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Thoughts Aren't True
Thoughts Aren'tTrue, Why We Should Stop Paying Attention To Them

Where would we be without the thought stream? The thought stream gives us constant feedback on everything. There’s a sunset you just witnessed, the thought stream gives you feedback on how magnificent or where it ranks in sunsets, maybe not so great this one. How would we know the status of a sunset without the thought stream’s feedback. Do we need to know this? Well, the ego/distortion system has convinced us that yes it does.

Another aspect of the thought stream ego distortion is our mind using this stream to look ahead at possible situations arising or looking back on past situations. We project how people think. It’s like the ultimate (un)reality show with Tik Tok video synapse quickness that’s hard for our awareness to pull away from.

The thought stream is a major part of the ego/distortion on earth. This thought stream reflects our beliefs and purpose to us on a moment-to-moment basis. One big overwhelming belief we have is freedom from pain. This freedom from pain has evolved from watching our step and looking out for tigers to protecting the projection of who we think we are. Who we think we are is of course a conglobulation of beliefs about ourselves and others. The beliefs may seem true, but in all estimation, beliefs are just stories we tell ourselves. As for situations passing by, we have a view of how the world should be based on our beliefs. If the world doesn’t fit our belief, we have righteous judgement ready to roll. Then a reaction from that judgement emotionally depending on the depth of beliefs and assorted past situations associated with the belief stored consciously and subconsciously. Basically, we have beliefs and situations to react to stuffed in boxes down the basement collecting mold and adding to our mind environment at every moment we give the thought stream attention.

No thought is true as our beliefs are skewed to stories that seemed to serve us at the time we formed that belief. The ego/distortion system seems rock solid, but as we can see with earthquakes and such, the ego/distortion system of beliefs can crack very easily with any new evidence that challenges our beliefs. People will hold to a belief rather than change it, as that rock can’t crack or their world does.

Paying attention to the thought stream is where we spend much time and blocks out information from our true source, I will refer to source as essence here. Moving from the thought stream to essence is about moving our awareness from the thoughts to outside the thoughts. Basically, putting your attention on your body and movements. This takes quite a bit of practice as the thought system easily gets our attention. We’ve allowed this ego programming to take hold and it’s going to take some effort to break the programming.

Coming next: Breaking Away From the Thought Stream

Let's Take a Ride On the Wobbly Rock

Let's Take a Ride on the Wobbly Rock
Let’s Take a Ride on the Wobbly Rock
Welcome back, my friends
To the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside

There behind a glass
Stands a real blade of grass
Be careful as you pass
Move along! Move along
Come inside, the show's about to start
Guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you'll get your money's worth
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell, or Earth
-Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Karn Evil 9
This looks compelling, let’s give this ride a shot.
We’re in the show, but we forgot that we are on a ride. What a ride it is, huh? Immersive, compelling, emotional, beautiful, painful, fun, cringing, so good, we decided to forget who we are to have the privilege to experience earth.
To our Higher Self perspective, there’s are a lot of experience to take in, grow, rediscover ourselves in a new way and add love/light to the frequency of the conciousness on this planet.
Well it's a strange old game - you learn it slow
One step forward and it's back to go
You're standing on the throttle
You're standing on the brakes
In the groove 'til you make a mistake
Sometimes you're the windshield
Sometimes you're the bug
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you're a fool in love
Sometimes you're the Louisville slugger
Sometimes you're the ball
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you're going lose it all
-Mark Knopfler, The Bug
Now we are here on Earth and we forgot who we are. It’s really crazy here, this duality way of mindset that broadcast’s what’s happening on our daily life.  Experiencing being the ball multiple times in a row can really sink a good time ship.
But then we gather that there’s just got to be more to life than this, right.  And that’s our cue.  That little inclination there has to be more.  Maybe we ask. We ask to who ever might be listening to us. We position God or Jesus/Jeshua or Buddha or our guides or our Higher Self to hear us and let us know, just what’s up here.  Whoever hears us knows the ego/distortion on this planet is so thick and immersive they gladly give you all you can take at the time of asking and are always at your beck and call.  The more you want to know, the more they will give you.  Be ready to have your ego/distortion sense of the world rocked.  Be open to Truth.
Help Yourself Awaken
To help facilitate this opening to Truth is to be aware of the Awareness within.  We always have our focus on something.  Either we are working on something, or we are in what I call idle mode, where the mind has nothing to do so it goes to the original social media outlet, the thought stream.  We mistakenly think this thought streams ‘my thoughts’.  Look at the thought stream like Facebook. Facebook has algorithms focused on what we seem to like and sends more of that to us.  For example, I belong to a Weber Charcoal Grilling group on Facebook.  It’s taught me a lot of new grilling techniques and it’s appreciated.  Facebook has also found out that I have lower back pain through search engines that sell our data.  Now I get targeted ads on that issue along with ads for grilling accessories. And it just keeps on coming.  Is Facebook me? Of course not. Now look at that thought stream.  Just where the heck does it come from?  You got me, but I sure didn’t ask for it or put it there.  It is an integral part of the earth ego distortion complex.  It’s great for concentrated work like writing this article or concentrated fun where the mind needs engagement, but in idle mode, the stuff the thought stream serves up can be pure garbage.  The thought stream seems to pull from beliefs and fears. We’ve given our mind the job of seeking out freedom from pain. So, the mind looks out for freedom from pain. The thought stream then, having access to your belief system, gives you a constant feed.  We have a belief of what the perfect body type is, we look in the mirror, the thought system goes, ‘oh way to fat’ and a grimace happens.  Pure garbage from the thought system.  An acknowledgement of this can be very helpful as we don’t need the thought system.

Stay Tuned (copy)
Tune In to the Power of Awareness
A powerful way is to put our awareness outside of the mind in idle mode.  Use your body as a home for awareness.  Feel your feet as you walk.  Feel the breeze on your face. Be aware when you bring that cup of coffee to your lips.  It was automatic before as my mind signaled coffee and I drank it.  How does that happen?  So, I reach for the coffee, feel the muscles in my neck as I turn my head. I feel my arm reach out and a hand, (my hand?) touches and grabs the coffee cup handle and I feel the weight of the cup.  I bring the cup and put it to (my?) lips and pour coffee carefully and put the mug back down.  Geez, I do that automatically every day, but I never notice the interaction, that is unless I spill. Using Awareness to pull yourself from the thought system can be helpful, but like social media, the thought system’s algorithm is tight and knows your belief system so well it can be more entertaining or all-encompassing it seems.  Using Awareness directionally takes practice and discipline.  You really must want to wake up from the dream of the ego system. 
Using Awareness to look at the thought stream and see how your beliefs effect you can be helpful in instances that really pull you emotionally.  Looking at the triggers and seeing what causes them can be beneficial.  Understanding that thoughts aren’t true and are stories is life changing.  Letting the thought system slowly go to low chatter mode can dissipate the effect of the thought system.  Using social media, what’s best, stop using it, use it with discipline or just let it use us?  Just like social media, you can do the same with the thought system.
Awareness of Essence
You still have who you really are with you at all times.  This Essence/Presence is taking in the earth experience.  Essence is felt as the shimmering presence of your being. It’s ‘The You’ having this experience. The You is in quotes as the ego-self is not this You, but is beyond an ego-self definition.  This Presence can be felt by sitting quietly and bring aware of your body as a whole.  A shimmering can be felt.  It may take practice.  One way to practice is to take multiple times of your day and place awareness away from thoughts and into your body.  Be aware of your hands, be aware of moving through space.  Keep awareness outside of thoughts when possible.  This Presence has joy for this experience.  When I was first practicing (and I still am) being aware of presence, as I awoke one morning I went to Presence first thing, I received a quick download.  The download was this ‘we love it here’.  I could feel the joy of this crazy earth experience.  Just like anyone else here on this crazy wobbly rock, I have physical ailments, working through beliefs that hinder growth and yet the joy Presence feels for this experience can come through on a moment-to-moment basis.  Joy is here always, just tune that awareness dial to Presence.
Who you are is someone who asked to be dropped off on earth so you could do something remarkable, something that matters to you, which you could not do anywhere, anywhen else.
-Messiah’s Handbook, Reminders for the Advanced Soul
I’m sitting on our screened in porch this morning, a soft breeze comes through and there are two crows cawing to each other. I put my Awareness on this and can feel the joy and Oneness.
There’s always more, I hope you’ll stay tuned. 

Some helpful books
Embracing the Now by Gina Lake
The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

It's All About Remembering

It's all about remebering
It’s All About Remembering
You’re driving and look up and see a billboard.  The billboard has a message inside the ad that gets your attention in a way not intended by the billboard.  The message gives you pause.  You needed to hear that.  The message sinks in.  Back to driving to work and listening to that podcast.
The Universe is trying to get your attention.  Maybe you are ailing and asked for help, but forgot, just a moment in time.  I mean, how does the Universe get a hold of me?  It doesn’t even know my phone number.
Who is the Universe you ask?  The Universe in my vernacular here can be your Higher Self, guides, someone that you know in your actual essence life that agreed to give you guidance during this incarnation.  But know, there is guidance available.
The key is to ask.  Ask to know what’s what, what’s going on here. Ask what the truth of life is.
This ego/distortion world we chose to come and experience in all its glory is totally mesmerizing and can block out who we are if we don’t refocus our attention away from our chattering mind.
In the meantime, if you ask, the Universe will send you messages and information.  Maybe a book falls to your feet and you decide to read it.  Maybe it’s not the whole book.  The ego/distortion may add guilt to not reading the whole book, but the Universe sent the message intended.  Put the book down and move on.  There are people in A Course of Miracles that spend years and still don’t get it.  The ego/distortion can make you feel like a failure if you quit and go to something else.  Or maybe you just love reading and discussing the words of ACIM. 
By the way, spoiler alert for ACIM, quit giving attention to the chatter of your mind, the world is illusory, put attention on the essence and allow the Universe to guide you.  Of course, the ego/distortion here is so massive it takes a 488 page book….
There are many roads to truth.  Go where inspiration takes you.  Trust your inspiration because the inspiration is your link to remembering.  And that’s the key, you are remembering.  You aren’t learning anything.  You are remembering.  You already know truth.  How does that feel?  You already know the truth and you are trying to break through the ego/distortion to remember truth.  The Universe sends messages, books, anything to get you to remember.  But you must ask to remember truth.
We’ll get further into this in future articles..
Trust is in your hands

Seeking Good Vibrations: Where Are We...Really?

Where Are We Reall - Mess
Where Are We Really…And Why Does it Seem a Mess

A lot of seeking starts with a sense of unhappiness, things just aren’t right. Overall, though, if one looks out at the world they might think: just what the heck is going on here? I mean, just look at the world, war, homelessness, murders, hunger, anger, and a host of what we see as a world of malaise.

A High Overview
I thought I’d put out a simplified view based on what I’ve learned/remembered throughout my time here on planet earth.

Who are you?
We are beings that come from Love/Light. Remember the phrase, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience? It seems we all nod at that and then move on. But think about it. You’re a spiritual being. I Probably wouldn’t quite pick out that language as I’m not sure what a spiritual being is. So, consider coming from Love/Light. An extension of All That Is. Let’s call it Love/Light Essence (LLE). You know this internally. Feel what that may feel like. In Love/Light, conflict isn’t a thing. Feel being Love Light Essence.

As an extension of All That Is, we want to experience all that is to experience. Earth is one of many choices. Earth is a rich destination of a great multitude of experiences. We choose the experiences and people we are going on this journey on earth with. In this choosing of our character on earth, we choose the strengths and inherent weaknesses that can be associated with the strengths. If we go to the negative route these weaknesses will show up. This negative feeling is our que to refocus our energy that takes advantage of our strengths in a positive way.

We also choose to forget who we are. It’s part of the experience to remember who we are. So, we are all in on this journey on earth to experience with all that is. We come from Love/Light. Why do I repeat this? Because on earth, we forgot this important point that we chose to forget. We aren’t prepared for what we are to experience on earth.

Earth is a three-dimensional planet moving to fourth dimension. Third dimension has its unique qualities. Things move slower. A thought doesn’t necessarily move things faster in our earthly experience.

Remember the Love/Light/Essence existence. Earth disguises your ability to see that. There is this veil of forgetfulness. This earth is one massive immersive experience of its own design. Everyone here doesn’t know who they are, and the ride here is wild. It is a distortion of all that is. The word, ego is used for this cloaking. I prefer the word distortion. Ego itself has been so distorted in meaning that I am going to use distortion instead. Think of Love/Light as pure water. Think of distortion as coffee beans. To make coffee you need the water and the coffee beans ground to make coffee. In coffee the water is still there. But it’s coffee. Or we see it as coffee, not water and coffee grounds. So, the Love/Light is here, it’s that we see coffee…or distortion of truth. The truth is the water, the distortion is coffee. Here on the earth think of the distortion as thick Turkish coffee.

This distortion is immense and immersive. We navigate this distortion in our incarnation on earth.

The Body, Mind, Spirit(Love/Light/Essence) Complex
To do this we physically have this brain/body, energetically we have a mind for navigation and we still have who we are, Love/Light Essence.

The Brain
According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders:
The brain is the most complex part of the human body. This three-pound organ is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of body movement, and controller of behavior. Lying in its bony shell and washed by protective fluid, the brain is the source of all the qualities that define our humanity. The brain is the crown jewel of the human body.

The Mind
The mind is a little more difficult to explain as you don’t see it, but you know it’s there. According to Neuroscientist Caroline Leaf, Ph.D., BSc:
The mind is energy, and it generates energy through thinking, feeling, and choosing. It is our aliveness, without which, the physical brain and body would be useless. That means we are our mind, and mind-in-action is how we generate energy in the brain.

Love/Light Essence
Love/Light Essence, the core of your being is still here with you on earth.

So, What’s Going On?
A simplified explanation of what is going on between the brain and mind is that the brain projects what is happening to your mind. The mind interprets what is presented based on the belief system that has been taken in by the individual.

So, now we are on to beliefs. All beliefs come from the Earth distortion with, maybe, some truth mixed in. Beliefs are passed on in a myriad of ways from the world we live in. Some are immersion beliefs that assist you to be a human on earth. Beliefs come from our parents, family, religion, media and the thought stream that passes through. So, people follow their beliefs and mingle. The result is this intersecting stew of creativity. Everyone is creating based on their beliefs, soul personality and life purpose.

If you look at the sum of beliefs that a person has, there are contradictions. Just one little example, you feel like doing nothing, just relax, but the culture says a person’s worth is what they produce, it’s been beaten into you by your parents. You respect your parents and how hard they worked. Then there’s that article you read today that says relaxing is needed to be a productive being. The mind takes all this in, goes to the belief system and concludes you’ve got stuff to do. So now guilt sets in…what to do? The mind is not equipped to deal with all the conflicting beliefs.

The crux of the disposition is that beliefs are the distortion that keep us from remembering who we are.

Everyone on earth comes from Love/Light and is temporarily lost during this lifetime on earth. We picked this experience to grow and experience earth. We also want to remember who we are. As we remember, the vibration of earth distortion diminishes.

In my ‘rubber hits the road’ philosophy of waking up, there are two things to do if we choose to move on from this earth incarnation
1. Look at beliefs and delete the ones that no longer serve us.
2. Feel the presence of who we are, the Love/Light within.

So, here we are…more to come.

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