Pim Van Lommel

Connecting The Dots

by Frank Dobner

I have read more books in the last year than in any prior year of my life, looking for answers. I have so many questions to be answered, yet at this plateau of life, surely now is the time for good answers. I spend a lot of time “connecting the dots” at an intellectual, emotional and body level because I have a strong connection to all three. One subject that has seized my attention recently, is the idea that there is a real world in which we participate that we can’t see or touch. This real world is the world where coincidence,
connection, instantaneous communication and source of life really exists. It is also a world which our brute force, physical world obliterates because of our misdirection of awareness. Some people will call this heaven and believe that it must happen only after you are dead. I do believe it is heaven, but don’t believe it needs to happen only later. Read More...