Profit v. Usefulness

by Frank Dobner

Growing up in western society, nearly most of our “education” and upbringing is about teaching us how to be of value to society. We learn to read, write and do math so that we can get a job. We get a job so that we can gain some type of salary or pay. Accordingly we spend many years of our lives in formal education, self-improvement, working, and many more years talking about these things long after we’ve finished doing them.Very little of this education is dedicated to bringing a real peace of mind to our experience. Most of the work, school, and training is about how to get more and more money. The money or job or whatever does not really make you feel very peaceful…at least not for very long. Once you get one thing, you quickly get dissatisfied and want another thing. Sometimes, it actually gets painful to get something new because the satisfaction dies so quickly after the peak of anticipation in obtaining it. None of this stuff is really very “useful.”