you received from Aunt Betty for your birthday. Well that thought is still there until your see it and do something about it. One important thing to note….it is not necessary to understand why you have the thought either. Just first knowing it, is all you need to do.

2. Please forgive me. You are asking for some greater source (call it what you like….God, Elohim, Divinity, etc.) to take this thought from you. You are not asking the greater source to forgive you, because no real power can even acknowledge that you can be anything but perfect. So don’t bother asking God for forgiveness, because he or she does not know what you’re talking about. Perfection only sees perfection. God is perfect.

3. Thank you. You are showing your faith that this thought has been neutralized on your behalf. You know now that this thought has been taken care of. One thing that I do, is for problems that are persistent, I need to do this 4 step system several times.

4. I love you. This transforms energy from stuck to flowing. It reconnects you to your essence and leaves the diamond brighter.

I find that this system is very akin to what I find in “A Course in Miracles.” Quite simply, the Course is designed to change your mind. The work involved in improving your experience using the above is continuous. Every moment represents another opportunity to be forgiven. And just to repeat, you are not forgiving anyone and you’re definitely not asking to be forgiven by God. That is unnecessary and a waste of time. Only you need your forgiveness. You need to get cleaned up.

I read the book “Zero Limits” co-written by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len last weekend. It is a great place to learn the above technique and how it is really used. In this book, Dr. Hew Len says that your mind is like a PC. If you do not permanently delete unwanted files (bad thoughts) they just go into the recycle bin. In other words, you do not get rid of them, you just get them “out of sight.” Being “out of sight” these ornery thoughts just fester and cause unconscious rage and damage. Although freeing yourself from your personal junk is gift enough, your personal change can effect events, people and things beyond thought.

The real excitement caused by the work of Dr. Hew Len is based on a few principles:

1. The physical universe is an actualization of my thoughts. What is happening “out there” is created always by what is going “in here.” When you think about it, where do you experience the world? It is always inside, isn’t it?

2. When your thoughts are poisonous, they create a poisonous physical reality. Have you ever been around someone that is really angry (without them even speaking a word to you), and you can just feel it? Well, the same thing is going on within you, and AROUND you.

3. You are 100% responsible for what happens in your world through creating perfect thoughts. That means you need to clean, clean, clean.

4. There is no “out there.” Everything exists as thoughts in your mind.


How Ho’oponopono Made Me a Better Listener

by Colin Gonsalves

My wife works as a therapist with juveniles in a detention center. So I get to hear the interesting stories that take place. I have to admit I’m not good at hearing people vent without providing solutions. So usually our conversations end up with me giving her suggestions and my wife getting pissed for not just listening. A few months ago I had read the book “Zero Limits” which described the Ho’oponono technique. It involves saying the four statements whenever unwanted emotions are building up. The four statements are:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you. (The order of the statements is irrelevant.)

I thought these statements while my wife was describing her day at work. The next day, while we were walking our dog she mentioned that I did an amazing job listening to her ven and that she noticed the change. I shared with her that I was clearing myself using Ho’oponono while she was talking.

The following week she told me that the kids who were usually non-responsive really got involved in the group therapy session and that the session was one of the best she’d experienced at this place in while. She mentioned that she said the four statements before starting the session.

I often use Ho’oponono when I am aware of the tense feelings and I’ve seen it work a large percentage of the time. The trick is to remember to say the four statements when unwanted emotions arise.


Welcome to the World You Created - The Pause that Refreshes

by Dan Doviddio

A friend of mine had lent me a movie, ‘Closer than Close’. Quoting from the movies website: Closer than Close is spiritual cinema at its finest -- a documentary that investigates the spiritual search; the search for the essential questions of human life: is there an eternal part of ourselves? what has lasting meaning? where do we find certainty? Rather than philosophical discussion, it explores the possibility of living a life devoted to a search for answers, and the radical possibility that answers exist, closer than we can imagine, within our selves.

At the time I was having these uneasy ego rumblings that I was ignoring. Watching the movie, I seemed to have picked up ego rumblings from the people in the movie itself. One man says, ‘since five years old, I’ve had this uneasy feeling inside’. I identified with him. I said to myself at that moment ‘my ego’s got to go’.

I had acknowledged recently that my ego’s need for all it’s perceived issues had to be be taken out. Not just dealt with, taken out, mugged in a back alley, serious action, to put my ego in it’s place. So at that moment in the movie, I took inspired action. I decided to cognitively declare to my ego ‘
I give up, I surrender, I let that go’ of any issue that my ego brought up. And it actually worked. Instant relief.

I’ve been working on this for months now before I decided to write about it.

The Pause That Refereshes
The Pause

So what I found was your mind can get instant relief from deciding to reduce the ego’s need to always bringing up issues. Sure a lot of it is just mind/ego combo sifting through contrast. But a lot of time it’s an ongoing program running underneath whatever you happen to be doing. As it surfaces, there are times you just want to silence it.

Insert in Your Mind a New Program
What I did was, I decided to insert a new program in my mind. In my case, this meant sitting down and letting the ego know that I was going to help it be more effective in our everyday life. Notice I don’t threaten the ego. I am making it a partner in helping me. I said, meant and felt the words ‘I give up, I surrender, I let you go’. This part needs to be set with feeling. This is the set point to make the words ‘I give up, I surrender, I let you go’ have real meaning when they are spoken. Program inserted.

As ego generated thoughts came through, I said my new mantra. Instant relief.

I did find that I became more aware of my thoughts when first using ‘The Power Pause’. I used it a lot to dissipate whatever thoughts not wanted or were against certain goals I had set.

When meditating one morning, I realized that one still must demand to feel good. Paying too much attention to the thoughts not wanted, sometimes brought more thoughts after while. So you still need to have a point that you always want to feel good. And this is where most of your work needs to be focused.

Some Tools
Still getting rid of these background running programs are important. If you can sit down and take the time and really discipline yourself Katie Bryon’s ‘The Work’ can be real useful.

Another good tool is in Esther and Jerry Hicks ‘Ask and it is Given’ process #22: Moving up the Emotional Scale. The point of moving up the emotional scale is to change your reality by improving your feelings, not by taking action.

For me, I also use Ho”oponopono. I can’t emphasize enough how this simple program works. It is very effective and works effortlessly.

Saying these four phrases have meaning to your conscious / sub-conscious being.
  • I Love You
  • I’m Sorry
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You

The key is to use these phrases as needed. According to Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD , it is not good to say the phrases over and over. Like a general anti-biotic, you will not hit the root cause of the issue you need to address.

It is best to find what the true cause is of what you are feeling. If there is an issue that you keep responding to and keep getting the sanme results, it might be good to take some quiet time, maybe during meditation and seeing where this issue comes from. Then ‘pono it (using the four phrases).

The Power Point and Taking Mental Action
I came up with my own process during a run in December. I found when I neutralized the not wanted thought, there is a pause. The pause of neutrality. This is a personal power point. At this moment you can take charge of the thought.

The Power Inquisition: You can ask ‘where did that come from’. I was putting off a project I needed to do. Nothing that bad either. Even when I do start the project, I know I’ll enjoy doing it. I could just feel a little dread. You know the feeling, that procrastination feeling. I did ‘The Pause’. Then I inquired why did I procrastinate. I found an old program from my childhood. My father was big in having us kids do chores before we could go play. I mean a lot of chores, or so it seemed at the time. There was some resentment still built up from that. So I let that go too. Once you realize why you do something, it can be easier to move on.

The Power Point Punch: This is when you’ve done the Power Point and want to take advantage of the pause and turn it around. This is where you pivot from the thought that isn’t wanted and turn it around into what you do want. Say you have a sales call coming up. You’re feeling trepidation and a little unsure of yourself. You insert the Power Pause statement to stop the current program you’re running. The old program is temporarily in a neutral state. Now you pivot, you realize that you were feeling trepidation based on a program running. Now in the neutral mode, you pivot, say to yourself ‘I’m a great salesperson, who wouldn’t want to see me. I’m bringing this buyer something they really want. They may not know it yet, but they will’.

If you’ve done your other work, the work of feeling good (the most important work), you will turn this moment around due to the fact you remember what good feels like. That feeling can be re-generated anytime you ‘choose’.

Why does this all work? Physically speaking, you’re building new neural pathways. As you create a thought, building new neural pathways to a response or feeling is taking charge of yourself. When you create new habits of thinking, the neural pathway gets stronger. To see a great video of how someone cured themselves using their mind.

See parts 2 through 5 here

As you see, all of the above here is conscious work. I remember watching a travel show on our local public TV station. The program is Globe Trekkers. They were doing a Mexico travel program. They did a small piece on a group of Indians that practiced the Nagual. These Indians call most of the people of the world sleepwalkers. If you want to experience life in all it’s beautiful wonder, You gotta wake up.