Thoughts Aren't True, Why and How We Should Stop Paying Attention To Them

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Thoughts Aren't True
Thoughts Aren't True, Why We Should Stop Paying Attention To Them

I got someone else’s blues in the midst of an almost perfect day
David Bromberg – Someone Else’s Blues
How can thoughts not be true?  All thoughts?  Let’s look at the mind and the thoughts that seem to occupy it.
Let’s first remember that we are a Body, Mind, Spirit complex.  We utilize free will with the mind to delve into the earth distortion/illusion complex for our experience here.  With free will we can choose between Truth of who we are or the false self.
With the mind part of the Body, Mind, Spirit complex we can view the mind in two parts, the Functional Mind and the Ego Mind.
The functional mind is where the action is, what we figure out, such as write this article, read, play with toys/hobbies, paint, work on a math problem, measure a board, etc.  In the functional mind concentration is used.
The ego mind is the description-al and reactionary part of the mind.  The ego mind labels all we do, feel, see, hear and think.  I prefer the term distortion over ego in the description of the ego mind as distortion better describes what we are working through on earth.  Going forward I will label it the ego/distortion mind. 
Let’s look closer at the ego/distortion part of the mind to see how it operates.  As an example let’s use a catalyst, say we are working on something on the computer and the electricity goes out.  This happens, then the ego/distortion adds an Oh No! Then a stream of thoughts can come by and bring up everything associated with what just happened.  Take a moment and just give that some thought.  Not only did you lose some work maybe, but there are long held beliefs that pop in.  Maybe how this always happens to you and, well… you can fill in the rest.  The ego/distortion mind must have things the way it wants, as we have programmed the mind that everything must happen just right or…well it’s wrong and we can’t have that.  The mind can’t have peace if what we believe should happen doesn’t happen.
The thoughts that come from the ego/distortion mind is the window to ego itself.  These ego/distortion thoughts are based on beliefs we instilled with the mind.  The mind holds beliefs and acts accordingly based on these stored beliefs.  Most beliefs we have are based on what our parents, other people, religious institutions, schooling, media and society told us early on in life.  These beliefs were considered true or manipulative and grounded on fear and belonging.  We have stored these beliefs as programs in our mind. The thoughts look at a situation and go to the belief/program and give us feedback.
This is an ancient model no longer needed on earth as the planet has moved to a higher vibration.  For those who can remember PCs in the late 80s, compare that to the phone you carry.  Not only is your phone more powerful, but it’s lighter too.  Carrying those beliefs is a burden we no longer need as they just weigh us down and keep us from our true self.
The main thing to understand here is that most beliefs aren’t necessarily accurate or true.  These beliefs may seem true in some respects, but as one learns in the pursuit of truth, these beliefs need examining and let go.
This ego/distortion system is an ongoing voice or thoughts in our head.  This thought stream is constant and is as strong as the amount of awareness we give it, but keep in mind you don’t have to listen to it.  As an actual example of awareness and loud background noise, I’ll have the radio tuned NPR at the same time I’m reading an article in the newspaper that has my attention.  My wife will ask me about what the announcer just said on the radio. I hadn’t heard it as my attention was just on the newspaper article. 
If you pay attention to the ego/distortion thought system, you can at times feel tension in your body as some of these thoughts go back to beliefs of survival.  How often is survival at hand in the moment?  But the ego/distortion thought system sees it in the littlest things at times.
And here is the key point of the ego/distortion thought stream, if you are looking to Awaken to Truth, this ego/distortion thought stream is what is in your way to your True Self and guidance that serves your higher purpose.  This True Self guidance is much quieter like in the above example of the radio vs the quiet newspaper, and you can see how the ego/distortion system is purposely loud to keep this True Self guidance out.  It is what the planet Earth has as a distorted vibration that we are trying to mitigate with raising our vibration.  Raising our vibration is key to releasing the ego/distortion thought system and is not only beneficial to ourselves, but the whole planet.
What can we do to mitigate the ego/distortion thought stream
There are several things we can do to help lower the ego/distortion thought stream’s effect in our lives:
·      Add a new Belief: Regarding the flawed belief systems we have in place and that thoughts come from our beliefs, basically no thought is true.  We install a new belief or program that over-rides all other beliefs.  This new belief/program: ‘No Thoughts Are True’ is our go to when beliefs and thoughts are streaming through our minds. 
·      Relax to the thoughts as you pay attention to them or as they flow though.  As a thought comes through relax your mind and body.  See how the thought effected your body and let it go.
·      As thoughts come through and beliefs identified look at these beliefs like your computer hard drive files.  Go to the folder in your mind and drag the belief to the trash and empty it. Remember the program No Thought Is True. Like your computer there are programs and applications with extensions.  It may seem you are trashing the same belief, but there may be more within the belief that needs to be trashed.
·      Awareness watching Awareness meditation.  This is a great meditation that was introduced by Michael Langford.  I have found this to be a powerful meditation that showed me that thoughts were just clouds that pass through.  You can learn more here.  Michael Langford also has a free book download called The Direct Means To Eternal Bliss.  I highly recommend this book as a tool for awakening.  The book is free download from Michael Langford here or can be purchased on Amazon.
·      Feel the essence/presence within.  This is feeling who you are.  This can take some practice, but this eternal essence is always within us.  John Mark Stroud teaches this on Vimeo, Beyond Belief into Presence. Link is here.
It takes some effort, persistence, and insistence to work through the ego/distortion thought stream.  There can be times of frustration as these beliefs are entrenched. These beliefs were many years in the making, but these tools can help you.  Try not to despair if it doesn’t happen quickly.  As a long-time student to truth I work on these diligently and still have keep working.  Yet there are times you can take a break.  It’s built in so don’t worry if there are times you forget or don’t do the work.  That’s just another belief.  The work itself is valuable as it raises your vibration and you can see and feel the gains it brings to your consciousness.
As a bonus you can start to feel the guidance within take over.

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