A Little Appreciation for Spring

I was out in the yard trimming the old growth from last year. You know the stuff like ornamental grasses and such. The plants that we like to say add interest in the wintertime. In my case it’s more like ‘jeez, I’m not giving anything up to winter’. But when spring pruning comes I think, you know I don’t really appreciate these in the winter. What I appreciate is spring. So while I was working, I took a few photos of spring,

Appreciation for spring 1
Crocus is the tough guy of spring. Withstands snow, cold and is the first to bloom in our yard. Variegated is my favorite.

A Bunch of Crocus
appreciation for spring 2
The more the merrier of course

Our first blooming daffodil
appreciation for spring 3

And here come the Hyacinths
appreciation for spring 4

And of course Izzy loves the spring or just about anything for that matter.
appreciating spring Izzy

Alright, now back to trimming the old to make room for the new.