Last of the Fall 2009 Images

While I was doing a couple of things out in the yard the last weekend before Thanksgiving, I spotted a flower sticking out and wondered, what other photo ops exist out here today.

This is the flower that grabbed my attention. Nice to see late in November.
Last of Fall 2009-4

Pretty much what you expect color-wise in November.
Last of Fall 2009-1

More dead things looking good. Of course we all know, just dormant. What better way to live through the winter. Need to look into that.
Last of Fall 2009-2

This one hasn’t given up yet. Nice to appreciate, but why the resistance?Last of Fall 2009-3

And last, but not least Teddy B aka ‘the Beast’ behind bars. Maybe out soon with good behavior.
Teddy B aka 'The Beast' Behind Bars