St Thomas 2011

1200 feet above sea level. We just arrived.

DSC_1067 - Version 2

I see a yacht

DSC_1066 - Version 2

Here it is closer.


Next morning, a great view

DSC_1098 - Version 2

Another view

DSC_1127 - Version 2

The back patio where we stayed. It's a pretty steep dropoff from the edge of the patio.

DSC_1126 - Version 2

Another view of the patio. Very windy up here. It is in a rainforest.

DSC_1099 - Version 2

The drive up and down to where we stayed was a lot of 90 degree turns up a 30 plus degree grade. Very disconcerting at first


Lot's of birds. This is a Bananaquit stealing the Hummingbird nectar.

DSC_1087 - Version 2

On St Thomas, the Bananaquits are usually fed pure sugar. they'll finish off a couple of cups in no time.

DSC_1276 - Version 2

A Hummingbird waiting for the Bananaquits to leave.

DSC_1122 - Version 2

Gecko's are everywhere.

DSC_1125 - Version 2

This gecko got trapped in the window overnight.

DSC_1096 - Version 2

Every morning two or three cats would come by for milk. Very friendly

DSC_1110 - Version 2

Street scene from Charlotte Amalie

DSC_1111 - Version 2

Looking down the street

DSC_1112 - Version 2

Storing some windows

DSC_1114 - Version 2

Lot of chickens in Charlotte Amalie

DSC_1119 - Version 2

Good looking rooster

DSC_1120 - Version 2

And one of his hen's

DSC_1142 - Version 2

Some parrots from Coral World


A couple cleaning up


Iguanas are everywhere in Coral World


The bay where you catch a ferry to St Thomas in Red Hook


Red Hook is very touristy


A cool couple we met one night. She is from Norway and he is from Canada. They met in Norway and decided after one night to take two weeks and sail around the Virgin Islands

DSC_1220 - Version 2

Dean and I having a beer.


Magen's Bay Beach

DSC_1253 - Version 2

Magen's Bay is supposedly one of the most popular beaches in the world


Looking across Magen's Bay at the homes.

DSC_1277 - Version 2

Charlotte Amalie street scene

DSC_1279 - Version 2

Charlotte Amalie street scene

DSC_1281 - Version 2

Charlotte Amalie street scene

DSC_1283 - Version 2

Charlotte Amalie street scene from up high

DSC_1104 - Version 2

St Thomas Synagogue

DSC_1286 - Version 2

The Synagogue has sand floors

DSC_1289 - Version 2

They keep all the prayer books on these shelves at the synagogue

DSC_1290 - Version 2

Time to take a break

DSC_1292 - Version 2

Art studio in Charlotte Amalie

DSC_1295 - Version 2

Charlotte Amalie street scene

DSC_1298 - Version 2

Charlotte Amalie street scene

DSC_1299 - Version 2

Entry to Camille Pissarro's gallery in Charlotte Amalie


Camille Pissarro gallery

DSC_1304 - Version 2

Looking out the window from the gallery

DSC_1308 - Version 2

Some tools left in the window sill of the gallery

DSC_1312 - Version 2

Interesting bathroom in the gallery

DSC_1315 - Version 2

In case you want to sit outside the gallery

DSC_1318 - Version 2

An entryway

DSC_1321 - Version 2

Light across the window

DSC_1326 - Version 2

Just painted

DSC_1329 - Version 2

We ran into our friends again in Charlotte Amalie

DSC_1340 - Version 2

A sight along the road to our destination in St John

DSC_1343 - Version 2

The perfect beach, Cinnamon Bay in St John's