The Game

by Frank Dobner
I recently saw again a movie called “
The Game.” It is about a guy named Nicholas Van Orton (played by Michael Douglas) that is living the extravagantly wealthy life of an investment banker in San Francisco. Although there is nothing more this guy could ever possible want than he already has, he is the height  of  an emotionally remote and disconnected individual.  Immediately at this point, you’re probably thinking….yeah poor bastard. The thing is, when I watched this movie this time, I tool a little deeper look, and I could see myself in him.

Seeking Good Vibrations #6 Meditation Discussion

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast #6

Bill Hartford and I discuss meditation techniques and what benefits we see in meditating.
And I rerun Denise Van Vliet’s discussion on a new meditation she has put together.

Seeking Good Vibrations Podcast # 6 On Meditation

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Bill adds his Ho ‘Oponopono meditation on the Downloads section of the Resource Page


Let Go and Let God... are You *&@#!* Kidding Me?

by Dan Doviddio

This article is intended for anyone who is into Law of Attraction and other teachings, saying to themselves...’does this shit really work’? ‘I mean, I try and try and I’m still in a crappy way’. ‘I understand it, but I don’t think it really works’.

Are you feeling like this sometimes?
Let Go-1

There’s no magic cure out there. Because it’s not magic. It is just that pretty much everything you’ve been taught is incorrect. We let our ego take control and draw us wherever it pleases. The world outside our five senses comes across so real and the intensity of it is overbearing.

NPS or the Need to Please Syndrome

by Denise Van Vilet

Taken from Embrace the BITCH Within

I’m the first to admit I have NPS. It’s a learned behavior. It's a deep seated learned and passed down behavior from mother to daughter. For some reason women suffer from NPS more so than the guys. However, from my own observation, I do know several gay men that suffer from this as well. We are looking for approval from outside ourselves.

I believe part of Embracing the BITCH, BITCH is an acronym for Being In Total Connection (with) Herself, is coming to terms with this. When we look to someone else to make us feel good or worthy or important or loved, we are actually giving our power away. “I will make you proud of me, and then I will be happy, then I will feel loved.”

Getting dressed for school one day, Mom shows her disapproval by saying, “What will the neighbors think if they see you wearing that?” I could be wearing something that makes me feel good in the moment and Mom is all worried about what the neighbors would think? I go and change to make Mom happy. I want her to love me. We all have experienced something like this right? We learn that this is how we love.
We learn conditional love by giving away our power away and making someone else happy. We make someone happy, we receive love. We make them disappointed with us, they withhold their love. As women we carry this behavior on in every aspect of our lives. We choose careers based on what others want. Our relationships are based on the idea that a man or our knight in shining armor comes and he is going to carry us away and we will live happily ever after. Our Knight will MAKE us happy. And if he doesn't make us happy, we withhold our love for him. Do we as women know how to love unconditionally? We are taught from a very early age ONLY conditional love. So how do we get over NPS?

One of the hardest things for a woman to do is love herself unconditionally. However this is the cure for NPS. We MUST love from the inside out. We are so brain washed that we must look, behave, and buy certain things in order for others to love us. But deep inside, from the hundreds of women I've talked to, more than 90% do not even know how to love themselves. They are not worthy of such love. With this kind of thinking leaves us in a 'victim' mentality. This is a highly powerless state! In order to take our power back and to learn to love unconditionally, we MUST start from the inside out.

This has nothing to do with our outer shell. Some of us might not like our hair, body type, size or what have you. This type of love goes much deeper than that. Meditation and quieting our mind and getting into our bodies is a start to finding that essence within to start loving who we REALLY are. We are not our thoughts. We are not our outer shell. We are not our hair color. We are not our body type or size. We are Yin energy. Are are an extension of Source. We are Spiritual Beings here for the physical experience. We are the creators of Humanity. We ARE love. When you feel that in your body, you will understand unconditional love. Then and only then will we understand how to love others unconditionally.


The Three Levels of Consciousness

by Denise Van Vilet

Meditation is such a wonderful thing. I had been asking myself, “What’s missing?” There is always a new perspective and new understanding. There was something more that I could feel. I could just barely put my finger on it. Something that was obvious but still hidden to me.

While my husband and I were in Ireland in April of 2010, we were on a spiritual quest. We visited some of the sacred sites throughout Ireland. I had a very personal experience while at one of the sites. I’ll save the details for a later date, but 3 days after that experience I had a vision during a meditation of the totem. I want to say that they are my animal spirit guides, but they tell me that they are all of our animal spirit guides. I told my daughter, the artist of the family, what I saw and she drew the picture for me. The detail she put in was amazing.

Totem_Colored copy 4-5

Well I did not know what to do with this picture. So I asked. Well 3 days later, again while in meditation, all of a sudden I had to start writing. All this ‘stuff’ started coming to me. I like to believe the animals were guiding me.

They told me what they represent. They are the three levels of consciousness. The Wolf is our conscious self. This is where the ego resides. He tells me not to be afraid of him or the ego. He is our cunning and planning self. He thinks fast on his feet, always looking ahead and preparing for the future. He also tells me that most are a slave to him. He has become the ruler of the 3. But he wants to be trained and used for the highest good. So ask your inner Wolf; are you a slave to your Wolf, or do you train your conscious self to serve your highest good?

Then we have the Rat. The Rat represents our subconscious self. It is blind and believes EVERYTHING the Wolf tells it. It is also connected to every Rat on the planet. The Rat only knows right NOW. You cannot talk to the Rat about the past or future. The Rat is what Carl Jung refers to as the Collective Unconscious or what Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain Body. This is where we are all connected.

Next is the Hawk. The Hawk has only one eye; the third eye. It represents our Higher Self. The message from the Hawk is to not limit ourselves. It’s like we’ve become so afraid to soar. Take flight and be open to the possibilities.

It all became very clear to me! It’s amazing what the Universe will reveal to you when you ask and then open yourself up for the answers. It’s the secret of three! Because this whole process started in Ireland with my personal experience, I decided to look up the word secret in Irish or Gaelic. The word for Secret is Runda with an accent on the u. This is where Rúnda 3™ was born!

I developed a class called Rúnda 3™ teaching the secrets of the 3 levels of consciousness. Rúnda 3™ is a complete system for those in the healing arts to heal themselves and others, and to connect with their individual psychic gifts. When we learn how to use the 3 levels and how they communicate, we open ourselves up to healing ourselves and others and opening up our individual intuitive/psychic gifts.

By taking a Rúnda 3™ class, you will learn:

  • What the Rúnda 3 symbol means
    • The 3 parts of Consciousness
    • The 3 parts of the Body
    • How these are connected and how to use them
    • The Energy Bodies and how they communicate
    • The 3 part Breath
    • How Runda 3™ is very different and beyond the teachings of the Law of Attraction
    • The 3 step formula to manifestation
    • How learning these steps leads to Psychic Development
    • The 3 states of awareness (brain waves)
    • The 3 steps of protection

Who would benefit from taking this class?
  • All Lightworkers
    • Reiki Practitioners (All Levels)
    • Energy Healers of all backgrounds
    • Anyone in the Healing Arts (i.e. massage therapists)
    • Anyone interested in healing themselves and loved ones
    • Students of the Law of Attraction and find they have hit a wall

You can reach Denise here


Conscious Choices - Good Morning!

by Dan Doviddio

So, what’s your morning like when you get up?

Do you leap to that cherished morning stimulant?
Good Morning-1a

Do you immediately jump in the shower?
Good Morning-5

Does your ‘To Do List’ start dancing in your head?
Good Morning-4

How about making feeling good the first thing you do in the morning? Why not consciously create a solid footing that your day can stand on.

It was about a year ago I decided to get up earlier in the morning and meditate. At first, it wasn’t easy. I used Orin guided meditations from Sanaya Roman to get started. This gave me a basis to pull from.

What I found, even using guided meditations was a certain peace within. Life’s many contrasts didn’t throw me for loops like in the past. Law of Attraction teachings were starting to be applied at a faster pace.

I took what I learned from the Orin meditations and with some tweaking, created my own meditation. A lot had to do with ...well...just doing the meditation. So as my year anniversary with meditation approaches, I thought I’d share my morning process. It’s great to have a starting point and then make it your own.

The Good Morning Process.
The idea of The Morning Process was to have a way I could use to change my old habit and start a new one. So instead of just getting up and hitting the coffee pot, I divided up my morning to best set my mind for the day ahead.

Before Rising Out of Bed
As I was in the process of setting up my morning, I found an even earlier starting point to my morning. When we first wake up we are in a state of Hypnogogia. Hypnogogia is another word for the state between being awake and asleep. Just before you go into deep sleep, your mind lowers it's boundaries and you enter a state of hypnogogia. Your mind is also in a state of hypnogogia when you first wake up.

I used this state to repeat my Superbeings Truths and then I add my ‘Awareness of My Higher Self Meditation’. Both of these come from John Randolph Price. I memorized both as to not stir from the Hypnogogia state. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made. It stops the wandering mind and focuses you on feeling good. (I’ll include both ‘Superbeings Truths’ and ‘Awareness of My Higher Self Meditation’ at the end).
By the way I want to sidetrack a little on feeling good. Sometimes we have things in our lives that stray our mind from feeling good. If you find this happening in the morning, you must demand to feel good. It is your right to feel good. But sometimes you must demand it. So if my thoughts wander before I get up with the ‘to do list’ in my mind, I demand to feel good and then repeat my ‘Superbeings Truths’ and ‘Awareness of My Higher Self Meditation’.

First Thing Out of Bed
Take care of the little business. You know...bathroom, medications if any, drink of water, whatever short term thing your wearing. Then it’s time for...

Set up a place where you can be comfortable and make sure there are not to be any interuptions. I use my home office, so I always turn the phone(s) ringer off.

Now your in your seat. First I start with a ‘ritual’. A ritual triggers the mind that meditation will begin and focuses the mind to distract wandering.

I use a singing bowl to get started and then play it again when I’m done meditating.

singing bowl cutout 100-poster

Another good item you could use is a scented candle. Obviously use a scent you like. This will trigger the mind that meditation is starting and when you blow the candle out, it’s the end.

red candle-100a

Now you’re ready to meditate. There are no rules here. It’s just you and your thoughts. Again, I’m just sharing my method here.

From Sanaya Roman’s Orin meditations I learned to utilize light first off. After the singing bowl has stopped, I feel a light entering the top of my head. Just a nice glowing light. Whatever color you want, I use a bright white. As I feel the light go through me from top to bottom, I relax that part of my body. So as the light goes through my head, I relax my forehead, eyes, jaw and so on. Then I feel myself with the light all throughout myself. At this point you can learn to play with the light. Sometimes I’ll propel the light out through my heart center (just below your heart). You can experiment with filling a room with light you are generating and bringing it back to yourself.

Now you can skip the ‘Light’ part if you want. I like it because seeing/feeling the light really occupies your mind and gives you a chance to relax your body.

Okay, now it’s time for the meditation part of your program. This was difficult for me at first. I wanted to get that nice cup of espresso, have something to eat and maybe check the sports page. So to discipline myself, I breathe in and count one, breathe out and count two...all the way to two hundred. I concentrate on the counting and when a thought comes across, if I catch it, I tell myself ‘it’s just a thought’. That will usually dissipate ‘that thought’. Of course another thought in all liklihood will appear. That’s okay, just keep going. I noticed at first that around 123, my mind started clearing up. Sometimes if my mind is clear, I stop counting and just breathe in and out and pay attention to my senses, such as hearing the clock tick or outside noises. Also something else I noticed is that sometimes you get these weird itches or like a ping itch. This is usually good and means your getting really close to that meditative state.

What happens in that meditative state? It’s always something different for me. Sometimes it’s just a real peacful feeling ( oh man, I’m hearing that Eagles song...make it stop... there it goes). Sometimes I get some guidance from my Higher Self, like writing this column, came from my Higher Self’s persistence. One time I was told to feel every move I did that day. One of the most incredible days I’ve had. The whole day was a meditation, no thoughts, but just feeling the body’s movements.

The key thing though is that you gain a new balancing point that is your set point. You know what it is like to feel peace.

I try to never miss any morning for meditation. If I’m traveling for business or pleasure, I still do ‘the Morning Process’. I find if I skip two days, I can notice the effects now. I notice the lack of easy peace.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to meditate, you just start doing it. I wanted to put my process down since when I was looking I didn’t find a way I could really follow. So if this helps you to just start meditating, great!

If you can rise 15 to 25 minutes earlier in the morning, you’ll find that your morning routine will reward you all day. And then you’ll find that there is nothing more important in your day than your morning meditation. It’s a great base to stand on all day.

Now time for that morning cup of coffee!
Good Morning-2a

Here are the two lists mentioned earlier:

  • Superbeing Truths
    I was never born and will never die.
    I am immortal.
    I am the epitome of great health.
    I abound in ‘Well Being’.
    I am as rich as any man who ever lived.
    I am totally successful in all my endeavors.
    I live a perfect life.
    I am continuously overflowing with love, joy and peace.

Awareness of My Higher Self Meditation

I am radiating, with intensity, the conscious awareness of my Higher Self.

I am radiating, with intensity, the joy of my Higher Self.

I am radiating, with intensity, the well being of my Higher Self.

I am radiating, with intensity, the abundance of my higher self.Higher Self