It's All About Remembering

It's all about remebering
It’s All About Remembering
You’re driving and look up and see a billboard.  The billboard has a message inside the ad that gets your attention in a way not intended by the billboard.  The message gives you pause.  You needed to hear that.  The message sinks in.  Back to driving to work and listening to that podcast.
The Universe is trying to get your attention.  Maybe you are ailing and asked for help, but forgot, just a moment in time.  I mean, how does the Universe get a hold of me?  It doesn’t even know my phone number.
Who is the Universe you ask?  The Universe in my vernacular here can be your Higher Self, guides, someone that you know in your actual essence life that agreed to give you guidance during this incarnation.  But know, there is guidance available.
The key is to ask.  Ask to know what’s what, what’s going on here. Ask what the truth of life is.
This ego/distortion world we chose to come and experience in all its glory is totally mesmerizing and can block out who we are if we don’t refocus our attention away from our chattering mind.
In the meantime, if you ask, the Universe will send you messages and information.  Maybe a book falls to your feet and you decide to read it.  Maybe it’s not the whole book.  The ego/distortion may add guilt to not reading the whole book, but the Universe sent the message intended.  Put the book down and move on.  There are people in A Course of Miracles that spend years and still don’t get it.  The ego/distortion can make you feel like a failure if you quit and go to something else.  Or maybe you just love reading and discussing the words of ACIM. 
By the way, spoiler alert for ACIM, quit giving attention to the chatter of your mind, the world is illusory, put attention on the essence and allow the Universe to guide you.  Of course, the ego/distortion here is so massive it takes a 488 page book….
There are many roads to truth.  Go where inspiration takes you.  Trust your inspiration because the inspiration is your link to remembering.  And that’s the key, you are remembering.  You aren’t learning anything.  You are remembering.  You already know truth.  How does that feel?  You already know the truth and you are trying to break through the ego/distortion to remember truth.  The Universe sends messages, books, anything to get you to remember.  But you must ask to remember truth.
We’ll get further into this in future articles..
Trust is in your hands

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