Could Forgiveness Be a Superpower in Our Lives

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Could Forgiveness Be a Superpower in Our Lives

Could Forgiveness Be a Superpower in Our Lives
I've been trying to get down to the Heart of the Matter Because the flesh will get weak And the ashes will scatter So I'm thinking about forgiveness Forgiveness
Don Henley, The Heart of the Matter
If a person’s intention is to wake up from this dream of a life, live truth and being our authentic self, there are two courses of work, opening oneself to what is and cleaning up the debris of what isn’t.  In cleaning up of what isn’t, forgiveness should not be overlooked as an important tool in awakening.
What is forgiveness?  From Psychology Today: Forgiveness is the release of resentment or anger. Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. One doesn't have to return to the same relationship or accept the same harmful behaviors from an offender.
We see in forgiveness’ basic form, it is a release of resentment and anger towards someone who did us harm in some way. It also doesn’t let the offender off the hook, just a way for us to clear out some emotions tied to the event that precluded it.  The good part of this is we’ve moved on from the incident in our minds.  As a society we don’t have to accept the actions of people that cause harm.
Yet is forgiveness complete, aside from the Psychology Today perspective?  Let’s look at A Course In Miracles (ACIM) interpretation of forgiveness.  From Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. ²It does not pardon sins and make them real. ³It sees there was no sin. ⁴And in that view are all your sins forgiven. ⁵What is sin, except a false idea about God’s Son? ⁶Forgiveness merely sees its falsity, and therefore lets it go. ⁷What then is free to take its place is now the Will of God. (ACIM, W-pII.1.1:1-7)
With ACIM we go a bit farther in our interpretation of forgiveness.  No sin has occurred according to ACIM teachings.  Let’s use the Merriam Webster definition of sin, ‘to commit an offense or fault’.  According to ACIM there was no offense or fault committed.  With ACIM’ interpretation, no fault occurred.  The important part is to forgive yourself as nothing occurred. 

Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness can help those who struggle with forgiveness. The word ho’oponopono roughly translates to “cause things to move back in balance” or to “make things right.” It’s a very zen-like concept. Accordingly, chanting this phrase over and over is a powerful way to cleanse the body of guilt, shame, haunting memories, ill will, or bad feelings that keep the mind fixated on negative thoughts. As a forgiveness practice, it is also deeply resonant, as it tends to penetrate our inner monologue over time.

Ho'oponopono utilizes a simple phrase that can be repeated many times as wanted. The phrase can be used in any order. The phrase is: I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

A Big Picture Perspective
Let’s do some background on what is going on from a larger perspective. As souls on this planet, we come from Love/Light.  A good book to give you an extensive background on this is The Michael Handbook. We are an extension of All That Is or God if you prefer.  According to the Michael Handbook, we are in soul groups of 800-1200 souls.  We live many incarnations/lives on different planets as extensions of All That Is’ reach of knowing.  As Love/Light we don’t have an the identity like we perceive on earth.  To make our entry to incarnation on earth we set up a base role, personality and choose traits that have strengths and if used negatively, perceived weaknesses.  We have a purpose for this life that we are coming to incarnate in. We set up our families and friends from our soul group and other soul groups.  We must also consider a soul’s experience level of incarnating on earth.  A soul’s experience of incarnating on earth is important on a soul’s ability to understand this third dimensional distorted existence.  Every incarnation’s experience of life on earth holds through future incarnations. So, as we interact with the people we meet on earth, we must consider soul experience, purpose, personality, and traits that we are interacting with.
The Curve Ball of Incarnation
As the planet earth has evolved, the consciousness of earth has distorted to the point of total forgetfulness of who we are when we incarnate.  Earth has a consciousness that is of perceived duality that includes base instincts, relating to others and relating to oneself.  This is the nature of this third dimensional planet.
At one point in Earth’s consciousness, there was an open ability to oscillate between the Love/Light portion of who we are and our earthly experience.  This is a nature of many planets’ evolutionary development.  One step in, one step out, always in unity with who we are. 
So, what happened? A negative influence was introduced to the mix of earth’s consciousness.  A sense of reasoning that subtly took the planet toward self and away from who we knew we are.  We slowly over time forgot who we are, one with ‘All That Is’ and became self-centered here on earth.  Fear became a reality as we forgot who we are. People on this planet tend to react out of fear and create a Service to Self (STS) attitude of existence.
Let’s face it, this experience on earth is all encompassing, immersive and things go awry from the plan we had intended on.
Where Forgiveness Can Come In
To ameliorate this situation in our minds is to forgive all we think we know, and this includes what is perceived as people doing us wrong and ourselves doing wrong.  To choose the path of awakening is to remember who we are.
According to Vernon Howard, a Non-Duality teacher, forgiveness has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself or an exterior God.  True forgiveness is to forgive yourself.  I’ll add to this, forgiveness is forgiving yourself in believing in the illusion of life on this third dimensional planet.  There is no exterior God, there is only ‘All That Is’ that one is a part.
Understanding the situation here allows one to start undoing the beliefs associated with the false premise we tend to live in.  Forgiving yourself and others is a freedom of waking up to Truth.
What About These Thoughts
These thoughts that appear to us as passing clouds in space are not our thoughts.  Ask yourself sometime ‘What’s the next thought?’.  You’ll be waiting a while.  The thoughts come from beliefs we hold and are the direct entry of the ego/distortion system of Earth.  Understanding that thoughts aren’t yours is another way to put space between the ego and the awareness you give thoughts.  If thoughts aren’t mine and not necessarily true, why am I giving thoughts attention? Exactly! Forgiveness gives us the space from the emotions and thoughts.  Creating this space moves us away a bit from the ego towards our true self.
Forgiveness and I’ll add another term I like to use, surrender. “Surrender is the willingness to let go. To realize that your thoughts, your emotions, and even your body are not you. You are the indwelling consciousness witnessing it all.”-Michael Singer
Forgiveness/Surrender brings a moment into focus for undoing the beliefs that keeps the false narrative in our minds alive. Besides shifting our awareness to recognize not truth, this is a good premise for allowing presence and the current moment coming alive. Take a moment and feel the quiet presence in the background as forgiveness takes place.  This takes a bit of practice and can subtly shift your awareness to recognize the always present presence of true self.
Universal Love and Karma
Forgiveness can alleviate the karma of the oneself and the one being forgiven.  Forgiveness is part of the principle of universal love.  Moving to forgiveness of oneself and others is moving toward love and positive karma.
Forgiveness Lightens Your Life
Consequently, I began looking for a way to become emptier and more willing to let go. Indeed, we have to arrive at that point of realization, where we acknowledge that we do not need all that stuff. -Sat Mindo Damalis
Why carry all these grievances, protests and beliefs that don’t serve our well-being?  As the saying goes, lighten your load.  Part of awakening is letting go of this world that doesn’t serve us in love/light.  A lot of beliefs we have and uphold are in defense of the ego.  Beliefs that can feel righteous play right into the ego/distortion on planet earth and do not serve you in awakening to the true self.
Work With Your Guides
We all have guides willing to help in any way possible. These guides, if one is open, can speed up understanding and show you the way to awakening. Forgiveness/Surrender is a way to let your guides take over any misunderstandings and release them and allow truth to take hold.   
What Would Forgiveness Look Like
Forgiveness must include self as we are forgiving the whole event and the situation we are now aware of, surrendering it at a conscious level.  Let’s take an example of a bully from the past that still has a hold on us.  First get your thoughts wrapped around what happened and how your view of the world now understands much of what is going on.  Even if you are having a hard time with this, go ahead and leap forward with all the understanding you can muster at this point in your development.  We are forgiving the person and ourselves.  Why forgive ourselves?  Because we carry this grievance of a moment forward in many aspects of the present.  We need to let this go so we can free ourselves of the bindings of the pain we carry. 
A Sample of a Forgiveness/Surrender Statement
“I give up, I surrender, I let this go.  I know the world is full of distortion.  This distortion is projected on my brain and my mind thinks it’s real.  I give this up to you (name of guides if known or religious/spiritual figures) so you can heal my mind and take me to truth.”  You can go into more detail on what you are letting go, but a simple conscious statement and feeling of release will suffice.
It Can Take Time
“Do not be impatient with your seemingly slow progress. Do not try to run faster than you presently can. If you are studying, reflecting and trying, you are making progress whether you are aware of it or not. A traveler walking the road in the darkness of night is still going forward. Someday, some way, everything will break open, like the natural unfolding of a rosebud.” ― Vernon Howard
It can take time to let go all the emotions associated with any forgiveness/surrender event.  This is where work on knowledge and wisdom can pay off.  Understanding the situation on earth and working on being aware of who is aware and allowing presence to surface.  Work with your guides help in quiet understanding of what is true can bring great insight.
In Conclusion
Forgiveness/Surrender is a personal understanding and allowing that helps one become aware to who they really are by reducing beliefs about the world.  People on Earth have a distorted sense of selves that can be frustrating to understand and let’s face, be around.  Family, coworkers, significant others, and the person in the other car are all opportunities to wake up to who we are.  Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily change the other person, but it can be an inside job with great benefits.  It can take time based on the beliefs one has stored up.  I like to keep this in mind, we came to this planet in the middle of the action that is going on here.  We knew what we were getting into.  To think we can impose our wills on the world is ridiculous at best.  An easing and allowing of the truth and love/light of oneself is the way to make a difference in the world, have some peace and enjoy the time here we came here to experience. 
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Thoughts Aren't True, Why and How We Should Stop Paying Attention To Them

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Thoughts Aren't True
Thoughts Aren't True, Why We Should Stop Paying Attention To Them

I got someone else’s blues in the midst of an almost perfect day
David Bromberg – Someone Else’s Blues
How can thoughts not be true?  All thoughts?  Let’s look at the mind and the thoughts that seem to occupy it.
Let’s first remember that we are a Body, Mind, Spirit complex.  We utilize free will with the mind to delve into the earth distortion/illusion complex for our experience here.  With free will we can choose between Truth of who we are or the false self.
With the mind part of the Body, Mind, Spirit complex we can view the mind in two parts, the Functional Mind and the Ego Mind.
The functional mind is where the action is, what we figure out, such as write this article, read, play with toys/hobbies, paint, work on a math problem, measure a board, etc.  In the functional mind concentration is used.
The ego mind is the description-al and reactionary part of the mind.  The ego mind labels all we do, feel, see, hear and think.  I prefer the term distortion over ego in the description of the ego mind as distortion better describes what we are working through on earth.  Going forward I will label it the ego/distortion mind. 
Let’s look closer at the ego/distortion part of the mind to see how it operates.  As an example let’s use a catalyst, say we are working on something on the computer and the electricity goes out.  This happens, then the ego/distortion adds an Oh No! Then a stream of thoughts can come by and bring up everything associated with what just happened.  Take a moment and just give that some thought.  Not only did you lose some work maybe, but there are long held beliefs that pop in.  Maybe how this always happens to you and, well… you can fill in the rest.  The ego/distortion mind must have things the way it wants, as we have programmed the mind that everything must happen just right or…well it’s wrong and we can’t have that.  The mind can’t have peace if what we believe should happen doesn’t happen.
The thoughts that come from the ego/distortion mind is the window to ego itself.  These ego/distortion thoughts are based on beliefs we instilled with the mind.  The mind holds beliefs and acts accordingly based on these stored beliefs.  Most beliefs we have are based on what our parents, other people, religious institutions, schooling, media and society told us early on in life.  These beliefs were considered true or manipulative and grounded on fear and belonging.  We have stored these beliefs as programs in our mind. The thoughts look at a situation and go to the belief/program and give us feedback.
This is an ancient model no longer needed on earth as the planet has moved to a higher vibration.  For those who can remember PCs in the late 80s, compare that to the phone you carry.  Not only is your phone more powerful, but it’s lighter too.  Carrying those beliefs is a burden we no longer need as they just weigh us down and keep us from our true self.
The main thing to understand here is that most beliefs aren’t necessarily accurate or true.  These beliefs may seem true in some respects, but as one learns in the pursuit of truth, these beliefs need examining and let go.
This ego/distortion system is an ongoing voice or thoughts in our head.  This thought stream is constant and is as strong as the amount of awareness we give it, but keep in mind you don’t have to listen to it.  As an actual example of awareness and loud background noise, I’ll have the radio tuned NPR at the same time I’m reading an article in the newspaper that has my attention.  My wife will ask me about what the announcer just said on the radio. I hadn’t heard it as my attention was just on the newspaper article. 
If you pay attention to the ego/distortion thought system, you can at times feel tension in your body as some of these thoughts go back to beliefs of survival.  How often is survival at hand in the moment?  But the ego/distortion thought system sees it in the littlest things at times.
And here is the key point of the ego/distortion thought stream, if you are looking to Awaken to Truth, this ego/distortion thought stream is what is in your way to your True Self and guidance that serves your higher purpose.  This True Self guidance is much quieter like in the above example of the radio vs the quiet newspaper, and you can see how the ego/distortion system is purposely loud to keep this True Self guidance out.  It is what the planet Earth has as a distorted vibration that we are trying to mitigate with raising our vibration.  Raising our vibration is key to releasing the ego/distortion thought system and is not only beneficial to ourselves, but the whole planet.
What can we do to mitigate the ego/distortion thought stream
There are several things we can do to help lower the ego/distortion thought stream’s effect in our lives:
·      Add a new Belief: Regarding the flawed belief systems we have in place and that thoughts come from our beliefs, basically no thought is true.  We install a new belief or program that over-rides all other beliefs.  This new belief/program: ‘No Thoughts Are True’ is our go to when beliefs and thoughts are streaming through our minds. 
·      Relax to the thoughts as you pay attention to them or as they flow though.  As a thought comes through relax your mind and body.  See how the thought effected your body and let it go.
·      As thoughts come through and beliefs identified look at these beliefs like your computer hard drive files.  Go to the folder in your mind and drag the belief to the trash and empty it. Remember the program No Thought Is True. Like your computer there are programs and applications with extensions.  It may seem you are trashing the same belief, but there may be more within the belief that needs to be trashed.
·      Awareness watching Awareness meditation.  This is a great meditation that was introduced by Michael Langford.  I have found this to be a powerful meditation that showed me that thoughts were just clouds that pass through.  You can learn more here.  Michael Langford also has a free book download called The Direct Means To Eternal Bliss.  I highly recommend this book as a tool for awakening.  The book is free download from Michael Langford here or can be purchased on Amazon.
·      Feel the essence/presence within.  This is feeling who you are.  This can take some practice, but this eternal essence is always within us.  John Mark Stroud teaches this on Vimeo, Beyond Belief into Presence. Link is here.
It takes some effort, persistence, and insistence to work through the ego/distortion thought stream.  There can be times of frustration as these beliefs are entrenched. These beliefs were many years in the making, but these tools can help you.  Try not to despair if it doesn’t happen quickly.  As a long-time student to truth I work on these diligently and still have keep working.  Yet there are times you can take a break.  It’s built in so don’t worry if there are times you forget or don’t do the work.  That’s just another belief.  The work itself is valuable as it raises your vibration and you can see and feel the gains it brings to your consciousness.
As a bonus you can start to feel the guidance within take over.


Let's Take a Ride On the Wobbly Rock

Let's Take a Ride on the Wobbly Rock
Let’s Take a Ride on the Wobbly Rock
Welcome back, my friends
To the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside

There behind a glass
Stands a real blade of grass
Be careful as you pass
Move along! Move along
Come inside, the show's about to start
Guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you'll get your money's worth
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell, or Earth
-Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Karn Evil 9
This looks compelling, let’s give this ride a shot.
We’re in the show, but we forgot that we are on a ride. What a ride it is, huh? Immersive, compelling, emotional, beautiful, painful, fun, cringing, so good, we decided to forget who we are to have the privilege to experience earth.
To our Higher Self perspective, there’s are a lot of experience to take in, grow, rediscover ourselves in a new way and add love/light to the frequency of the conciousness on this planet.
Well it's a strange old game - you learn it slow
One step forward and it's back to go
You're standing on the throttle
You're standing on the brakes
In the groove 'til you make a mistake
Sometimes you're the windshield
Sometimes you're the bug
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you're a fool in love
Sometimes you're the Louisville slugger
Sometimes you're the ball
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you're going lose it all
-Mark Knopfler, The Bug
Now we are here on Earth and we forgot who we are. It’s really crazy here, this duality way of mindset that broadcast’s what’s happening on our daily life.  Experiencing being the ball multiple times in a row can really sink a good time ship.
But then we gather that there’s just got to be more to life than this, right.  And that’s our cue.  That little inclination there has to be more.  Maybe we ask. We ask to who ever might be listening to us. We position God or Jesus/Jeshua or Buddha or our guides or our Higher Self to hear us and let us know, just what’s up here.  Whoever hears us knows the ego/distortion on this planet is so thick and immersive they gladly give you all you can take at the time of asking and are always at your beck and call.  The more you want to know, the more they will give you.  Be ready to have your ego/distortion sense of the world rocked.  Be open to Truth.
Help Yourself Awaken
To help facilitate this opening to Truth is to be aware of the Awareness within.  We always have our focus on something.  Either we are working on something, or we are in what I call idle mode, where the mind has nothing to do so it goes to the original social media outlet, the thought stream.  We mistakenly think this thought streams ‘my thoughts’.  Look at the thought stream like Facebook. Facebook has algorithms focused on what we seem to like and sends more of that to us.  For example, I belong to a Weber Charcoal Grilling group on Facebook.  It’s taught me a lot of new grilling techniques and it’s appreciated.  Facebook has also found out that I have lower back pain through search engines that sell our data.  Now I get targeted ads on that issue along with ads for grilling accessories. And it just keeps on coming.  Is Facebook me? Of course not. Now look at that thought stream.  Just where the heck does it come from?  You got me, but I sure didn’t ask for it or put it there.  It is an integral part of the earth ego distortion complex.  It’s great for concentrated work like writing this article or concentrated fun where the mind needs engagement, but in idle mode, the stuff the thought stream serves up can be pure garbage.  The thought stream seems to pull from beliefs and fears. We’ve given our mind the job of seeking out freedom from pain. So, the mind looks out for freedom from pain. The thought stream then, having access to your belief system, gives you a constant feed.  We have a belief of what the perfect body type is, we look in the mirror, the thought system goes, ‘oh way to fat’ and a grimace happens.  Pure garbage from the thought system.  An acknowledgement of this can be very helpful as we don’t need the thought system.

Stay Tuned (copy)
Tune In to the Power of Awareness
A powerful way is to put our awareness outside of the mind in idle mode.  Use your body as a home for awareness.  Feel your feet as you walk.  Feel the breeze on your face. Be aware when you bring that cup of coffee to your lips.  It was automatic before as my mind signaled coffee and I drank it.  How does that happen?  So, I reach for the coffee, feel the muscles in my neck as I turn my head. I feel my arm reach out and a hand, (my hand?) touches and grabs the coffee cup handle and I feel the weight of the cup.  I bring the cup and put it to (my?) lips and pour coffee carefully and put the mug back down.  Geez, I do that automatically every day, but I never notice the interaction, that is unless I spill. Using Awareness to pull yourself from the thought system can be helpful, but like social media, the thought system’s algorithm is tight and knows your belief system so well it can be more entertaining or all-encompassing it seems.  Using Awareness directionally takes practice and discipline.  You really must want to wake up from the dream of the ego system. 
Using Awareness to look at the thought stream and see how your beliefs effect you can be helpful in instances that really pull you emotionally.  Looking at the triggers and seeing what causes them can be beneficial.  Understanding that thoughts aren’t true and are stories is life changing.  Letting the thought system slowly go to low chatter mode can dissipate the effect of the thought system.  Using social media, what’s best, stop using it, use it with discipline or just let it use us?  Just like social media, you can do the same with the thought system.
Awareness of Essence
You still have who you really are with you at all times.  This Essence/Presence is taking in the earth experience.  Essence is felt as the shimmering presence of your being. It’s ‘The You’ having this experience. The You is in quotes as the ego-self is not this You, but is beyond an ego-self definition.  This Presence can be felt by sitting quietly and bring aware of your body as a whole.  A shimmering can be felt.  It may take practice.  One way to practice is to take multiple times of your day and place awareness away from thoughts and into your body.  Be aware of your hands, be aware of moving through space.  Keep awareness outside of thoughts when possible.  This Presence has joy for this experience.  When I was first practicing (and I still am) being aware of presence, as I awoke one morning I went to Presence first thing, I received a quick download.  The download was this ‘we love it here’.  I could feel the joy of this crazy earth experience.  Just like anyone else here on this crazy wobbly rock, I have physical ailments, working through beliefs that hinder growth and yet the joy Presence feels for this experience can come through on a moment-to-moment basis.  Joy is here always, just tune that awareness dial to Presence.
Who you are is someone who asked to be dropped off on earth so you could do something remarkable, something that matters to you, which you could not do anywhere, anywhen else.
-Messiah’s Handbook, Reminders for the Advanced Soul
I’m sitting on our screened in porch this morning, a soft breeze comes through and there are two crows cawing to each other. I put my Awareness on this and can feel the joy and Oneness.
There’s always more, I hope you’ll stay tuned. 

Some helpful books
Embracing the Now by Gina Lake
The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer
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