Morning Walk With Teddy B

MWT Teddy 1.5

The ‘Beast’ and I’s Latest Pictures from our Morning Walk.A little Frosty This Morning. Around 19°F, no wind and SUNNY

A Little Frosty-3

A Little Frosty-1

A Little Frosty-2

The Patient Beast
A Little Frosty-4

Ice Storm

We had an ice storm in the Chicagoland area Wednesday and Thursday.
Great photo op time!

Ice is great for shooting pics. There are some challenges. Low light, lots of grey, keeping the camera dry and lens clear with ice/rain falling. Yet worth the effort to get out of the house.

From our yard.

Icicle Railing. Notice how the icicles are somewhat smaller as you go down.
ice storm-1

Cone Flower
ice storm-2

Ice Wrapped Leaf
ice storm-3

ice storm-4

Another Cone Flower
ice storm-5

From Herrick Lake
It was so grey out, let’s see what I could find.

Just Getting out of the Car
ice storm-8

Oak Leaf
ice storm-6

Looking Back Across
ice storm-7

Stark Landscape
ice storm-9


Morning Walks With Teddy B

MWT Teddy 1.5

The ‘Beast’ and I’s Latest Pictures from our Morning Walk.

It’s ten degrees outside, but sunny, nice to see a little color on our walk this morning.
MWT-trash can flowers12-16-09 copy

A little thoughtful Xmas cheer.
MWT Xmas Wreath-Marker 12-16-09 copy

Winter Light & Farm Wind Break Trees

I was working on a Project that took me to Belvidere, Illinois on Friday. As I was driving north of Genoa, IL I noticed the immature wind break trees farmers use on the edge of their fields. I liked the stark contrast they provide. I decided on my way back when the sun was lower, I’d attempt to capture their stark beauty. Results are below.

This is the black and white or I should say color reduced version that I like best:
Genoa IL Winter-1

It was a sunny day though, so here’s the color version, kind of like the tundra caribbean (hey it’s cold out, I can dream can’t I):
Genoa IL Winter-3 copy

And nothing like seeing the sun in December, even if it is 13°F outside
Genoa IL Winter-2

First Snow of Winter 2009 Images

Started snowing and sleeting last light. After shoveling the driveway, okay I used a nice snowblower, I took a couple of pics. Hey it’s winter, might as well look on the bright side, huh?

It’s snowing, you can see some snow (rain) on the lens.
First Snowy Winter Day 2009

Snow gathering on a Boxwood branch
First Snow Winter 2009-1

Frozen drops on an evergreen
First Snow Winter 2009-2

These next three pictures are outside my front yard looking down to the corner. I like these time lapsed pictures. You can’t see the cars driving by, just the light. This is a great example of shifting. Just because time moves slowly to the camera lens, does it mean cars don’t exist due to the FACT they aren’t seen.

Just imagine in our physical space, a whole world that moves much faster than ours. It’s there, you can’t see it. But like the cars, you can feel them as they go by...if you pay attention.
First Snow Winter 2009-3

First Snow Winter 2009-4

First Snow Winter 2009-5

Here’s another picture from last weekend taken from my car of cars starting to go from a green light.
Phillips 66 Station

Who Says the Sun Never Comes out in December in Chicago

Those of us that live in the Chicagoland area know that December means grey days everyday. Today as I was looking out the window, I noticed the light increasing ever so slightly. There was the sun sneaking through a tree branch.


December sunny day