Nature Excitement of the Day

MWT Teddy 1.5A Walk with Teddy B

I was coming home from a walk with The Beast today and heard all sorts of excitement in the backyard. Saw a bunch of different birds jumping around and heard a shrieking cry. A baby squirrel had fallen out of its nest and the mother squirrel I’m assuming is trying to pick him up to take him back.

There were Cardinals, Robins and Grackles hovering around to watch. Kind of cool to see that.

Went back in real quick before Teddy B decided there was a quick meal to be had and got my camera.

Nature pic of the day-1
Here’s the baby squirrel laying in the grass

Here’s another angle
Nature pic of the day 4

Think mom is mad at me?
Nature pic of the day 2

So after reading up all the info on the web about baby squirrels, I decided to check it out after 2 hours. At first I didn’t see it. But then I heard that screech sound. It had crawled through the underbrush that surround the tree he had fallen out of.

So my buddy Izzy shows up to give me a hand...
Nature pic of the day 3
...and with his help, we find the baby squirrel. The baby squirrel made numerous loud screeches. But it was hard to pin point where he was. Izzy though figured it out pretty fast once he was on the scene and showed me where the squirrel was.

So tomorrow its off the Willowbrook Animal Rescue Center in Glen Ellyn.
Nature pic of the day 5