Living From The Inside Out

by Frank Dobner
I was walking the path along the Fox River, near my house just recently. I stopped when I noticed a stretch of the path where the surface of the asphalt was getting punctured by plants growing from underneath. These plants, both indifferent and impersonal to this intrusion, were about to spoil the surface of perfectly good asphalt. This seemed to be a stretch of the path where the asphalt was new or maybe the plants very hearty, but apparently chosen carefully.
All my life, I have been amazed at the miracle of  a “frail” plant  punching through 3 or 4 inches of stubborn asphalt just to find the sky. A plant appears to be such a delicate thing. If you wanted to, you could probably easily pull this plant (weed, really) out by the roots with one hand. Yet, it has the wherewithal to decide that it will blossom despite this slight surface obstruction.
Yet that is indeed the way we grow. A lot of times, we think  that we do things because it is the thing to do, for financial gain, to impress someone, or maybe do the American way. The fact is that all life grows outward. It is actually not even
growing to anything. It is growing towards itself.
In the movie “The Matrix,” Neo….Mr. Anderson (cue, deep slow agent voice) has the gnawing feeling of something big in him that is just not happening. He knows that there is something wrong. He is troubled and searching. When offered the blue pill, he declines it in favor of finding out the chance of something through the red pill about the Matrix. His only  promise, was as Morpheus warns Neo “Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”
I am not going to tell you a lot of patty-cake spirituality stuff. Spirituality is not out there! It is real and it is “in here.” The good news, is that all suffering is good. As Buddha states, all the world is suffering. Why is that good? Because suffering is nothing but information. It is emotional information created from your misperception about who you think you are. After Neo comes into his own, he looks back and realizes the value of angst and becomes “The One.”
I think it is really interesting to know in what succession all of this happens. The path of the realization of who you are does not come from what you think you are. At least not originally. The path of knowing happens sort of like I show in the picture I created and show here. BeingFeelingThinking-296x300
Being – First you just really are something incredible. You may be thinking that I am talkin about your body right now, correct?  Well I actually mean the whole thing, including your body. For most people, your body, your possessions and the people in your “life” are THE  prima facie evidence for your life.  But I am talking about the “iceberg you” below the surface. This is the root of who you are, that is real life. The root that says, “I am going through asphalt today.” It is the information that is expressed through you, without your permission. The plant does not get a choice, it is under strict orders. It is sort of like on-board system software that runs your hardware and appears unchangeable by you, the user. We are little more lucky than the plant, as I will explain.
Feeling – evolutionarily speaking, feeling is the system that allows us to process a multitude of data in a sort of summary fashion. Like a gazelle out on the savanah that can process thousands of blades of moving grass and can detect immediately that a specific type of movement is indeed a lion in tall grass and not just the wind blowing.
The problem with feeling for us is that our emotions are the product of a long evolutionary progression that has not yet caught up with our situation yet. Unfortunately for us, our environment has changed quickly. We are still reacting in a “fight or flight” response to information that mimics the physical reality that we once lived in.
For example, why should you really be afraid of making cold calls to make a sale to prospective customers? They are either going to say “yes”, “no” and possible just hang-up. You are not going to get bit by an animal or get clubbed by another human being, usually. Your emotions are treating the situation of a cold call as a synthetic stimulus that mimics a true and present danger that was true at one point in history, but is now, long gone.  Hint – This is where thinking can be your friend.
Thinking – the intellectual mind is very late in coming in human evolution. That is because, in relation to feeling, we actually think very slowly. However thinking actually has the direct ability to change things in our environment and can actually change feeling. The ego gets a bad rap these days. A Course in Miracles pejoratively labels the ego, but in fact without the ego, you may have a hard time understanding how to use a word processor for example.
It is both in thinking and feeling that we have a direct active and conscious part to play in our own individual evolution. I say evolution because your life on earth is just a segment of the life that just is and does not die, as we say here. Your life will progress with the assistance of this experience. When you encounter beliefs that are not in accordance with who you are, you will feel something vaguely dull and incorrect (just like Neo).
OK, so why I did I tell you all of this? The point of all of this is that everyday on earth is sort of a test. We are testing to see what works and does not work. We are testing different beliefs. We create thoughts from internal and external events and decide to enact them through beliefs (aka – long standing thoughts).
When your beliefs become out of step with who you are, you are misperceiving who you are. You need to change your beliefs, or suffering ensues. So you will get sent back to the endless reincarnation cycle of birth and rebirth, if you don’t do some heavy lifting. You want to cycle quickly through beliefs that are of disservice to your greatness, unless you want to spend your life as a figurative frog. Your choice….blue or red.
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Welcome to the World You Created...Your Beliefs Effect Your World

by Dan Doviddio

This is the second part is about our belief system and how it is formulated.

What are beliefs?
A thought we think based on past observations. It is our opinion of any situation or thing. As an old saying goes, like assholes, everyone has them. But unlike assholes, according to Pam Ragland of each person has over five million opinions set by age 5. This represents 90% of your total thoughts or opinions you will have in a lifetime. Think about that, how we think about the world happened by age five. I mean at that age I liked oreo cookies and hated vegetables (I’m guessing a lot of you out there still like oreo cookies and secretly hate vegetables). Early age, you’re a sponge, soaking up information like crazy. Think about the judgements that came out of that age. You love to play and for the most part you do. But there is so much more you take in. Dad or mom being angry or depressed. People just living life the best they can.

On top of your parents belief system, there are societies belief system. Lets look at just few.
  • Work hard to succeed
  • Just the definition of success
  • Country first
  • Family first
  • My religion is best and then the subset within any given religion
  • Sex is bad
  • Sex is good

These are just a few, there are so many more.

Beliefs are not right or wrong. Just thoughts you have.

And think about it, how many of these beliefs are actually yours?

But then your ego got involved.

Your ego, which was never supposed to be more than your interpreter of the physical world, developed a sense where it takes what is seen, heard or smelled and compares it with a belief you have. Your opinion comes from that belief on any subject. Since your ego has a built in, don’t die program, it will protect this belief at all costs. Look at your beliefs as just filed on the wrong folder in your mind. I wrote an article awhile back on the ego. You can find it here.

When you have a thought or opinion of a situation, it can bring a positive or negative feeling. If its positive, you feel good, your Higher Self is usually going there with you. So this thought is usually serving you at this time. But if you have a thought or opinion and you don’t feel so good about it, your Higher Self isn’t walking that path with you. Time to re-think that belief. What about it is not in your higher good?

But are you paying attention? Our threshold of feeling can be quite low. We let a lot of what we think go by as a ransom thought, automatically having a feeling attached to it and moving on to the next thought. This is how are vibration is set.


Welcome to the World You Created

by Dan Doviddio

'Envision, create and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you.'

This is a quote from founder Tony Hsieh in his new book 'Delivering Happiness'. A 'mysterious woman' told him this at a party. He took it from there.

Look at that quote, digest it for a moment It's as simple as that, yet elusive.

'Envision, create and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you.'

Lately I’ve been working to erase programming that I feel does not serve me anymore. Since I do create my own universe, I decided to seriously look at what I’m creating. Your universe is made up of your beliefs. How you believe, brings you the matching vibration.

So your universe is created in two ways.
  • What is my desire going forward?
  • What are my beliefs?

But the real key here is...what world do I really want?

If you could have any world you wanted for yourself, what would it be?

What is your over-riding deliberate creation of the world you want?

In the next few articles, I will be looking at creating the world I want.

I hope you’ll stay tuned.

The Art of Being

I saw this cartoon from the Mr. Boffo creator Joe Martin.
20091223bfo tborntb

I thought to myself, well, it is what it is, but you get to choose who you’re going to be going forward.

And ‘Being’ is what it’s all about isn’t it? It is ‘who are you being’ that determines your life.

‘Being’ contains a set of beliefs. Who you are, is a set of beliefs. And for those of you that follow Abraham-Hick’s material know, beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.

What inspired me to write this today was an article that caught my attention in the Chicago Sun Times as I was waiting for my buddy Rob at a distinguished drinking establishment. Distinguished sounds good, huh? It wasn’t that distinguished.

The article’s headline caught my attention ‘
Middle-age virgins: Look overseas’. Was it so hard to find unattached women in the United States that a male virgin had to extend his look overseas? I had to check this out. Remember I do this so you don’t have to.

This quote from the article tells you all you need to know. ‘Says Mark, "I'm the type of man who believes that sex should be the ultimate expression of love between a man and a woman, and as such, should be one of the later steps in a relationship, not the first. "I'm 45 years old, and I've spent many, many a lonely year because of this belief. I've never had a problem catching a girl's eye, but women don't want to take the time to get to know me. With most women I've ever met or known, if things don't progress toward sex in a rapid fashion, they quickly lose interest and move on.”

Most guys I know right now are thinking, ‘say what?’ But there are many people in society that would find this noble. This belief goes back to the old Christian belief system that was successfully installed in some.

Let’s look at just the two things here in what may possibly support this belief, nobility and Christian ideals. So two things off the top: 1) Some people find it noble which would feed your ego that other people appreciate your ideals. 2) Is a fear based system that was taught.

Even though beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking, we can see there is usually a system of thoughts that support the belief.

There’s a point where one needs to look at the results they’re attracting in their lives and say to themselves ‘how’s that working out for me’? If it isn’t working out, who are you being?

Where Are You Going?
The Art of Bee-ing1

Are you focused on what you want going forward? Do you feel or sense your beliefs and see if they fit where you’re going. If your beliefs don’t serve you, do you change them? Your beliefs are no more than things that serve you on your journey. Beliefs must be used carefully as they have real power. If it’s 95° outside, do you wear your down coat because you’ve always worn that coat and dammit I’m not going to change now for some silly reason such as heat. I’m guessing not, but beliefs can have the same effect.

I remember reading
Vernon Howard’s book Psycho-Pictography back in 1992. The book was about using pictures in your mind to help you see the real world. Mr Howard looked at beliefs as weights in a backpack you wear throughout life. You can just picture how those weights can really hold you back on your journey. The idea was to look at your beliefs and see how that belief was of benefit to you. If it wasn’t anymore, you toss it out of your backpack.

Let’s look at a belief someone may have that holds them back. Say you are a tough guy or chick (in this vernacular). Maybe in High School, you had a situation you handled where you took on someone tough and lo and behold you won out. From then on you were considered tough. Holding up this end of your belief may have benefitted you then. It kept other people from bothering you, etc. I know some people today who still carry this belief forward in some way. But does it serve them. It may have worked in the teenage years, but knowing what you know now, does it serve you. Think about running everything you do through this filter. Heck, it’s just an automatic program. People are usually not aware of the beliefs they have as they’ve become part of who they are.

As you put your intentions going forward in life and don’t see the results you’re looking for, you may want to ask yourself, who am I being? Am I being the person that I am targeting and intending to be? Do I have limiting beliefs that are holding me back? Open your backpack and check it out.

Who you are Being is the sum total of your vibration. Who you are Being on any one subject is the singular vibration plus the background noise of who you are Being.

Once you’re clear on who you’re being, the faster the larger part of you can line up the circumstances for success in that endeavor.

One method of figuring out who you want to be is to put your focus on what you want. As you do this, notice the thoughts that may be canceling out the wanted. Always keep in mind there is no past, there is only this moment. What was true in the past for you doesn’t have to be true for you now and going forward. Every moment is a fresh creation. Say there is a certain endeavor that you are undertaking. If your mind is giving you contradictive thought patterns in relation to your endeavor, you can think to your self, ‘who am I being’. I know I get to control who I am. Just this break in your thinking, can over time with practice, get your mind into a pattern of creating who you really want to be.

So it is what it is. How do you want to create going forward? Who do you want to be?

For discussion: Does anyone have a past belief they’ve had that they tossed out that they would like to share. What have you tossed out of your backpack?