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Carl Jung and The Course – Part 1

by Frank Dobner


There are literally thousands of spiritual, intellectual and physical ways to remember your pure being. “A Course in Miracles” is but one of them. One unique aspect of The Course, is its orientation to look within and contemplate drastic shifts in mind back to the natural state of love. It is what distinguishes The Course from many other attempts at the truth.

Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist, 1875 – 1961) was also an individual that had the same inclination to look inward, apply consciousness and even act if necessary. He actually stated – “that inner events always set the course for outward events that came my way.” Jung’s work and life situation resulted from asking some internal powerful questions from his youth, that he answered for our benefit throughout his adult life. The essence of The Course, is to find yourself in everything and everyone else. This is essentially what Jung’s whole life was about. His life and work is not only fascinating, but dramatic and brave also Read More...