Law of Attraction

Cut! Let's Do That Part Over

by Dan Doviddio

I’m walking up to a favorite store of mine. It’s on the street as opposed to a mall or shopping center. I open the door, the scent of new merchandise is reminder that I’ve been here before. I’m on a mission, I’m shopping for a new pillow. I walk the twenty feet inside and go up the four steps to the main store. I’ve been here many times and am more than familiar with its layout. The store consists of two long rooms side by side, separated by a common wall. I go through the first room, it’s the sundries room. Funny name sundries, but that’s what this room has. As I walk through I turn right to go into the second room that has the pillows in back where they always are. The door is closed. There seems to be a problem, but an employee soon gets it open. I survey the pillows. Nothing seems to fit what I’m looking for. I continue through to exit the store looking at the housewares in the second section.. Seems they are having a problem with another door. So I backtrack out to the street the way I came in.

Once back out on the street, I check out my surroundings. Everything is where it always is. A familiar street scene in my life. I notice a creek in the park across the street. Hmm, why haven’t I noticed that before? I guess I’m so focused, I sometimes miss things. Read More...

The 30 Day LOA Workbook (Free Download) - A New Beginning

by Colin Gonsalves

A few months ago, I started keeping a book of Positive Aspects for 30 days as described by Esther-Hicks. After 30 days of doing that, I noticed some major shifts happening in my life. E.g. My wife found a better paying, less stressful job much closer to home, and I found myself working on a project that I had envisioned. i.e. in the healthcare field, working with colleagues interested in customer satisfaction, no politics, working from home and being paid well and I also got the opportunity to travel to Egypt!

The Journey to Your Manifestation Matters More Than the Manifestation

by Colin Gonsalves

I came across these videos on the subject of Manifesting the House of your Dreams and it felt
like Abraham was talking to me in the chair. The following videos helped me uncover nuances
on how to best leverage the Law of Attraction which can also be applied to various other

The following quotes from the videos stood out for me:

"The emotional stance you want to have is, I've done the work it's over there and any thought I
have about the house now is simply for the pleasure that the thoughts give me in the moment,
not ever about trying to make it happen with my thoughts"

Welcome Back to the Starship

I am human therefore I'm subject to losing my mind at any moment! Meditation keeps me grounded and clear... it's my drug of choice. Rhonda Patrick-Sison

by Dan Doviddio

I was talking to one of my friends last week about meditation. Both he and I had slacked off lately. Some mornings I got up and with things lined up to do that day my attention soon went to the business at hand. But as my friend and I were talking I remember saying, ‘you know there really isn’t anything more important than meditating in the morning’.

But why is that. What’s a five to fifteen morning meditation in the grand scheme of life? Read More...

Run {Insert Your Name Here} Run!! – My musings on the subject of action in our daily lives

by Colin Gonsalves

The last few weeks I've been contemplating about the role action plays in achieving our desires.
Subsequently, I searched through books and CDs by Abraham-Hicks on this subject. The
following is the distillation of my understanding.

Before coming into this physical existence we had a triad of intentions for this world. They were
to experience:
1) Freedom
2) Growth
3) Joy

In order for our higher selves to experience the above we decided to come into this physical
existence. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Huh? Why did I choose to leave the
comforts of the spirit world to come to this chaos?” Think of it this way. I could describe to you
what it feels like to skydive or I could describe to you what an ice-cream tastes like but you
would never know what it really feels or tastes like until you yourself have tried it. Spiritual
beings are unable to feel, and in order to experience and create, our spiritual counterpart
decided to come into the physical realm. Whenever you listen to an Abraham-Hicks workshop
you will usually hear them say “You (we) are leading edge creators"
Checkout this brilliant video:

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #3

by Dan Doviddio

Frank Dobner and I talk about ‘A Course In Miracles’

SGV with background
Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #3 with Frank Dobner
Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #3
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Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #2

by Dan Doviddio

I talk to Denise Van Vliet about Runda 3. Runda 3 is Denise’s interpretation of how our conscious, subconscious and Higher Self work together. This is very informative and I hope you give it a listen.

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Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast 10-6-2010
Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #2

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Here is Denise’s Runda 3 illustration.
Totem_Colored copy 4-5

You can read Denise’s article here
and at the Runda 3 Website


The Law of Distraction

by Frank Dobner

Why I Wrote This

As I entitled this article, I was not attempting to be witty or clever. Really I want to offer an adjustment to the law of attraction, based on my own experience and wisdom extracted from “A Course in Miracles.” I am writing this, since some of what is being passed around as the law of attraction, is really not serving others well. I led a discussion on this very same subject yesterday evening and I wanted to share a clear idea what is my truth about this inspiring concept that is helpful rather than distracting. I also have a special little bonus for you at the end of this article. Read More...

Paying Attention - Receive Gifts

by Dan Doviddio

Walks with Teddy B
Teddy B Square

I was going for my morning walk the other day with Teddy B a couple of weeks ago. It was a humid day and it had rained earlier.

Lately I’ve been more mindful of my surroundings. Kind of a walking meditation if you will. Looking for beauty in nature or people or things. Whatever. Allowing the Universe to show me what’s looking good. At least looking good for my perspective.

I was walking along and noticed a very tall pine tree that almost looked like it had been decorated. It was about 100 feet away.

Podcast # 1 Bill Hartford and I discuss Ho'ponopono

by Dan Doviddio

This is our first Podcast. I’ll hope you’ll join me in welcoming Bill Hartford as we discuss Ho’oponopono.

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Podcast # 1


Constipation Of The Mind

by Denise Van Vilet
From: Embrace The BITCH Within

Have you ever sat down and tried to focus on something and nothing happens? It’s what I like to call Constipation of the Mind. Because the Mind looks for anything else to think about to keep us distracted from what it is that we’re really trying to do. For example; sometimes when I go to sit down to work on my book, all these thoughts about all the things that I could be doing start to come to mind, all of a sudden all these other ideas start popping out of my head. This is constipation of the mind. You sit and try to focus and nothing happens.

Forget the News, I Have a Life to Create

by Dan Doviddio

20100825 Mr Boffo

I saw this Mr Boffo cartoon last week and thought, how appropriate for an article. What we look at and consume through our five senses becomes our reality.

If we consume what the news and entertainment media throw at us without some dissemination, this becomes our reality. Further, there is a sense of some creation that will come out in your reality if pondered too long. Read More...

Let Go and Let God... are You *&@#!* Kidding Me?

by Dan Doviddio

This article is intended for anyone who is into Law of Attraction and other teachings, saying to themselves...’does this shit really work’? ‘I mean, I try and try and I’m still in a crappy way’. ‘I understand it, but I don’t think it really works’.

Are you feeling like this sometimes?
Let Go-1

There’s no magic cure out there. Because it’s not magic. It is just that pretty much everything you’ve been taught is incorrect. We let our ego take control and draw us wherever it pleases. The world outside our five senses comes across so real and the intensity of it is overbearing.

NPS or the Need to Please Syndrome

by Denise Van Vilet

Taken from Embrace the BITCH Within

I’m the first to admit I have NPS. It’s a learned behavior. It's a deep seated learned and passed down behavior from mother to daughter. For some reason women suffer from NPS more so than the guys. However, from my own observation, I do know several gay men that suffer from this as well. We are looking for approval from outside ourselves.

I believe part of Embracing the BITCH, BITCH is an acronym for Being In Total Connection (with) Herself, is coming to terms with this. When we look to someone else to make us feel good or worthy or important or loved, we are actually giving our power away. “I will make you proud of me, and then I will be happy, then I will feel loved.”

Getting dressed for school one day, Mom shows her disapproval by saying, “What will the neighbors think if they see you wearing that?” I could be wearing something that makes me feel good in the moment and Mom is all worried about what the neighbors would think? I go and change to make Mom happy. I want her to love me. We all have experienced something like this right? We learn that this is how we love.
We learn conditional love by giving away our power away and making someone else happy. We make someone happy, we receive love. We make them disappointed with us, they withhold their love. As women we carry this behavior on in every aspect of our lives. We choose careers based on what others want. Our relationships are based on the idea that a man or our knight in shining armor comes and he is going to carry us away and we will live happily ever after. Our Knight will MAKE us happy. And if he doesn't make us happy, we withhold our love for him. Do we as women know how to love unconditionally? We are taught from a very early age ONLY conditional love. So how do we get over NPS?

One of the hardest things for a woman to do is love herself unconditionally. However this is the cure for NPS. We MUST love from the inside out. We are so brain washed that we must look, behave, and buy certain things in order for others to love us. But deep inside, from the hundreds of women I've talked to, more than 90% do not even know how to love themselves. They are not worthy of such love. With this kind of thinking leaves us in a 'victim' mentality. This is a highly powerless state! In order to take our power back and to learn to love unconditionally, we MUST start from the inside out.

This has nothing to do with our outer shell. Some of us might not like our hair, body type, size or what have you. This type of love goes much deeper than that. Meditation and quieting our mind and getting into our bodies is a start to finding that essence within to start loving who we REALLY are. We are not our thoughts. We are not our outer shell. We are not our hair color. We are not our body type or size. We are Yin energy. Are are an extension of Source. We are Spiritual Beings here for the physical experience. We are the creators of Humanity. We ARE love. When you feel that in your body, you will understand unconditional love. Then and only then will we understand how to love others unconditionally.


Clinging To Life

By Frank Dobner


This is a photo of a tree that I see every day on my walk in the woods. I have seen this tree hundreds of times and I have actually watched it grow over the last 20 years. This tree is living at the edge of a ravine and flanked by a pedestrian foot bridge to boot. Its roots have wrapped themselves around 180° to draw water, nourishment and support from the receding ravine slope.

Unconsciously, every time I see this tree, I am met with the same feeling. It appears to be clinging to life with “both hands.” It is hard to imagine how a consciousness like this tree, could have “figured out” how to direct its roots to the only place that could support its need for water, nutrients and physical support. I guess that is the way Intelligence works.

The Universe works on pure economy. There is nothing wasted. By its very existence, the Universe needs this tree and is going to see to it that it remains in this world for now. And this decision has been made apparently for reasons that have nothing to do with me (what I can see, feel, hear, taste, or touch).

In Aldous Huxley’s book “The Doors of Perception” he states that “Man’s highly developed color sense is a biological luxury – inestimably precious to him as an intellectual and spiritual being, but unnecessary to his survival as an animal.” For a guy like me that has had the universe defined for me in strict Newtonian and Cartesian rules, color would appear to have no place here. Yet, here it is…..color clinging to life for no apparent reason.

Have you ever wondered how vain it is to believe that we mentally need to participate in the existence of things? At the same time, if nature wastes nothing, then any thought that you do have is also not wasted. So, in fact, the existence of this precarious tree and my thought about it is very relevant. Huxley writes “All that the conscious ego can do is to formulate wishes, which are then carried out by forces which it controls very little and understands not at all” and “as man proposes, God disposes.”

So exactly what is life then?

Usually blissful situations in my experience have been associated with a separation from my body or of a sensation of being de-individualized. I feel lighter and sort of non-localized when I am experiencing pleasure or peace. On the other hand, painful situations have often been associated with attachment to the body and taking on a dense and immovable sensation. Yet clinging to life often means holding on to our physical body just as long as we possibly can. What’s wrong with this picture?

I guess you can define life in either way…..form (your body, the world you see) or experience (pain, peace, joy, war, happiness). I don’t think either way is wrong. The question might better be asked, which way do you want to define life? Do you want to define it in such a way that you feel better or worse? I choose feeling better. Inherited Christian practice is often stuck on sacrifice, duty and hard work as the only means to get to heaven. Even as an 8 year old in Catholic school, I knew for a fact that this was not what was intended.

It is peace, bliss and unity that define life. Feeling good is what it is all about. There is not and never was anything called “sacrifice.” That is plain bullshit that we have inherited from extinct religious and cultural traditions. Being connected to physical form is often a move in the opposite direction of feeling good. Using alcohol, tobacco and drugs as a move towards transcendence means just a return trip when it wears off. Yet, we will still down that third cocktail to get that feeling again. Another round trip!

So maybe this is what life is….it is a way of releasing yourself from continuous death and birth of form in your life. When you feel pain, and you can identify it and release it you have “re-gained” your life. Here are some things that I actually do to accomplish this :

1. “Inventory” Your Feelings – How are you feeling right now? Maybe you have butterflies in your stomach because of an upcoming presentation to a big client. Or perhaps you are secretly steaming about the fact that your teenage son follows none of your rules. Or maybe you are anxious for no reason at all….and not knowing that is causing you even more anxiety.
2. State Your Underlying Thoughts – your feelings are basically “your thoughts meeting your body.” Think about it. When you have butterflies in your stomach, there is a thought that is creating that. Maybe you are imagining that you will look like an idiot if you make a mistake or maybe you are imagining that you will lose a big account because your trip over a few words. This is only your imagination. Imagination causes a lot of pain because it loads “software’ on your “hardware” (your body) and you get bad feelings. When you have bad thoughts, you simply feel bad. Learn to find out what the thought is that is creating it. If you do not know what the thought is, then the thought is “that you just don’t know what the thought is” and start from there.
3. “Ask 5 Why’s” - this is the big step. In this step you will find out where you are hiding out, right now, in your life. Ask a series of “why” questions around what you are experiencing. Just this morning, I asked myself a series of questions as to why do I want my son to make his own mistakes, rather than me just fixing them for him. I was feeling bad that I was creating unnecessary pain for him. So I asked, “why do I need him to make his own mistakes?” After every level of answer, I would ask the question and probe again. Ultimately the answer I learned was that I really wanted my son to learn that he is his own best teacher, not me. I felt a great relief in this. All along, I thought was just being a jackass. But my feeling is not doing me or anyone any good. It is just more useless sacrificial bullshit.

So your life is about purifiying your experience at every moment. If you do get to “graduate” to the next level of existence, I am thinking that you will be rewarded for this.


The Three Levels of Consciousness

by Denise Van Vilet

Meditation is such a wonderful thing. I had been asking myself, “What’s missing?” There is always a new perspective and new understanding. There was something more that I could feel. I could just barely put my finger on it. Something that was obvious but still hidden to me.

While my husband and I were in Ireland in April of 2010, we were on a spiritual quest. We visited some of the sacred sites throughout Ireland. I had a very personal experience while at one of the sites. I’ll save the details for a later date, but 3 days after that experience I had a vision during a meditation of the totem. I want to say that they are my animal spirit guides, but they tell me that they are all of our animal spirit guides. I told my daughter, the artist of the family, what I saw and she drew the picture for me. The detail she put in was amazing.

Totem_Colored copy 4-5

Well I did not know what to do with this picture. So I asked. Well 3 days later, again while in meditation, all of a sudden I had to start writing. All this ‘stuff’ started coming to me. I like to believe the animals were guiding me.

They told me what they represent. They are the three levels of consciousness. The Wolf is our conscious self. This is where the ego resides. He tells me not to be afraid of him or the ego. He is our cunning and planning self. He thinks fast on his feet, always looking ahead and preparing for the future. He also tells me that most are a slave to him. He has become the ruler of the 3. But he wants to be trained and used for the highest good. So ask your inner Wolf; are you a slave to your Wolf, or do you train your conscious self to serve your highest good?

Then we have the Rat. The Rat represents our subconscious self. It is blind and believes EVERYTHING the Wolf tells it. It is also connected to every Rat on the planet. The Rat only knows right NOW. You cannot talk to the Rat about the past or future. The Rat is what Carl Jung refers to as the Collective Unconscious or what Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain Body. This is where we are all connected.

Next is the Hawk. The Hawk has only one eye; the third eye. It represents our Higher Self. The message from the Hawk is to not limit ourselves. It’s like we’ve become so afraid to soar. Take flight and be open to the possibilities.

It all became very clear to me! It’s amazing what the Universe will reveal to you when you ask and then open yourself up for the answers. It’s the secret of three! Because this whole process started in Ireland with my personal experience, I decided to look up the word secret in Irish or Gaelic. The word for Secret is Runda with an accent on the u. This is where Rúnda 3™ was born!

I developed a class called Rúnda 3™ teaching the secrets of the 3 levels of consciousness. Rúnda 3™ is a complete system for those in the healing arts to heal themselves and others, and to connect with their individual psychic gifts. When we learn how to use the 3 levels and how they communicate, we open ourselves up to healing ourselves and others and opening up our individual intuitive/psychic gifts.

By taking a Rúnda 3™ class, you will learn:

  • What the Rúnda 3 symbol means
    • The 3 parts of Consciousness
    • The 3 parts of the Body
    • How these are connected and how to use them
    • The Energy Bodies and how they communicate
    • The 3 part Breath
    • How Runda 3™ is very different and beyond the teachings of the Law of Attraction
    • The 3 step formula to manifestation
    • How learning these steps leads to Psychic Development
    • The 3 states of awareness (brain waves)
    • The 3 steps of protection

Who would benefit from taking this class?
  • All Lightworkers
    • Reiki Practitioners (All Levels)
    • Energy Healers of all backgrounds
    • Anyone in the Healing Arts (i.e. massage therapists)
    • Anyone interested in healing themselves and loved ones
    • Students of the Law of Attraction and find they have hit a wall

You can reach Denise here


The 12 Phases of Consciousness

by Colin Gonsalves

I recently read the book "The Superbeings" by John Randolph Price. One of the chapters in the book describes the 12 Phases of Consciousness which is a result of Price’s research after conducting interviews with people at different levels of consciousness. This chapter intrigued me because I saw the description of my own journey in the first four phases. It felt similar to looking at a map you see in the malls with the “You Are Here” marker. The book helped me calibrate myself on this “scale” to figure out where I was on my consciousness journey and provided a glimpse into what it is like to experience higher phases and what I can do to move to the next phase. The description of the 12 phases can be seen here. Take a look and see if you identify with any of the phases. For example here’s a quote for what is feels to be in phase 5.

“In Phase Five, an individual's consciousness is directed toward the good at least fifty-one percent of the time, i.e. the positive thoughts and feelings outweigh the negative. Now the clouds seem to part and more sunshine than ever comes into your life. There is more harmony, money is more plentiful, those old aches and pains are not as frequent, and things seem to be "right" in your life.”

The above quote inspired me to be more mindful of the thoughts I attract and to practice focusing on positive things and to establish a routine when I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. This way I get the day started on a positive note and end the day on a positive note as well. I’ll share my routine with you in an upcoming article.

Note: You can find The 12 Phases of Consciousness here

How Ho’oponopono Made Me a Better Listener

by Colin Gonsalves

My wife works as a therapist with juveniles in a detention center. So I get to hear the interesting stories that take place. I have to admit I’m not good at hearing people vent without providing solutions. So usually our conversations end up with me giving her suggestions and my wife getting pissed for not just listening. A few months ago I had read the book “Zero Limits” which described the Ho’oponono technique. It involves saying the four statements whenever unwanted emotions are building up. The four statements are:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you. (The order of the statements is irrelevant.)

I thought these statements while my wife was describing her day at work. The next day, while we were walking our dog she mentioned that I did an amazing job listening to her ven and that she noticed the change. I shared with her that I was clearing myself using Ho’oponono while she was talking.

The following week she told me that the kids who were usually non-responsive really got involved in the group therapy session and that the session was one of the best she’d experienced at this place in while. She mentioned that she said the four statements before starting the session.

I often use Ho’oponono when I am aware of the tense feelings and I’ve seen it work a large percentage of the time. The trick is to remember to say the four statements when unwanted emotions arise.


Welcome to the World You Created...Your Beliefs Effect Your World

by Dan Doviddio

This is the second part is about our belief system and how it is formulated.

What are beliefs?
A thought we think based on past observations. It is our opinion of any situation or thing. As an old saying goes, like assholes, everyone has them. But unlike assholes, according to Pam Ragland of each person has over five million opinions set by age 5. This represents 90% of your total thoughts or opinions you will have in a lifetime. Think about that, how we think about the world happened by age five. I mean at that age I liked oreo cookies and hated vegetables (I’m guessing a lot of you out there still like oreo cookies and secretly hate vegetables). Early age, you’re a sponge, soaking up information like crazy. Think about the judgements that came out of that age. You love to play and for the most part you do. But there is so much more you take in. Dad or mom being angry or depressed. People just living life the best they can.

On top of your parents belief system, there are societies belief system. Lets look at just few.
  • Work hard to succeed
  • Just the definition of success
  • Country first
  • Family first
  • My religion is best and then the subset within any given religion
  • Sex is bad
  • Sex is good

These are just a few, there are so many more.

Beliefs are not right or wrong. Just thoughts you have.

And think about it, how many of these beliefs are actually yours?

But then your ego got involved.

Your ego, which was never supposed to be more than your interpreter of the physical world, developed a sense where it takes what is seen, heard or smelled and compares it with a belief you have. Your opinion comes from that belief on any subject. Since your ego has a built in, don’t die program, it will protect this belief at all costs. Look at your beliefs as just filed on the wrong folder in your mind. I wrote an article awhile back on the ego. You can find it here.

When you have a thought or opinion of a situation, it can bring a positive or negative feeling. If its positive, you feel good, your Higher Self is usually going there with you. So this thought is usually serving you at this time. But if you have a thought or opinion and you don’t feel so good about it, your Higher Self isn’t walking that path with you. Time to re-think that belief. What about it is not in your higher good?

But are you paying attention? Our threshold of feeling can be quite low. We let a lot of what we think go by as a ransom thought, automatically having a feeling attached to it and moving on to the next thought. This is how are vibration is set.


Welcome to the World You Created

by Dan Doviddio

'Envision, create and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you.'

This is a quote from founder Tony Hsieh in his new book 'Delivering Happiness'. A 'mysterious woman' told him this at a party. He took it from there.

Look at that quote, digest it for a moment It's as simple as that, yet elusive.

'Envision, create and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you.'

Lately I’ve been working to erase programming that I feel does not serve me anymore. Since I do create my own universe, I decided to seriously look at what I’m creating. Your universe is made up of your beliefs. How you believe, brings you the matching vibration.

So your universe is created in two ways.
  • What is my desire going forward?
  • What are my beliefs?

But the real key here is...what world do I really want?

If you could have any world you wanted for yourself, what would it be?

What is your over-riding deliberate creation of the world you want?

In the next few articles, I will be looking at creating the world I want.

I hope you’ll stay tuned.

The Art of Being

I saw this cartoon from the Mr. Boffo creator Joe Martin.
20091223bfo tborntb

I thought to myself, well, it is what it is, but you get to choose who you’re going to be going forward.

And ‘Being’ is what it’s all about isn’t it? It is ‘who are you being’ that determines your life.

‘Being’ contains a set of beliefs. Who you are, is a set of beliefs. And for those of you that follow Abraham-Hick’s material know, beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.

What inspired me to write this today was an article that caught my attention in the Chicago Sun Times as I was waiting for my buddy Rob at a distinguished drinking establishment. Distinguished sounds good, huh? It wasn’t that distinguished.

The article’s headline caught my attention ‘
Middle-age virgins: Look overseas’. Was it so hard to find unattached women in the United States that a male virgin had to extend his look overseas? I had to check this out. Remember I do this so you don’t have to.

This quote from the article tells you all you need to know. ‘Says Mark, "I'm the type of man who believes that sex should be the ultimate expression of love between a man and a woman, and as such, should be one of the later steps in a relationship, not the first. "I'm 45 years old, and I've spent many, many a lonely year because of this belief. I've never had a problem catching a girl's eye, but women don't want to take the time to get to know me. With most women I've ever met or known, if things don't progress toward sex in a rapid fashion, they quickly lose interest and move on.”

Most guys I know right now are thinking, ‘say what?’ But there are many people in society that would find this noble. This belief goes back to the old Christian belief system that was successfully installed in some.

Let’s look at just the two things here in what may possibly support this belief, nobility and Christian ideals. So two things off the top: 1) Some people find it noble which would feed your ego that other people appreciate your ideals. 2) Is a fear based system that was taught.

Even though beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking, we can see there is usually a system of thoughts that support the belief.

There’s a point where one needs to look at the results they’re attracting in their lives and say to themselves ‘how’s that working out for me’? If it isn’t working out, who are you being?

Where Are You Going?
The Art of Bee-ing1

Are you focused on what you want going forward? Do you feel or sense your beliefs and see if they fit where you’re going. If your beliefs don’t serve you, do you change them? Your beliefs are no more than things that serve you on your journey. Beliefs must be used carefully as they have real power. If it’s 95° outside, do you wear your down coat because you’ve always worn that coat and dammit I’m not going to change now for some silly reason such as heat. I’m guessing not, but beliefs can have the same effect.

I remember reading
Vernon Howard’s book Psycho-Pictography back in 1992. The book was about using pictures in your mind to help you see the real world. Mr Howard looked at beliefs as weights in a backpack you wear throughout life. You can just picture how those weights can really hold you back on your journey. The idea was to look at your beliefs and see how that belief was of benefit to you. If it wasn’t anymore, you toss it out of your backpack.

Let’s look at a belief someone may have that holds them back. Say you are a tough guy or chick (in this vernacular). Maybe in High School, you had a situation you handled where you took on someone tough and lo and behold you won out. From then on you were considered tough. Holding up this end of your belief may have benefitted you then. It kept other people from bothering you, etc. I know some people today who still carry this belief forward in some way. But does it serve them. It may have worked in the teenage years, but knowing what you know now, does it serve you. Think about running everything you do through this filter. Heck, it’s just an automatic program. People are usually not aware of the beliefs they have as they’ve become part of who they are.

As you put your intentions going forward in life and don’t see the results you’re looking for, you may want to ask yourself, who am I being? Am I being the person that I am targeting and intending to be? Do I have limiting beliefs that are holding me back? Open your backpack and check it out.

Who you are Being is the sum total of your vibration. Who you are Being on any one subject is the singular vibration plus the background noise of who you are Being.

Once you’re clear on who you’re being, the faster the larger part of you can line up the circumstances for success in that endeavor.

One method of figuring out who you want to be is to put your focus on what you want. As you do this, notice the thoughts that may be canceling out the wanted. Always keep in mind there is no past, there is only this moment. What was true in the past for you doesn’t have to be true for you now and going forward. Every moment is a fresh creation. Say there is a certain endeavor that you are undertaking. If your mind is giving you contradictive thought patterns in relation to your endeavor, you can think to your self, ‘who am I being’. I know I get to control who I am. Just this break in your thinking, can over time with practice, get your mind into a pattern of creating who you really want to be.

So it is what it is. How do you want to create going forward? Who do you want to be?

For discussion: Does anyone have a past belief they’ve had that they tossed out that they would like to share. What have you tossed out of your backpack?

Welcome to the World You Created - The Pause that Refreshes

by Dan Doviddio

A friend of mine had lent me a movie, ‘Closer than Close’. Quoting from the movies website: Closer than Close is spiritual cinema at its finest -- a documentary that investigates the spiritual search; the search for the essential questions of human life: is there an eternal part of ourselves? what has lasting meaning? where do we find certainty? Rather than philosophical discussion, it explores the possibility of living a life devoted to a search for answers, and the radical possibility that answers exist, closer than we can imagine, within our selves.

At the time I was having these uneasy ego rumblings that I was ignoring. Watching the movie, I seemed to have picked up ego rumblings from the people in the movie itself. One man says, ‘since five years old, I’ve had this uneasy feeling inside’. I identified with him. I said to myself at that moment ‘my ego’s got to go’.

I had acknowledged recently that my ego’s need for all it’s perceived issues had to be be taken out. Not just dealt with, taken out, mugged in a back alley, serious action, to put my ego in it’s place. So at that moment in the movie, I took inspired action. I decided to cognitively declare to my ego ‘
I give up, I surrender, I let that go’ of any issue that my ego brought up. And it actually worked. Instant relief.

I’ve been working on this for months now before I decided to write about it.

The Pause That Refereshes
The Pause

So what I found was your mind can get instant relief from deciding to reduce the ego’s need to always bringing up issues. Sure a lot of it is just mind/ego combo sifting through contrast. But a lot of time it’s an ongoing program running underneath whatever you happen to be doing. As it surfaces, there are times you just want to silence it.

Insert in Your Mind a New Program
What I did was, I decided to insert a new program in my mind. In my case, this meant sitting down and letting the ego know that I was going to help it be more effective in our everyday life. Notice I don’t threaten the ego. I am making it a partner in helping me. I said, meant and felt the words ‘I give up, I surrender, I let you go’. This part needs to be set with feeling. This is the set point to make the words ‘I give up, I surrender, I let you go’ have real meaning when they are spoken. Program inserted.

As ego generated thoughts came through, I said my new mantra. Instant relief.

I did find that I became more aware of my thoughts when first using ‘The Power Pause’. I used it a lot to dissipate whatever thoughts not wanted or were against certain goals I had set.

When meditating one morning, I realized that one still must demand to feel good. Paying too much attention to the thoughts not wanted, sometimes brought more thoughts after while. So you still need to have a point that you always want to feel good. And this is where most of your work needs to be focused.

Some Tools
Still getting rid of these background running programs are important. If you can sit down and take the time and really discipline yourself Katie Bryon’s ‘The Work’ can be real useful.

Another good tool is in Esther and Jerry Hicks ‘Ask and it is Given’ process #22: Moving up the Emotional Scale. The point of moving up the emotional scale is to change your reality by improving your feelings, not by taking action.

For me, I also use Ho”oponopono. I can’t emphasize enough how this simple program works. It is very effective and works effortlessly.

Saying these four phrases have meaning to your conscious / sub-conscious being.
  • I Love You
  • I’m Sorry
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You

The key is to use these phrases as needed. According to Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD , it is not good to say the phrases over and over. Like a general anti-biotic, you will not hit the root cause of the issue you need to address.

It is best to find what the true cause is of what you are feeling. If there is an issue that you keep responding to and keep getting the sanme results, it might be good to take some quiet time, maybe during meditation and seeing where this issue comes from. Then ‘pono it (using the four phrases).

The Power Point and Taking Mental Action
I came up with my own process during a run in December. I found when I neutralized the not wanted thought, there is a pause. The pause of neutrality. This is a personal power point. At this moment you can take charge of the thought.

The Power Inquisition: You can ask ‘where did that come from’. I was putting off a project I needed to do. Nothing that bad either. Even when I do start the project, I know I’ll enjoy doing it. I could just feel a little dread. You know the feeling, that procrastination feeling. I did ‘The Pause’. Then I inquired why did I procrastinate. I found an old program from my childhood. My father was big in having us kids do chores before we could go play. I mean a lot of chores, or so it seemed at the time. There was some resentment still built up from that. So I let that go too. Once you realize why you do something, it can be easier to move on.

The Power Point Punch: This is when you’ve done the Power Point and want to take advantage of the pause and turn it around. This is where you pivot from the thought that isn’t wanted and turn it around into what you do want. Say you have a sales call coming up. You’re feeling trepidation and a little unsure of yourself. You insert the Power Pause statement to stop the current program you’re running. The old program is temporarily in a neutral state. Now you pivot, you realize that you were feeling trepidation based on a program running. Now in the neutral mode, you pivot, say to yourself ‘I’m a great salesperson, who wouldn’t want to see me. I’m bringing this buyer something they really want. They may not know it yet, but they will’.

If you’ve done your other work, the work of feeling good (the most important work), you will turn this moment around due to the fact you remember what good feels like. That feeling can be re-generated anytime you ‘choose’.

Why does this all work? Physically speaking, you’re building new neural pathways. As you create a thought, building new neural pathways to a response or feeling is taking charge of yourself. When you create new habits of thinking, the neural pathway gets stronger. To see a great video of how someone cured themselves using their mind.

See parts 2 through 5 here

As you see, all of the above here is conscious work. I remember watching a travel show on our local public TV station. The program is Globe Trekkers. They were doing a Mexico travel program. They did a small piece on a group of Indians that practiced the Nagual. These Indians call most of the people of the world sleepwalkers. If you want to experience life in all it’s beautiful wonder, You gotta wake up.