Summer Gives Away to Fall. 2010 Summer in Pictures

Well, summer has gone, but not the memories. So to celebrate summer, my favorite season, I thought I’d do a review in pictures that leave a feel good tone. As summer was.

We like to put potted plants out on the deck in the summer. Here’s a picture of them at night.
summer 1 potted plants

Of course there’s the fireworks for the Fourth of July. Sometimes actually on the 4th as they are here in Baileys Harbor.
summer 2 fireworks

Always that one summer concert to remember. Here is John Hiatt and his band.
summer 3 john hiatt

My annual dilapidated property picture from this summer.
summer 4 dilapidated barn

Waiting for the play to begin on the beautiful grounds at Penninsula Players. Pennisula Players is an outdoor theater in Fish Creek.
summer 5 pennisula players

Summer Hiking. This is along the south shore of Europe Lake.
summer 6 hiking europe lake

A mushroom sticking up along our hike.
summer 7 hiking mushroom

A late night squirt gun fight at Coyote Roadhouse.
summer 8 squirt gun fight

As we were riding along a farm road in Wisconsin, we saw this pretty site.
summer 9 bike ride

Warm night, time for a yawn.
summer 10 late night cat

This summers flower pics.
summer 11 flower 1summer 12 flower 2summer 13 Flower 3summer 14 Flower 4summer 15 flower 5summer 20 flower 6
Same flower as above with some color sucked out.
summer 21 flower 7 fadeout

This summers bug pics
summer 16 bug 1summer 17 bug 2summer 18 bug 3

Go in and get it.
summer 19 bug 4summer 22 bug 5

Probably one of our best tomato seasons in 11 years. Below a Big Boy ready to pick.
summer 23 tomato

Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow and excellent to pick and pop in your mouth on a hot summer day.
summer 24 cherry tomato

If you live in Chicago or any town for that matter. It seems we never take advantage of what it has to offer. This year, friends from New York came in and we did the Architectural Tour along the Chicago River.

This one of many bridge houses along the river.
summer 25 arch tour 1
Cool reflections
summer 26 aech tour 2
Coming up on the Wrigley Building with the Tribune Tower behind.
summer27 arch tour 3

And of course, what’s summer if you don’t visit Wrigley Field and see the Cubs in their annual ‘out of the pennant race’ games. Here they are playing the Mets on a beautiful late August day.
summer 28 wrigley

The official last day of summer 2010. Going sout on Lake Shore Drive approaching Monroe.
summer along LSD