Dark Energy, Dark Matter And The Larger Part Of Ourselves

by Robert Graff

It is only very recently that scientists have discovered dark energy and dark matter. There have been observations about the universe that can become more clearly understood only if these theoretical forces truly exist. One can experience the effects of the wind without seeing it, and this is much like the evidence for the existence of dark energy and dark matter. Its existence cannot be ignored or denied.

Dark energy is a way to explain how the expansion of the universe can be accelerating. It accounts for 74% of the energy-mass of the universe. Dark matter is a way to explain gravitational effects on both light and matter, bending light and affecting the path of travel of matter. Dark matter accounts for about 23% of the energy-mass of the universe. What we can see as observable matter only accounts for 3 to 4% of the energy-mass of the universe!

I see an analogy here which can be applied to our physical beings. The non-physical, larger part of ourselves is analogous to the dark energy and dark matter of the universe. The larger part (by far) of who we are is non-physical, but overwhelming evidence suggests that this larger part, (our inner-being, soul, god-force, higher-self, etc.) is more who we are than the flesh & bones we normally consider to be “us.”

Our entire physical bodies appear to be designed around being vibrational sensors. That is, we are universal probes, much like the space probes that NASA sends out to sense other worlds. Every one of our senses is a way to sense vibrational differences in energy. It would only make sense that what we sense mostly would be the effects of energy of which there is the most: dark energy and dark matter.

Our emotions are the interface, and a way to bridge these two aspects of ourselves. Paying attention to our emotions gives us access to energy and information that our classical physical senses cannot. Our emotions provide us with the overwhelming evidence that there is more to our existence than what we know as 'reality.' However, our emotions are more than just sensors, they are guides, lighting the way to joy, step by step. Pay attention to your emotions, and the bigger part of yourself and you will be in alignment with the most powerful forces in the Universe.